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January 7, 1925 - Clark vs. MAC

  • Season: 1925
  • Date: Wednesday, January 7, 1925
  • Opponent: Clark
  • Start Time: ?
  • Site: Drill Hall
  • Special Event: MAC's season opener
  • Result: MAC 35, Clark 12
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1924 season at Trinity (1/9)


Aggie Hoopsters Have Difficult Assignment When They Meet the Clark Five.
From The Massachusetts Collegian, January 7, 1925

Contrary to the usual order of scheduled games the varsity basketball team is meeting one of its strongest opponents in the initial game of the season Wednesday, January 7. The Aggie hoopsters have several points of advantage over their opponents, Clark University, familiarity with the floor, four veteran of the now famous '24 team in the lineup, and the desire to initiate the season with a victory being the most favorable. Yet the Clark quintet will not be seriously handicapped by these factors since they too have a veteran team and one which has already seen service this season. Last year M.A.C. defeated Clark 25 to 15 but the Worcester five is considered stronger this season.

The outstanding player on the Clark team both physically and effectually is Kalijaivi, center, who stands six feet eight inches in his stocking feet. This is his third season of varsity basketball; he invariably gets the tap in the toss-up and is an excellent shot. Captain Towne has led the team for the past two seasons and is considered a clever strategist. From his position at left guard he controls both the offense and defense of his team. Higginbottom, called the best forward Clark has ever had, is the fastest man on the team and an accurate shot.

The Agates have progressed rapidly in their preseasonal training period under Bike, captain of the '24 team, and they have reached a stage of proficiency nearly equal to their best form last year. Captain Samuels and Temple have retained their shooting ability, Jones's defensive work, especially under the basket, is as good as ever, Smiley's floor work and passing which made him an essential component of the '24 team are still present and just as important. Partenheimer has not faced the strain of a varsity game as yet but if he performs as well in a game as in practice he will prove a worthy member of the present quintet.


Basketball Team Wins First Game of the Season
Defeat of Clark, 35 to 12, Gives Veteran Team Confidence for Successful Season
From The Massachusetts Collegian, January 14, 1925

Last Wednesday, the M.A.C. basketball team stepped from the realm of rumored greatness to the popular recognition of that quality when they defeated soundly the highly reputed Clark five of Worcester 35 to 12 at the Drill Hall. The Clark team, fresh from a victory over Wesleyan, with four games of their schedule already played, and with a veteran lineup and a giant of a center, came to M.A.C. with all confidence of winning the contest, but the Agates uncorked an offence which wouldn't be stayed.

Temple started the scoring early in the first period with a clever shot and from that time his marksmanship was little short of phenomenal; he caged them from every angle. Capt. Samuels ran Temple a close second in the number of points scored and both men performed cleverly on the floor. In spite of his disparity in height Jones never failed to leap as high as his lengthy opponent, and “Larry” sure did smother the big boy when he had a chance to shoot. Kalijarvi did not succeed in shooting a single basket while Jones was in the game. Partenheimer, the only tyro on the team, was especially clever on down-the-floor work. He caged four baskets after receiving passes from his teammates. Smiley was everywhere on the defence, his checking was a big factor in minimizing the Clark score.

The M.A.C. five man defence was working to perfection. Scarcely a single play was able to penetrate it. The passing of the team is rather low but it is fast and accurate and proved very effective in this game.

Towne, the Clark captain and back, was the only Worcester player not totally outclassed. His sturdy attempts to stem the tide were heroic but futile.

If this first start is any criterion this team led by Samuels will easily emulate the exploits of the powerful '24 aggregation.

Box score

Towne, rb102
Sachs, lb011
Anderson, lb000
Kaljarvi, c102
Beaton, c000
Higginbottom, rf306
Nichols, rf000
Springs, lf011
Graham, lf000
Temple, lf6012
Samuels, rf5010
Jones, c000
Sawyer, c000
Ferranti, c102
Smiley, lb113
Griffin, lb000
Partenheimer, rb408
Gust's'n, rb000

Referee: Finn. Time: 20 minute halves.

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