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 +====== March 8, 1992 - Rutgers vs. UMass ======
 +  * Season: [[season_1991-92|1991-92]]
 +  * Date: Sunday, March 8, 1992
 +  * Opponent: [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]]
 +  * Start Time: ?
 +  * Site: at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA
 +  * Special Event: [[conference_tournaments|Atlantic 10 Tournament]],​ Quarter-Final. Seeds: UMass 1, Rutgers 8.
 +==== UMass Athletics ====
 +//From the UMass Basketball 1992-93 Media Guide, published by [[http://​|UMass Athletics]]//​
 +The top-seeded and 25th-ranked Minutemen played an up-tempo game which game them the conference tournament scoring record over the eighth-seeded Scarlet Knights.
 +[[barbee_tony|Tony Barbee]] and [[mccoy_jim|Jim McCoy]] led five UMass players in double figures with 21 points.
 +The Minutemen led 57-44 at the half and never trailed by more than six for the remainder of the contest.
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**Minutemen beat back Rutgers**\\
 +By Joe Burris, [[http://​​globe|Boston Globe]] Staff, 3/9/1992
 +PHILADELPHIA -- [[calipari_john|John Calipari]] flashed a look of relief. The University
 +of Massachusetts coach had just walked off the floor following his team's
 +106-94 win over Rutgers last night in the quarterfinals of the Atlantic 10
 +tournament, but he would have been the first to admit the game was far
 +closer than the score indicated.
 +Calipari must be getting used to the feeling; it seems that each opponent has
 +given a bit extra against the top-seeded Minutemen -- particularly during the
 +latter part of the season, when UMass struggled to beat teams it had
 +handled easily earlier in the year. Last night, eighth-seeded Rutgers, which
 +suffered two blowouts to UMass in the regular season ([[game19920130_rutgers|77-66 on January 30]], and [[game19920218_rutgers|81-67 on February 18]]), was no different.
 +The Scarlet Knights led by 6 points midway though the first half, then cut a
 +13-point halftime deficit to 5 with 17:40 to go. But UMass' pressure
 +defense finally wore Rutgers down, and the Minutemen pulled away over
 +the last 10 minutes. UMass (26-4) faces [[opponent_rhode_island|Rhode Island]] in the semifinals
 +tonight at 9. URI defeated [[opponent_george_washington|George Washington University]],​ 75-66,
 +"It seems that in every game people are coming after us," said Calipari.
 +“Rutgers played a good game. In the second half, they came back because
 +we thought we could just win by standing there."​
 +Trailing, 57-44, Rutgers outscored UMass, 14-6, at the start of the half,
 +cutting the deficit to 63-58 with 17:40 to go. UMass withstood the rally
 +with better defense, and Jim McCoy scored 7 unanswered points, giving the
 +Minutemen a 70-58 advantage with 16:01 left.
 +The Minutemen blew a big opportunity to break the game open midway
 +through the second half when they hit just five of 12 free-throw attempts,
 +missing six in a row. Rutgers could not close the gap while UMass
 +floundered at the line, and the Minutemen began to pull away shortly
 +afterward. A pullup jumper by Tony Barbee (21 points) gave UMass a
 +97-81 edge with 4:04 to go.
 +"We knew that at some time they were going to come back," said McCoy,
 +who finished with 21 points. "But we just did what we had to do."
 +Rutgers, which got 32 points from Steve Worthy, hurt itself with two
 +technical fouls and several missed shots down the stretch. It cut the lead to
 +100-90 in the final minute but could come no closer. "Give UMass credit;
 +they found answers to everything we did," said Rutgers coach Bob Wenzel,
 +whose team finished at 15-14.
 +The UMass players said it felt good to get the first win. But they seem to
 +enjoy being the hunter more than the hunted. "In the past, we weren'​t
 +expected to do much," said [[brown_anton|Anton Brown]]. "Now, we're the top seed, and
 +people just expect us to beat up on everyone."​
 +Next up, URI, a team that gave UMass [[game19920304_rhode_island|a battle last week]] after [[game19920120_rhode_island|losing
 +handily earlier in the season]].
 +===== Box Score =====
 +^ ^^^  TOTAL  ^^^  3-PTS  ^^^ ^^^  REBOUNDS ​ ^^^ ^^^^^^^
 +^RUTGERS^ ^Min^FG^FGA^Pct^FG^FGA^Pct^FT^FTA^Pct^Off^Def^Tot^PF^FO^A^TO^Blk^Stl^Pts^
 +|Jones, Mike|F|29|3|10|.300|0|0|--|3|5|.600|3|2|5|4|0|1|0|0|0|9|
 +|Phillips, Jamal|F|33|7|11|.636|0|0|--|2|4|.500|3|3|6|3|0|0|3|1|1|16|
 +|Weiler, Charlie|C|13|0|3|.000|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|3|4|4|0|0|1|0|0|0|
 +|Drury, Creighton|G|20|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|1|1|2|0|3|1|0|0|0|
 +|Worthy, Steve|G|35|11|22|.500|5|10|.500|5|6|.833|1|8|9|4|0|6|5|0|1|32|
 +|Smith, Daryl| |7|1|2|.500|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|1|1|2|0|0|1|0|0|2|
 +|Rich, Alvin| |21|6|9|.667|1|2|.500|4|6|.667|1|1|2|5|1|0|1|0|1|17|
 +|Santiago, Damon| |17|4|8|.500|2|3|.667|1|2|.500|0|0|0|3|0|2|0|0|2|11|
 +|Stokes, Glenn| |23|3|5|.600|0|0|--|1|2|.500|2|2|4|4|0|1|1|0|1|7|
 +|Lumpkin, Donnell| |2|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|1|.000|0|1|1|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|
 +|TEAM||||||||||||1|3|4| |||0| |||
 +|TOTALS| |200|35|70|.500|8|15|.533|16|26|.615|12|25|37|32|1|13|13|1|6|94|
 +|First half|||||.421| ||.625| ||.583| |||||||||0|
 +|Second half|||||.594| ||.429| ||.643| |||||||||0|
 +|Largest lead|6 (17-11)|
 +|Points off turnovers|13|
 +|Second chance points|15|
 +|Points in the paint|34|
 +|Deadball rebounds|3|
 +^ ^^^  TOTAL  ^^^  3-PTS  ^^^ ^^^  REBOUNDS ​ ^^^ ^^^^^^^
 +^MASSACHUSETTS^ ^Min^FG^FGA^Pct^FG^FGA^Pct^FT^FTA^Pct^Off^Def^Tot^PF^FO^A^TO^Blk^Stl^Pts^
 +|Barbee, Tony|F|30|6|9|.667|0|1|.000|9|12|.750|1|1|2|3|0|3|3|0|0|21|
 +|Herndon, William|F|36|8|8|1.000|0|0|--|0|1|.000|1|4|5|4|0|2|1|0|3|16|
 +|Williams, Harper|C|30|6|12|.500|0|0|--|7|10|.700|1|15|16|3|0|4|2|2|4|19|
 +|Brown, Anton|G|31|2|6|.333|1|2|.500|0|2|.000|0|3|3|4|0|9|1|0|0|5|
 +|McCoy, Jim|G|36|7|14|.500|0|0|--|7|12|.583|0|2|2|1|0|2|2|0|2|21|
 +|Malloy, Jerome| |9|1|2|.500|1|1|1.000|1|2|.500|0|0|0|1|0|0|1|0|0|4|
 +|Roe, Lou| |18|2|5|.400|0|0|--|7|10|.700|4|5|9|3|0|0|2|0|0|11|
 +|Williams, Michael| |9|4|6|.667|1|2|.500|0|0|--|0|0|0|0|0|2|1|0|1|9|
 +|Robinson, Kennard| |1|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|0|2|0|0|0|0|0|0|
 +|TEAM||||||||||||2|0|2| |||0| |||
 +|TOTALS| |200|36|62|.581|3|6|.500|31|49|.633|9|30|39|21|0|22|13|2|10|106|
 +|First half|||||.625| ||.667| ||.682| |||||||||0|
 +|Second half|||||.533| ||.333| ||.593| |||||||||0|
 +|Largest lead|16 (97-81)|
 +|Points off turnovers|17|
 +|Second chance points|15|
 +|Points in the paint|48|
 +|Deadball rebounds|10|
 +|Score by Periods|1st|2nd|OT1|OT2|OT3|Final|
 +|RUTGERS|44|50| | | |94|
 +|MASSACHUSETTS|57|49| | | |106|
 +|Officials|Tim Higgins, John Koskinen, Murph Shapiro|
 +|Technical Fouls|2 (RU Phillips, RU Worthy)|
 +{{tag>"​Rutgers"​ "A-10 Tournament"​ "​Record setter"​}}
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