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 +====== March 15, 1991 - La Salle vs. UMass ======
 +  * Season: [[season_1990-91|1990-91]]
 +  * Date: Friday, March 15, 1991
 +  * Opponent: [[opponent_la_salle|La Salle]]
 +  * Start Time: ?
 +  * Site: [[curry_hicks_cage|Curry Hicks Cage]]
 +  * Special Event: [[wp>​1991_National_Invitation_Tournament|National Invitation Tournament]],​ First Round
 +  * Television: ?
 +  * Radio: ?
 +===== Previews =====
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**UMass, PC in; HC out**\\
 +By Joe Burris, [[http://​​|The Boston Globe]], 3/11/1991
 +After Massachusetts lost to [[opponent_george_washington|George Washington]] in the first round of the
 +Atlantic 10 tournament, forward [[mccoy_jim|Jim McCoy]] asked one reporter to put in a
 +good word for the Minutemen so they would be considered for the National
 +Invitation Tournament. "This can't be the last game I play this year," he said.
 +It won't be. The Minutemen found out late last night that they will be hosting
 +La Salle in the first round of the NIT Friday at Curry Hicks Cage. UMass
 +(17-11), which lost to Maryland in the first round of the NIT last year, was
 +one of two New England teams to make the 32-team field. The other was
 +Providence, which will host James Madison Wednesday at the Civic
 +Holy Cross (18-12) was left out. The Crusaders lost in the Patriot League
 +final to [[opponent_fordham|Fordham]],​ which will play at South Florida in the NIT.
 +UMass will host an NIT game in the 4,000-seat Cage for the first time. The
 +Minutemen sold out every home game this season, and coach [[calipari_john|John Calipari]]
 +believes that enticed the NIT committee.
 +"Fan support and student support are the main reasons we got a home
 +game," said Calipari. "​I'​m happy for the fans. That's when you can truly say
 +they'​re part of the program. The NIT looks at those kind of things."​
 +The Friars (17-11), one of only two Big East teams that didn't make the
 +NCAA Tournament, will be facing former Maryland coach Lefty Driesell.
 +"​Obviously,​ Lefty Driesell has done a great job at James Madison,"​ said
 +Providence coach Rick Barnes. "He has won everywhere he has coached.
 +But his team just got upset in the first round of their conference tournament."​
 +===== Recaps =====
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**Giles'​ late shot lifts UMass over La Salle**\\
 +By Jim Greenidge, [[http://​​|The Boston Globe]], 3/16/1991
 +AMHERST -- When Massachusetts broke its huddle with a minute left and
 +the score tied at 87, just about everyone in the crowd of 4,058 packed into
 +Curry Hicks Cage figured guard Jim McCoy would take the next,
 +all-important shot for the Minutemen.
 +And it was set up that way. "I was supposed to run off a pick at the
 +baseline and take the 3-pointer out of the corner, just as we had been doing
 +the whole game," said McCoy, the school'​s all-time leading scorer even
 +though he's only a junior.
 +But the La Salle defense, set in a 2-3 zone, followed McCoy, leaving senior
 +guard Rafer Giles all by his lonesome off the wing. He calmly -- and quickly
 +-- took the open jumper. Swish. Massachusetts,​ in the National Invitation
 +Tournament for the second consecutive season, was in front the rest of the
 +way and came away with a 93-90 verdict over La Salle.
 +The Minutemen (18-11) visit Fordham for a second-round tussle Tuesday
 +All five Minutemen starters finished in double figures, led by [[williams_harper|Harper
 +Williams]] (22) and McCoy (19).
 +{{tag>"​La Salle" "NIT (Post-Season)"​}}
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