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 |  [[game19930311_temple|vs Temple (3/11)]]  |  [[game19930321_virginia|vs Virginia (3/21)]]  | |  [[game19930311_temple|vs Temple (3/11)]]  |  [[game19930321_virginia|vs Virginia (3/21)]]  |
-==== Other Content ====+===== Other Content =====
   *[[|Video: Highlights from ESPN]]   *[[|Video: Highlights from ESPN]]
   *[[|Audio: Full game recording of WHMP broadcast]]   *[[|Audio: Full game recording of WHMP broadcast]]
 {{tag>"1992-93 season" "Pennsylvania" "NCAA Tournament" "Ranked game" "Work in progress"}} {{tag>"1992-93 season" "Pennsylvania" "NCAA Tournament" "Ranked game" "Work in progress"}}
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