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 +====== March 9, 1992 - Rhode Island vs. UMass ======
 +  * Season: [[season_1991-92|1991-92]]
 +  * Date: Monday, March 9, 1992
 +  * Opponent: [[opponent_rhode_island|Rhode Island]]
 +  * Start Time: ?
 +  * Site: at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA
 +  * Special Event: [[conference_tournaments|Atlantic 10 Tournament]],​ Semi-Final. Seeds: UMass 1, Rhode Island 4.
 +==== UMass Athletics ====
 +//From the UMass Basketball 1992-93 Media Guide, published by [[http://​|UMass Athletics]]//​
 +The favored, 22nd-ranked Minutemen trailed 61-58 with 5:19 to play, yet fought back with 15 unanswered points to seal their 11th-straight win and an A-10 Championship game at the [[curry_hicks_cage|Cage]].
 +[[williams_harper|Harper Williams]] led all scorers with 20 points, including 16 and five rebounds in the second half.  [[roe_lou|Lou Roe]] came off the bench to grab a team-high ten rebounds and eight points in ten minutes.
 +This wasn't the strongest performance of the season by the Minutemen as they committed a season-high 23 turnovers and shot 44.8 percent from the field. ​ But, the UMass defense allowed the Rams to shoot only 34.8 percent from the field.
 +==== Boston Globe ====
 +**UMass veers into the final**\\
 +By Joe Burris, [[http://​​globe|Boston Globe]] Staff, 3/10/1992
 +PHILADELPHIA -- [[calipari_john|John Calipari]] had the look of a loser. He practically
 +apologized for the way his team played in last night'​s Atlantic 10 semifinal,
 +saying that Massachusetts and its opponent, Rhode Island, "set back the
 +game of basketball 10 years."​ He talked about how he yelled at his
 +players, his coaches and his managers.
 +He hardly sounded like a coach whose team is 40 minutes away from its
 +first conference title ever and first NCAA tournament bid since 1962.
 +Truth is, the top-seeded Minutemen (27-4) did play poorly last night,
 +jumping out to double-digit leads in both halves, then having to fight for
 +dear life. But in the last five minutes, they pulled things together, scored 15
 +consecutive points and escaped with a 78-67 win over fourth-seeded URI.
 +The win puts UMass in the Atlantic 10 final for the second time (in 1990, it
 +lost to Temple, 53-51). UMass will meet third-seeded [[opponent_west_virginia|West Virginia]], a
 +44-41 winner over [[opponent_temple|Temple]] in the other semifinal, at Curry Hicks Cage
 +Thursday at 9 p.m. Tickets go on sale today at 8:30 a.m. at the UMass
 +ticket office, where students reportedly started lining up last night.
 +URI dropped to 20-9, but will undoubtedly make postseason play, perhaps
 +the NCAA tourney.
 +Calipari was still showing frustration in the postgame press conference, after
 +yelling at his team "more than I have all season."​
 +"I didn't start coaching until the last six minutes of the game," he said. "I was
 +a little upset with the kids because I didn't think the effort was there. It was
 +shocking to see my kids give up layups because they didn't know who they
 +were guarding."​
 +Calipari was referring to a 12-minute stretch of the second half, when URI
 +caught UMass napping and whipped no-look passes inside for uncontested
 +buckets. That helped URI bounce back from a 37-27 deficit with 18:41 left
 +to take a 50-46 advantage with 11:13 to go.
 +The Rams, who trailed by as many as 12 points, went through a mild slump
 +after taking the 4-point lead, and with five minutes left, the game was tied.
 +URI took a 61-58 lead when Jason Alexander stripped the ball from
 +UMass forward Jim McCoy and drove in for a layup.
 +"​That'​s when I started coaching,"​ said Calipari. "​That'​s when I backed off
 +and then the kids started playing."​
 +The result was a two-handed slam by [[herndon_will|Will Herndon]] and a 3-point play by
 +Harper Williams that gave UMass a 63-61 lead with 4:02 left. After a miss,
 +Herndon scored to make it 65-61, and after a turnover, Williams made it
 +"We kind of jumped on Harper Williams'​ coattails and got the ball to him,"
 +said Calipari, "and he put us in the championship game."
 +Williams, the conference player of the year, scored a game-high 20 points
 +and grabbed 7 boards, but more importantly held URI's Jeff Kent to 15
 +points -- 20 fewer than he scored [[game19920304_rhode_island|against UMass last week]].
 +"I think this time I was just more conscious of him being on the floor,"​ said
 +The Rams continued to turn the ball over and UMass continued to make
 +them pay. With 1:16 left, [[brown_anton|Anton Brown]] made 1 of 2 free throws to make
 +the score 71-61, and on the next possession, McCoy hit two free throws to
 +give UMass a 73-61 lead.
 +"They executed well and got the ball into the hands of the people we didn't
 +want it in," said URI coach Al Skinner. "I think we got impatient after we
 +took the lead and began to shoot too quickly."​
 +Andre Samuel led URI with 18 points.
 +Calipari already is concerned with motivating his team for West Virginia
 +"My team plays well enough to win, and that's scary,"​ he said. "We play a
 +West Virginia team that is deep and talented. It's scary going into this one."
 +===== Box Score =====
 +^ ^^^  TOTAL  ^^^  3-PTS  ^^^ ^^^  REBOUNDS ​ ^^^ ^^^^^^^
 +^RHODE ISLAND^ ^Min^FG^FGA^Pct^FG^FGA^Pct^FT^FTA^Pct^Off^Def^Tot^PF^FO^A^TO^Blk^Stl^Pts^
 +|Brown, Mike|F|35|2|10|.200|1|4|.250|2|3|.667|2|11|13|4|0|2|4|0|2|7|
 +|Samuel, Andre|F|34|7|12|.583|0|1|.000|4|4|1.000|3|1|4|4|0|1|3|0|3|18|
 +|Kent, Jeff|C|36|6|11|.545|0|2|.000|3|5|.600|3|2|5|4|0|0|1|1|3|15|
 +|Cofield, Carlos|G|17|1|6|.167|0|1|.000|0|0|--|1|1|2|5|1|2|0|1|0|2|
 +|Easterling,​ Carlos|G|8|1|2|.500|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|1|1|1|0|2|0|0|0|2|
 +|Fox, Abdul| |20|2|8|.250|0|1|.000|0|0|--|0|3|3|5|1|1|1|1|1|4|
 +|Alexander, Jason| |32|3|12|.250|1|4|.250|6|6|1.000|0|2|2|4|0|6|3|0|5|13|
 +|Ivey-Jones,​ Kyle| |4|0|1|.000|0|0|--|2|2|1.000|0|0|0|2|0|0|2|0|0|2|
 +|Collins, Damont| |13|2|7|.286|0|0|--|0|0|--|2|1|3|0|0|0|0|0|0|4|
 +|Keebler, Matt| |1|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
 +|TEAM||||||||||||2|2|4| |||0| |||
 +|TOTALS| |200|24|69|.348|2|13|.154|17|20|.850|13|24|37|29|2|14|14|3|14|67|
 +|First half|||||.286| ||.500| ||.750| |||||||||0|
 +|Second half|||||.412| ||.091| ||.917| |||||||||0|
 +|Largest lead|4 (52-48)|
 +|Points off turnovers|14|
 +|Second chance points|15|
 +|Points in the paint|36|
 +|Deadball rebounds|2|
 +^ ^^^  TOTAL  ^^^  3-PTS  ^^^ ^^^  REBOUNDS ​ ^^^ ^^^^^^^
 +^MASSACHUSETTS^ ^Min^FG^FGA^Pct^FG^FGA^Pct^FT^FTA^Pct^Off^Def^Tot^PF^FO^A^TO^Blk^Stl^Pts^
 +|Barbee, Tony|F|25|4|7|.571|2|3|.667|0|2|.000|1|5|6|4|0|5|8|1|1|10|
 +|Herndon, William|F|35|3|4|.750|0|0|--|1|2|.500|2|7|9|2|0|1|0|1|0|7|
 +|Williams, Harper|C|31|7|16|.438|0|0|--|6|9|.667|1|6|7|3|0|4|3|1|1|20|
 +|Brown, Anton|G|36|5|11|.455|2|4|.500|5|7|.714|1|5|6|3|0|4|2|0|1|17|
 +|McCoy, Jim|G|31|3|12|.250|0|0|--|7|11|.636|2|3|5|1|0|2|6|0|1|13|
 +|Robinson, Kennard| |4|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|0|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|
 +|Williams, Michael| |4|0|1|.000|0|1|.000|0|0|--|0|0|0|2|0|0|1|0|0|0|
 +|Malloy, Jerome| |9|1|3|.333|1|1|1.000|0|0|--|1|0|1|0|0|0|1|0|0|3|
 +|Roe, Lou| |24|3|4|.750|0|0|--|2|4|.500|5|5|10|1|0|1|2|2|0|8|
 +|Kellogg, Derek| |1|0|0|--|0|0|--|0|0|--|1|0|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
 +|TEAM||||||||||||2|2|4| |||0| |||
 +|TOTALS| |200|26|58|.448|5|9|.556|21|35|.600|16|33|49|17|0|17|23|5|4|78|
 +|First half|||||.500| ||.667| ||.333| |||||||||0|
 +|Second half|||||.406| ||.333| ||.655| |||||||||0|
 +|Largest lead|14 (77-63)|
 +|Points off turnovers|17|
 +|Second chance points|20|
 +|Points in the paint|28|
 +|Deadball rebounds|6|
 +|Score by Periods|1st|2nd|OT1|OT2|OT3|Final|
 +|RHODE ISLAND|27|40| | | |67|
 +|MASSACHUSETTS|32|46| | | |78|
 +|Officials|Jim Burr, Gerry Donaghy, Art McDonald|
 +|Technical Fouls|0|
 +{{tag>"​Rhode Island"​ "A-10 Tournament"​}}
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