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 +====== Maxie Esho ======
 +  * **Player**
 +  * **Seasons:​** [[season_2010-11|2010-11]],​ [[season_2011-12|2011-12]],​ [[season_2012-13|2012-13]],​ [[season_2013-14|2013-14]],​ [[season_2014-15|2014-15]]
 +  * **Number:** 1
 +  * **Position:​** F
 +  * **Height:** 6' 8"
 +  * **Weight:** 205 lbs.
 +  * **Hometown:​** Upper Marlboro, MD
 +  * **High School:** Henry A. Wise HS
 +  * **Prep School:** Lee Academy (ME)
 +  * **Transfer From:** none
 +  * **Birthdate:​** February 28, 1991
 +===== At UMass =====
 +==== 2013-14 Redshirt Junior year ====
 +  *[[http://​​sports/​2014/​01/​31/​umass-esho-knows-where-stands/​oqvSkL6CtMe1WWTdDUJvQN/​story.html|UMass’s Esho knows where he stands]] (1/31/2014)
 +==== 2012-13 Redshirt Sophomore year ====
 +{{:​esho_roster_photo_2012-13.jpg?​nolink|Roster photo 2012-13}}
 +  *[[http://​​umassbasketball/​index.ssf/​2012/​10/​forward_maxie_esho_ready_for_w.html|Esho ready for whatever role he's given]] (10/​25/​2012)
 +==== 2011-12 Redshirt Freshman year ====
 +{{ :​esho_roster_photo_2011-12.jpg?​nolink&​|Roster photo 2011-12}}
 +  *Scored 16 points and grabbed 8 rebounds [[game20120310_st_bonaventure|versus St. Bonaventure (3/10)]].
 +  *Scored 10 points and tied career high in rebounding (9) [[game20120225_dayton|at Dayton (2/25)]].
 +  *A-10 Rookie of the Week for week ending 2/​19((http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​spec-rel/​022012aaa.html)).
 +  *Scored a career-high 18 points, and grabbed 6 rebounds, in the [[game20120218_la_salle|narrow loss to La Salle (2/18)]].
 +  *Scored 9 in the [[game20120208_st_bonaventure|win against St. Bonaventure (2/8)]].
 +  *Helped the cause in the [[game20120121_richmond|win at Richmond (1/21)]] with 12 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals.
 +  *Grabbed 6 rebounds in the [[game20111230_central_connecticut|win over CCSU (12/30)]].
 +  *A-10 Honorable Mention for week ending 12/​25((http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​spec-rel/​122611aab.html)).
 +  *In 19 minutes of play in the [[game20111222_davidson|win over Davidson (12/22)]], scored 12 points and tallied 4 rebounds and 4 steals.
 +  *Set an early career highs of 9 rebounds and 3 blocks, in 17 minutes of action [[game20111130_towson|against Towson (11/30)]].
 +  *In just 14 minutes of play, scored 10 points [[game20111124_florida_state|against Florida State (11/24)]].
 +  *Scored first collegiate points on a layup in the [[game20111111_elon|win over Elon (11/11)]].
 +[[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​stats/​2011-2012/​plyr_01.html|Game-by-game stats]]
 +==== 2010-11 Freshman year ====
 +{{ :​esho_roster_photo_2010-11.jpg?​nolink&​|Roster photo 2010-11}}
 +Pre-season report from Head Coach [[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]: "We are thrilled to have Maxie joining the UMass basketball family. Maxie is a player we have known for a long time," said Kellogg, who brought in what is widely-regarded as the top freshman class in the Atlantic 10 this season. "He is another very long and athletic player with great upside. He have watched him grow as a person and a player for the last couple of years and I know the UMass fans will be excited to get to know him on and off the court. We are looking forward to him having a great senior year at Lee Academy and then coming to UMass. He has the length and athleticism that is necessary for the type of players we want to coach here at UMass."​
 +  *Did not play in any games during the season, took a redshirt, retaining four years of eligibility.
 +[[http://​​watch?​v=mrVZtC5abNM|Video:​ Player profile from UMass Athletics]]
 +==== Statistics ====
 +Current stats available from [[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​stats/​2011-2012/​teamcume.html|UMass]] or [[http://​​mcb/​teams/​massachusetts|StatSheet]]
 +^  ^^^^^  Total  ^^^  3-Pointers ​ ^^^  ^^^  Rebounds ​ ^^^^  ^^^^^^^^
 +|2010-11|Redshirt - Did not play in any games|||||||||||||||||||||||||
 +UMass accomplishments:​\\
 +  *Double-Figure Scoring: 6 times, last [[game20120310_st_bonaventure|vs St. Bonaventure (3/​10/​2012)]]
 +  *5+ Rebounds: 11 times, last [[game20120327_stanford|vs Stanford (3/​27/​2012)]]
 +  *3+ Blocks: once, [[game20111130_towson|vs Towson (11/​30/​2011)]]
 +  *3+ Steals: twice, last [[game20120218_la_salle|vs La Salle (2/​18/​2012)]]
 +Expanded stats from [[http://​​mcb/​players/​player/​massachusetts/​maxie-esho|StatSheet]]
 +==== Career Highs ====
 +|Points|18 - [[game20120218_la_salle|vs La Salle (2/​18/​2012)]]|
 +|Field Goals|7 - [[game20120218_la_salle|vs La Salle (2/​18/​2012)]]|
 +|Field Goals Att.|9 - 4 times, last [[game20120310_st_bonaventure|vs St. Bonaventure (3/​10/​2012)]]|
 +|3-Point FG|1 - twice, last [[game20120309_temple|vs Temple (3/​9/​2012)]]|
 +|3-Point FG Att.|2 - [[game20111130_towson|vs Towson (11/​30/​2011)]]|
 +|Free Throws|5 - [[game20120317_seton_hall|at Seton Hall (3/​17/​2012)]]|
 +|Free Throw Att.|9 - [[game20120218_la_salle|vs La Salle (2/​18/​2012)]]|
 +|Rebounds|9 - twice, last [[game20120225_dayton|vs Dayton (2/​25/​2012)]]|
 +|Assists|1 - 8 times, last [[game20120320_drexel|at Drexel (3/​20/​2012)]]|
 +|Blocks|3 - [[game20111130_towson|vs Towson (11/​30/​2011)]]|
 +|Steals|4 - [[game20111222_davidson|vs Davidson (12/​22/​2011)]]|
 +|Minutes|27 - [[game20120225_dayton|vs Dayton (2/​25/​2012)]]|
 +==== Trivia ====
 +Courtesy: UMass Athletics
 +  *My Ideal Day: Basketball and class
 +  *If I Could Be an Animal: Python
 +  *Why UMass: Coaches
 +  *Class I am Most Proud of the Grade: English
 +  *Hope to do Before Graduation: Win a championship
 +  *Best Pregame Meal: Fruit and bread
 +  *Player I Pattern After: Wesley Johnson
 +  *Three Words to Describe Myself as a Player: Long, athletics, runner
 +  *Advice to the Freshmen: Take advice and learn from the upper classmen
 +  *Can't go on a Road Trip Without: iPod
 +  *First Basketball Memory: Watching MJ games when I was little
 +  *When I was Five Years Old, I Thought I'd Be: A basketball player
 +  *What Has Been the Most Challenging Thing About College so Far: Classes
 +  *Teammates Describe me as: Cool and chill
 +  *First Thought When I Moved to College: College came fast
 +  *TV Show I Want to be on: Cribs
 +  *Who First Taught You How to Shoot: Coach Zach
 +  *Favorite Food Item at the DC: Stiry Fry and Waffles
 +  *Favorite Spot to Study on Campus: Study hall
 +  *Favorite Pair of Shoes: Blue and White B's
 +  *What I Would do First if President: Take Air Force One to Brazil
 +  *Favorite Movie From Past Year: Public Enemies
 +  *Where I would Spend $1,000: Tattoo Parlor
 +  *What Does the Basketball Mean to You: Everything, it's done so much for me
 +  *Favorite Part of Practice and a Game Day: Perfection
 +  *Weird Fact not Many People Know About me: I have been to Africa twice and Amsterdam
 +===== Pre-UMass =====
 +==== Prep School / High School ====
 +Esho played at Henry Wise High School in Upper Marlboro, Md. where he averaged 14 points and seven rebounds per game before moving to Lee Academy. He was a high school teammate of Daryl Traynham, a fellow freshman.Esho was given a 90 grade by ESPNU recruiting with the following analysis: "Esho has a great basketball frame equipped with incredible length, broad shoulders and big hands. He has to get significantly stronger, which will help him inside, but Esho has a ton of upside and potential. "He played his AAU basketball with DC Assault, the same team UMass' swingman Javorn Farrell played for. In playing with DC Assault, run by Curtis Malone, Esho has been a part of one of the top AAU programs in the nation. He averaged 12 points and grabbed eight rebounds along with two blocks per game in AAU. He played alongside Duke signees Josh Hairston and Tyler Thornton, Notre Dame signee Eric Atkins and Richmond newcomer Cedrick Lindsay. Coach Zach Suber has been an integral part of Esho's life and worked with him as a mentor while he played with DC Assault. Esho was named to numerous All-Tournament Teams during his AAU career as well as being named to MVP of the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions at Chapel Hill, N.C., in 2008. Over the last four years, Esho has been part of more than 120 wins on the AAU circuit. In 2009, he helped his squad capture the adidas Take 5 championship and the Teak Breakdown Tournament title, while also making the final four at the adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas after winning the crown in 2008. In addition to winning the adidas Super 64 title in '08, DC Assault also captured crowns at the Pittsburgh Jam Fest, the Bob Gibbons Memorial Day Tournament in Raleigh, N.C., the Harley Davidson Tournament in Morgantown, W. Va., and the Playaz Spring Fling in Piscataway, N.J.
 +===== Personal =====
 +  *Maxie Kunle Esho
 +  *Born February 28, 1991 in Washington, D.C.
 +  *Son of Tina Marie Esho
 +  *Brother of Tony, Kenny, Taye, Florence and Larry
 +  *Major: Letters and Sciences
 +===== External Links =====
 +[[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​mtt/​esho_maxie00.html|Official roster page from UMass Athletics]]\\
 +[[http://​​!/​thE_Show1|Twitter - Maxie Esho]]
 +{{tag>"​Players"​ "​Jersey # 1" "Born in 1991" "​Forwards"​ "​Players from Maryland"​ "​Played for Derek Kellogg"​ "Prep School Lee Academy (ME)" "​Redshirt,​ Non-Transfer"​}}
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