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 +====== Atlantic 10 Tournament 2013 - Special Ticket Offer ======
 +The good people at the Barclays Center have created a special offer for tickets to the 2013 Atlantic 10 Tournament.
 +<WRAP round caution 300px right>
 +[[http://​​Special_Offer_UMassHoops.html|Buy tickets or more information]]\\
 +Includes seating chart
 +This offer allows readers of to purchase lower level seats to individual sessions. ​ Also, using our link **bypasses most of Ticketmaster'​s typical "​convenience charges"​**,​ saving you more money.
 +Tickets purchased through this offer will be e-mailed to you.  To access this offer, please use special offer code: **A10**
 +^Round/​Day^Sections^Ticket Price^
 +|First Round (Thurs, Mar 14)((Separate admissions for the afternoon and evening double-headers)) \\ or \\ Quarterfinals (Fri, Mar 15)((Separate admissions for the afternoon and evening double-headers))|Lower level, center court|$60.00|
 +|:::|Lower level corners OR Mid-level sideline|$35.00|
 +|:::​|Mid-level corners|$25.00|
 +|Semifinals (Sat, Mar 16)|Lower level, center court|$70.00|
 +|:::|Lower level corners OR Mid-level sideline|$40.00|
 +|:::​|Mid-level corners|$35.00|
 +|Championship (Sun, Mar 17)|Lower level, center court|$75.00|
 +|:::|Lower level corners OR Mid-level sideline|$45.00|
 +|:::​|Mid-level corners|$35.00|
 +Please note that the Thursday and Friday sessions are separate admissions for the afternoon and evening double-headers.\\
 +Saturday'​s semifinals double-header is a single-ticket admission.
 +For more information about the tournament, see the [[http://​​championships/​m-baskbl-2013.html|page on]]\\
 +For group ticket information for both individual sessions and for all-session passes, please contact Adam Metzendorf at 718-942-9672 or e-mail [[​Subject=A-10 Tournament - referral from|]]
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