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 +====== March 25, 1991 - UMass vs. Stanford ======
 +  * Season: [[season_1990-91|1990-91]]
 +  * Date: Monday, March 25, 1991
 +  * Opponent: [[opponent_stanford|Stanford]]
 +  * Start Time: ?
 +  * Site: Madison Square Garden, New York NY
 +  * Special Event: [[wp>​1991_National_Invitation_Tournament|National Invitation Tournament]],​ Semi-Final
 +  * Television: ?
 +  * Radio: ?
 +===== Previews =====
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**NY look is missing, but UMass ready for NIT test**\\
 +By Joe Burris, [[http://​​|The Boston Globe]], 3/25/1991
 +NEW YORK -- Remember the scoreboard that lied in the 1986 World
 +Series? The Shea Stadium screen that flashed "​Congratulations Red Sox,"
 +when the Sox led the Mets, one pitch away from the World Series title?
 +You figure that no scoreboard would ever speak too soon again, right?
 +Not so. With last week's National Invitation Tournament quarterfinal game
 +between Massachusetts and host [[opponent_siena|Siena]] at Knickerbocker Arena in Albany,
 +the latter led by 3 with just 2.6 seconds to go. UMass called timeout to set
 +up a final play and the scoreboard flashed, "​Congratulations,​ Siena."​
 +Moreover, the public address announcer took the opportunity to tell Siena
 +fans bus information for a trip to the NIT semifinals.
 +Big mistake.
 +When play resumed, UMass forward [[barbee_tony|Tony Barbee]] sank a 3-pointer as
 +time expired, sending the game into overtime. [[mccoy_jim|Jim McCoy]] hit the only
 +bucket in the extra frame to give UMass an 82-80 win, sending the
 +Minutemen into their first-ever NIT Final Four. UMass meets Stanford
 +tonight at 7 at Madison Square Garden.
 +"We should get great fan support; I hear the Siena fans are still coming,"​
 +joked UMass coach [[calipari_john|John Calipari]]. "I thought that our chances of tying the
 +game were slim and none. We just happened to catch slim."
 +"When I saw them flash '​Congratulations Siena' up there, I knew it would
 +be the kiss of death,"​ said Atlantic-10 commissioner Ron Bertovich, who
 +was pleased to see six of his conference'​s teams advance to postseason
 +play ([[opponent_temple|Temple]],​ Rutgers, and Penn State in the NCAA; UMass, [[opponent_george_washington|George
 +Washington]] and West Virginia in the NIT).
 +The Minutemen shouldn'​t expect the warmest of receptions tonight, having
 +beaten two New York favorites -- Siena and [[opponent_fordham|Fordham]] to join Stanford,
 +Oklahoma and Colorado in the Final Four.
 +"I don't think the NIT was excited about the possibility of having us in New
 +York. We're here, and they'​re glad, but you wonder when they send you to
 +both Fordham and Siena,"​ said Calipari, who must concern himself with
 +Stanford center Adam Keefe. "Our problem is that we have no center, and
 +he's a pro prospect center.
 +===== Recaps =====
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**Stanford ends UMass' NIT spree**\\
 +By Joe Burris, [[http://​​|The Boston Globe]], 3/26/1991
 +NEW YORK -- This was just the kind of game they wanted in the final
 +minutes -- close, tense and downright ugly. The poor foul shooting and
 +turnovers that plagued the University of Massachusetts most of the game
 +didn't matter. With 5:28 left, the Minutemen led by 1 and were prepared for
 +another fantastic finish.
 +What would it be this time? Another 3-point basket by Tony Barbee to
 +send the game into overtime, as was the case against Siena? Another
 +3-pointer by Rafer Giles to win it, like the one he hit against [[opponent_rhode_island|Rhode Island]]?
 +Another baseline bucket by Giles with 7 seconds left, like the one that beat
 +[[opponent_boston_college|Boston College]]? Having seen four contests go to overtime and five decided by 3
 +points or fewer this season, this was familiar territory for UMass.
 +But Stanford was equally equipped for such an ending. With players who
 +could shoot from the outside, inside and foul line, the Cardinal didn't fold.
 +Despite squandering an 8-point second-half lead, Stanford retook the lead
 +33 seconds after UMass grabbed it and used clutch free throw shooting to
 +hold on. No fantastic finish for UMass this time. Stanford claimed a 73-71
 +win over the Minutemen in last night'​s National Invitation Tournament
 +The Minutemen, whose 20-12 mark was their best since 1976-77 (20-11),
 +won more games in this NIT (three) than in their previous seven
 +appearances combined.
 +"Last year when we went to the NIT, we were just glad to be there,"​ said
 +center [[williams_harper|Harper Williams]]. "This year we wanted to go to the NCAAs, but
 +they sent us here. We just wanted to show people we belonged, that we were a
 +team to be reckoned with."
 +Stanford found out the hard way, blowing a 16-point first-half lead.
 +"I didn't make many changes,"​ said UMass coach John Calipari. "I just
 +asked the players, 'What are you going to do on national TV -- get beat by
 +30 or make a game of it?' "
 +But after UMass took its 59-58 edge, Stanford guard John Patrick hit a 3-
 +point basket for a 61-59 lead with 4:55 to go. After a miss by UMass
 +forward Jim McCoy, Stanford forward Andrew Vlahov sank two free
 +throws to put the Cardinal up, 63-59.
 +"​Everything we did to try to get to them didn't affect them," said UMass
 +forward [[herndon_will|Will Herndon]], who said his team played catch-up so much he
 +didn't remember taking the lead. "We wanted to make the game sloppy,
 +It stayed that way over the last four minutes, and with 1:28 left, UMass
 +cut it to 67-66 on a 3-point play by Williams.
 +But in the final minute, with Stanford up, 69-66, the teams staged a free
 +throw shooting contest. That favored Stanford, since UMass shot miserably
 +from the line all game, including 36 percent in the first half.
 +Herndon made 1 of 2 to cut the lead to 2 at :18.1. Andy Ammann sank two
 +to put Stanford up, 71-67, at :17.6. McCoy sank two to cut it to 71-69 with
 +:10.1 to go.
 +Stanford put it away, however, with :5.7 left, as Vlahov, a 63 percent free
 +throw shooter, sank two for a 73-69 edge. A bucket by Williams at the
 +buzzer was too little too late.
 +"The pressure down the stretch didn't faze me," said Vlahov, a native of
 +Australia. "Being a senior and playing four years helps. It helped me all
 +And it helped end the UMass season. But Calipari was pleased with his
 +team's showing in NIT play; in fact, he said he preferred winning three
 +games in this tourney over a first-round loss in the NCAAs.
 +"Three wins gave our program a 20-win season, and that's big for us," he
 +{{tag>"​Stanford"​ "NIT (Post-Season)"​}}
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