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 +====== March 4, 1992 - Rhode Island vs. UMass ======
 +  * Season: [[season_1991-92|1991-92]]
 +  * Date: Wednesday, March 4, 1992
 +  * Opponent: [[opponent_rhode_island|Rhode Island]]
 +  * Start Time: 7:00 PM ET
 +  * Site: [[Curry Hicks Cage]]
 +  * Special Event: [[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]] Regular Season
 +==== UMass Athletics ====
 +//From the UMass Basketball 1992-93 Media Guide, published by [[http://​|UMass Athletics]]//​
 +[[brown_anton|Anton Brown]]'​s 22 points, 17 in the second half, led five Minutemen in double figures to offset Rhode Island'​s Jeff Kent's 35-point effort.
 +UMass called a timeout with 14:32 remaining in the second half after falling behind 52-51. ​ A 43-38 halftime advantage had disappeared. ​ In the ensuing minutes, the Minutemen went on a 14-0 run, keyed by Brown'​s seven consecutive points, and never looked back.
 +UMass shot 65 percent from the field in the second half while holding Rhode Island to just 39 percent.
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**UMass pulls rank on URI**\\
 +//No. 25 Minutemen tops Rams//\\
 +By Joe Burris, [[http://​​globe|Boston Globe]] Staff, 3/5/1992
 +AMHERST -- They told [[calipari_john|John Calipari]] not to even bother showing up.
 +After the Massachusetts basketball coach vowed Monday to walk off the
 +floor before last night'​s game if any fan made references to the current
 +gambling allegations levied at Rhode Island, some people told coach Cal not
 +to leave home, because college kids wouldn'​t resist painting at least one
 +off-color sign.
 +But Calipari showed up, spoke to UMass fans over the public address
 +system before the game and stuck around after no taunting was heard. The
 +Minutemen were fortunate that he did stay; 25th-ranked UMass struggled
 +with its scrappy Atlantic 10 foe for most of the first half and trailed by 1
 +point with 14:37 left. Calipari called time out and delivered a tongue-lashing,​
 +and his team responded with a 14-0 run, then held on for a 96-88 win.
 +The victory in the regular-season finale improved UMass' record to 25-4
 +overall, 13-3 in the league. The win total eclipses by two the previous
 +school record, set by the [[erving_julius|Julius Erving]]-led 1970-71 team. Having won the
 +Atlantic 10 regular-season title, UMass will be the top seed in this
 +weekend'​s league tournament. UMass will play Sunday against the winner
 +of Saturday'​s St. Bonaventure-Rutgers game.
 +Rhode Island, which has played well in the wake of the allegations,​ fell to
 +19-8 and 9-7. The Rams are seeded fourth in the tournament and will meet
 +George Washington in the first round.
 +Calipari praised the effort of the Rams, who hardly looked like the team
 +blown out by UMass in January. Trailing, 43-38, they outscored UMass,
 +13-7, to start the second half and took a 51-50 lead with 14:37 left.
 +"For URI coach [[skinner_al|Al Skinner]] to get his team to play as they have shows he
 +has done an outstanding job," said Calipari, "and that should get him coach
 +of the year honors."​
 +Skinner, a UMass grad, said he was appreciative that Calipari "put
 +himself on the line" with his pregame remarks and added, "With this being
 +my alma mater, I would have been disappointed if the fans acted negatively
 +toward my club for any reason. Fans up here have always cheered for the
 +home team, never against the opposition."​
 +UMass looked too much like it did the last time it cracked the Top 25 poll
 +-- Jan. 6. That was a first for the school, but the Minutemen lost their next
 +[[game19920108_west_virginia|game to West Virginia]] two days later at home.
 +"That kept flashing back in my mind," said senior guard Anton Brown, who
 +took matters into his own hands after Calipari called the timeout. Brown
 +dished out an assist to junior center [[williams_harper|Harper Williams]] (who scored on a fast-
 +break layup) to get the run going, then scored 7 consecutive points to put
 +UMass up, 59-51, with 12:55 left. Senior forward [[herndon_will|Will Herndon]] and
 +freshman guard [[malloy_jerome|Jerome Malloy]] capped the run with a bucket apiece, putting
 +UMass up, 64-51, with 11:44 to go.
 +"The difference between this game and the West Virginia game is that no
 +one stepped up against West Virginia,"​ said Calipari. "In the first half, [[mccoy_jim|Jim
 +McCoy]] and Will carried us. In the second half, Anton and Harper carried
 +us, and that shows our depth."​
 +URI cut the lead to 5 in the last three minutes, but the Minutemen hit 10 of
 +their last 13 free throws to seal the win. Brown led UMass with 22 points.
 +URI center Jeff Kent led all scorers with a career-high 35.
 +Skinner said he was pleased that his team has continued to play well in the
 +wake of the allegations of an on-campus gambling ring. "We have been
 +resilient, when you consider the youth on this ball club," he said. "We didn't
 +win but we continued to come at them."
 +Calipari said he had no doubt he would be in the gym to coach his team.
 +“People say you can't tell college kids what to do, but I say that's wrong,"​
 +he said. "If I don't say anything, I'm not doing my job, and should be fired."​
 +===== Box Score =====
 +^ ^^^  TOTAL  ^^^  3-PTS  ^^^ ^^^  REBOUNDS ​ ^^^ ^^^^^^^
 +^RHODE ISLAND^ ^Min^FG^FGA^Pct^FG^FGA^Pct^FT^FTA^Pct^Off^Def^Tot^PF^FO^A^TO^Blk^Stl^Pts^
 +|Brown, Mike|F|37|4|8|.500|0|2|.000|1|2|.500|2|1|3|1|0|2|1|0|0|9|
 +|Samuel, Andre|F|35|7|15|.467|1|3|.333|5|7|.714|5|5|10|5|1|1|1|0|3|20|
 +|Kent, Jeff|C|38|13|18|.722|4|4|1.000|5|6|.833|3|5|8|3|0|3|2|2|1|35|
 +|Cofield, Carlos|G|29|2|12|.167|0|3|.000|1|2|.500|0|1|1|5|1|4|2|0|2|5|
 +|Easterling,​ Carlos|G|15|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|2|.000|0|0|0|2|0|1|1|0|0|0|
 +|Alexander, Jason| |25|4|9|.444|3|5|.600|4|4|1.000|0|0|0|3|0|2|2|0|0|15|
 +|Fox, Abdul| |11|0|3|.000|0|1|.000|2|3|.667|1|0|1|4|0|3|0|0|0|2|
 +|Collins, Damont| |8|1|1|1.000|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|1|2|2|0|0|0|0|0|2|
 +|Ivey-Jones,​ Kyle| |2|0|1|.000|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|0|1|1|0|0|1|0|0|0|
 +|TEAM REBOUNDS||||||||||||3|3|6| |||||||
 +|TOTALS| |200|31|67|.463|8|18|.444|18|26|.692|16|16|32|26|2|16|10|2|6|88|
 +|First half|||15|26|.577|4|6|.667|4|9|.444| |||||||||38|
 +|Second half|||16|41|.390|4|12|.333|14|17|.824| |||||||||50|
 +|Fast break points|18|
 +|Points off turnovers|21|
 +|Second chance points|21|
 +|Points in the paint|43|
 +|Deadball rebounds|2|
 +^ ^^^  TOTAL  ^^^  3-PTS  ^^^ ^^^  REBOUNDS ​ ^^^ ^^^^^^^
 +^MASSACHUSETTS^ ^Min^FG^FGA^Pct^FG^FGA^Pct^FT^FTA^Pct^Off^Def^Tot^PF^FO^A^TO^Blk^Stl^Pts^
 +|Barbee, Tony|F|25|1|5|.200|0|0|--|4|4|1.000|1|4|5|1|0|4|1|0|0|6|
 +|Herndon, William|F|38|6|7|.857|0|0|--|3|5|.600|2|6|8|2|0|3|1|2|0|15|
 +|Williams, Harper|C|26|8|12|.667|0|2|.000|4|5|.800|2|8|10|3|0|2|3|2|1|20|
 +|Brown, Anton|G|28|7|10|.700|1|2|.500|7|10|.700|1|4|5|3|0|5|0|0|1|22|
 +|McCoy, Jim|G|30|4|11|.364|0|0|--|9|10|.900|0|0|0|2|0|1|5|1|3|17|
 +|Williams, Michael| |9|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|1|1.000|2|1|3|1|0|0|2|0|1|1|
 +|Kellogg, Derek| |2|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|0|1|0|1|0|0|0|0|
 +|Roe, Lou| |18|2|3|.667|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|2|3|2|0|3|2|1|0|4|
 +|Malloy, Jerome| |12|3|3|1.000|1|1|1.000|4|5|.800|0|0|0|3|0|2|0|0|0|11|
 +|Robinson, Kennard| |12|0|1|.000|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|1|2|1|0|0|1|1|0|0|
 +|TEAM REBOUNDS||||||||||||0|0|0| |||||||
 +|First half|||14|26|.538|1|2|.500|14|15|.933| |||||||||43|
 +|Second half|||17|26|.654|1|3|.333|18|25|.720| |||||||||53|
 +|Fast break points|43|
 +|Points off turnovers|18|
 +|Second chance points|16|
 +|Points in the paint|54|
 +|Deadball rebounds|3|
 +|Score by Periods|1st|2nd|OT1|OT2|OT3|Final|
 +|RHODE ISLAND|38|50| | | |88|
 +|MASSACHUSETTS|43|53| | | |96|
 +|Officials|David Dodge, Rich San Fillipo, Rich Sortino|
 +|Technical Fouls|none|
 +{{tag>"​Rhode Island"​}}
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