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 +====== Atlantic 10 Conference ======
 +The Atlantic 10 Conference (A-10) is a college athletic conference which operates mostly on the United States'​ Eastern seaboard.
 +Massachusetts has been a member of the A-10 since the league'​s inception. ​ The conference was first named the ECBL (Eastern Collegiate Basketball League), then next season went to the simpler "​Eastern 8"​. ​ The name changed to the Atlantic 10 for the 1982-83 academic year.
 +Though the name implies ten member institutions,​ the league has always had a fluctuation in number of members.
 +===== Men's Basketball members and alignment =====
 +==== Current ====
 +Since the 2014-15 season, the A-10 manages 14 schools in one division. ​ Each school plays all other schools once, with five schools matched in a home-and-home series, for an 18-game schedule.((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​SPSID=799991&​SPID=136228&​DB_LANG=C&​DB_OEM_ID=31600&​ATCLID=209491824)) ​ This is the first time the league has used an 18-game schedule since the 1990-91 season.
 +<​sortable 1>
 +^School^Location^Home Venue^Capacity^
 +|[[opponent_davidson|Davidson]]|Davidson,​ NC|[[wp>​John_M._Belk_Arena|John M. Belk Arena]]|5,​223|
 +|[[opponent_dayton|Dayton]]|Dayton,​ OH|[[wp>​University_of_Dayton_Arena|University of Dayton Arena]]|13,​435|
 +|[[opponent_duquesne|Duquesne]]|Pittsburgh,​ PA|[[wp>​Palumbo_Center|A.J. Palumbo Center]]|4,​406|
 +|[[opponent_Fordham|Fordham]]|Bronx,​ NY|[[wp>​Rose_Hill_Gymnasium|Rose Hill Gymnasium]]|3,​470|
 +|[[opponent_george_washington|George Washington]]|Washington,​ DC|[[wp>​Charles_E._Smith_Athletic_Center|Smith Center]]|4,​338|
 +|[[opponent_george_mason|George Mason]]|Fairfax,​ VA|[[wp>​Patriot Center|Patriot Center]]|10,​000|
 +|[[opponent_la_salle|La Salle]]|Philadelphia,​ PA|[[wp>​Tom_Gola_Arena|Tom Gola Arena]]|4,​000|
 +|Massachusetts|Amherst,​ MA|[[mullins_center|William D. Mullins Memorial Center]]|9,​493|
 +|[[opponent_rhode_island|Rhode Island]]|Kingston,​ RI|[[wp>​Ryan_Center|Ryan Center]]|7,​657|
 +|[[opponent_richmond|Richmond]]|Richmond,​ VA|[[wp>​Robins_Center|Robins Center]]|9,​071|
 +|[[opponent_st_bonaventure|Saint Bonaventure]]|Saint Bonaventure,​ NY|[[wp>​Reilly_Center|Reilly Center]]|5,​480|
 +|[[opponent_saint_josephs_pa|Saint Joseph'​s]]|Philadelphia,​ PA|[[wp>​Hagan_Arena|Hagan Arena]]|4,​200|
 +|[[opponent_st_louis|Saint Louis]]|Saint Louis, MO|[[wp>​Chaifetz_Arena|Chaifetz Arena]]|10,​600|
 +|[[opponent_vcu|VCU]]|Richmond,​ VA|[[wp>​Stuart_C._Siegel_Center|Verizon Wireless Arena]]|7,​500|
 +==== Membership history ====
 +|1976-77| ​  ​8 ​  ​|League formed with [[opponent_duquesne|Duquesne]],​ [[opponent_george_washington|George Washington]],​ Massachusetts,​ [[opponent_penn_state|Penn State]], [[opponent_pittsburgh|Pittsburgh]],​ [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]],​ [[opponent_villanova|Villanova]],​ [[opponent_west_virginia|West Virginia]]. ​ East Division: GW, UM, Rut, Vill.  West Division: Duq, Pitt, PSU, WV.|
 +|1978-79| ​  ​8 ​  |Two division format scrapped in favor of single division.|
 +|1979-80| ​  ​8 ​  ​|[[opponent_st_bonaventure|Saint Bonaventure]] joins the conference, while Penn State leaves to play as an independent for three seasons.|
 +|1980-81| ​  ​8 ​  ​|[[opponent_rhode_island|Rhode Island]] joins the conference as Villanova leaves for the Big East.|
 +|1982-83| ​  ​10 ​  ​|Major changes as Pittsburgh leaves for the Big East.  New members: [[opponent_temple|Temple]] and [[opponent_saint_josephs_pa|Saint Joseph'​s]]. ​ Penn State re-joins league. ​ Atlantic 10 name begins. ​ Two division alignment resumes. ​ East: UM, URI, Rut, SJU, Tem.  West: Duq, GW, PSU, SBU, WV.|
 +|1983-84| ​  ​10 ​  |Two division format scrapped in favor of single division. ​ League schedule expands to 18 games.|
 +|1991-92| ​  ​9 ​  |Penn State leaves for the Big 10.  Atlantic 10 name doesn'​t match reality for first time in many years to come.  League schedule reduced to 16 games.|
 +|1992-93| ​  ​8 ​  ​|Duquesne takes a one-year hiatus from the league (playing in the Midwestern Collegiate Conference),​ leaving A-10 with 8 teams. ​ League schedule reduced to 14 games with the membership drop.|
 +|1993-94| ​  ​9 ​  ​|Duquesne re-joins league, A-10 back to 9 teams, and schedule back to 16 games.|
 +|1995-96| ​  ​12 ​  ​|Shakeup again. ​ Rutgers and West Virginia leave for the Big East.  Newcomers: [[opponent_dayton|Dayton]],​ [[opponent_fordham|Fordham]],​ [[opponent_la_salle|La Salle]], [[opponent_virginia_tech|Virginia Tech]], [[opponent_xavier|Xavier]]. ​ Back to two divisions. ​ East: For, UM, URI, SBU, SJU, Tem.  West: Day, Duq, GW, La Salle, VA Tech, Xav.  Each division opponent played twice, other division opponents played once, total of 16 games.|
 +|2000-01| ​  ​11 ​  ​|Virginia Tech leaves for the Big East.  League aligns in an 11-team single division, maintains 16-game schedule.|
 +|2001-02| ​  ​12 ​  ​|[[opponent_richmond|Richmond]] joins. ​ League resumes two division format with Richmond taking Virginia Tech's place in the West.|
 +|2005-06| ​  ​14 ​  ​|[[opponent_charlotte|Charlotte]] and [[opponent_st_louis|Saint Louis]] join.  Single division format used again. ​ Each opponent is played once, with three "​rivals"​ played twice, for total of 16 games.|
 +|2012-13| ​  ​16 ​  ​|[[opponent_vcu|VCU]] joins the league in an immediate transition from the Colonial Athletic Association.((http://​​features/​Atlantic10Move)) ​ [[opponent_butler|Butler]],​ from the Horizon League, does the same.((http://​​releases/​052912aaa)) ​ Each opponent is played once, with one "​rival"​ played twice.|
 +|2013-14| ​  ​13 ​  ​|Temple((http://​​news/​2012/​3/​7/​FB_0307120525.aspx)) and Charlotte((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​DB_LANG=C&​DB_OEM_ID=23200&​ATCLID=205423610)) complete their plans to depart. ​ Temple to the American Athletic Conference (old Big East)((http://​​wiki/​American_Athletic_Conference)),​ Charlotte to Conference USA.  The "new Big East" takes Butler and Xavier.((http://​​genrel/​032013aaa.html)) ​ [[opponent_george_mason|George Mason]] moves from the Colonial to A-10.((http://​​genrel/​032513aaa.html)) ​ 16-game schedule remains.((http://​​mens-college-basketball/​story/​_/​id/​9251315/​atlantic-10-add-davidson-wildcats-2014-15))|
 +|2014-15| ​ 14  |[[opponent_davidson|Davidson]] joins, moving from the Southern Conference.((http://​​genrel/​050813aab.html)) ​ Conference schedule expands to 18 games.((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​SPSID=799991&​SPID=136228&​DB_LANG=C&​DB_OEM_ID=31600&​ATCLID=209491824))|
 +|Future| ​ ?  |League been stable since 2014.  Rumors years back about Dayton and St. Louis eyeing the reformed Big East, but those have died down.((http://​​sports/​college/​slu/​slu-s-conference-future-could-come-into-focus-soon/​article_b02427ed-4c31-538d-95d0-0b906d2a41d6.html))((http://​​mens-college-basketball/​story/​_/​id/​9251315/​atlantic-10-add-davidson-wildcats-2014-15))|
 +===== External Links =====
 +  * [[http://​​|Official site]]
 +  * [[wp>​Atlantic 10 Conference|Atlantic 10 on Wikipedia]]
 +  * [[wp>​Atlantic 10 Men's Basketball Tournament|A-10 Tournament on Wikipedia]]
 +  * [[http://​​Atlantic10|Atlantic 10 on Facebook]]
 +  * [[https://​​!/​atlantic10|Atlantic 10 on Twitter]]
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