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February 9, 1971 - Boston College vs. UMass

  • Result: UMass 85, Boston College 77
  • Attendance: ?
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vs Vermont (2/6) vs UConn (2/13)


Doubting The Redmen
From The Massachusetts Daily Collegian, December 3, 1970

(Collegian Editor's Note: The following paragraph is reprinted from the student newspaper at Boston College, the “Boston College Heights”. The writer of the article it came from is unknown, but it appeared on Monday, Nov. 30, 1970 and was a reaction by the writer to a story that appeared in the game program of the UMass-BC football tilt. That story was a preview of the Redman basketball season. The writer of the paragraph below seems to feel that UMass shouldn't bear the label of defending New England basketball champions, even though, yes even though, the Redmen were rated the number one team in N.E. last year by the United Press International (UPI) and presently have in their possession the plaque that designates them as such. Nothing more need be said. It is recommended here that one read the paragraph and react to it as he may.)

Those of you who read the UMass game program must feel that our biggest score is yet to be settled with the Mass. Aggies. BC travels to Amherst for a game with the “Defending New England Champion” Redmen on February 9. That's quite a claim for a team that hasn't beaten BC since 1964. They ought to play a schedule of comparable toughness before making such self-proclamations. It'd be nice to see a large contingent of fans make the trip to UMass for that game to watch the Dalymen stick it to those bums, Erving and all.


Julius Erving goes up for a block. Taken from a UMass tweet in 2018.1) Their caption says '70 but UMass didn't host Boston College in 1970. UMass, with Erving on the varsity team, only hosted BC one time in Erving's two years, so it must be from this 2/9/71 game.
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