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   *Coached [[erving_julius|Julius Erving]], [[skinner_al|Al Skinner]], and [[pitino_rick|Rick Pitino]]   *Coached [[erving_julius|Julius Erving]], [[skinner_al|Al Skinner]], and [[pitino_rick|Rick Pitino]]
   *Floor at [[Mullins Center]] was [[|dedicated as "Jack Leaman Court" on 2/25/2006]]   *Floor at [[Mullins Center]] was [[|dedicated as "Jack Leaman Court" on 2/25/2006]]
 +  *[[statue_dedication_20210910|Statue of Leaman dedicated on 9/10/2021]]
   *[[|Leaman's legacy in Louisville's championship]] (4/9/2013)   *[[|Leaman's legacy in Louisville's championship]] (4/9/2013)
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