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Boston College


  • UMass trails 21-26 (.447)
  • Last meeting: 11/16/2014, UMass 71 - BC 62
  • First meeting: 12/8/1905, Massachusetts 20 - Boston College 15


  • BC did not have a team from 1925-1945.1)
  • Teams played every season from 1963-64 through 1978-79, then from 1995-96 to 2011-12.
  • From 1995-96 through 2011-12, the two schools scheduled an annual rivalry game, known as the Commonwealth Classic, officially sanctioned by the Governor of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts State Legislature. BC ended their participation in the game after the 2011-12 season.2)
  • BC opened Conte Forum in 1988. “Away” games after that were played there.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/8/1905W 20-15Home (DH)no coach noneJames Crowley?
2/26/1951L 59-43Home (CHC)Lorin Ball noneAl McClellanEagles3)
12/10/1951L 76-52AwayLorin BallAt Boston GardennoneAl McClellanEagles
12/19/1955W 91-73AwayRobert T. CurranAt Boston GardennoneDon MartinEagles
1/30/1957L 68-66Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran noneDon MartinEagles
1/28/1958L 71-67Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran noneDon MartinEagles
2/19/1959W 68-65Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic noneDon MartinEagles
1/28/1960L 74-51AwayMatthew Zunic noneDon MartinEagles
12/12/1963W 93-74AwayJohn M. Orr noneBob CousyEagles
2/2/1965L 109-97Home (CHC)John M. Orr noneBob CousyEagles
2/8/1966L 101-80AwayJohn M. Orr noneBob CousyEagles
12/3/1966L 86-63Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneBob CousyEagles
12/21/1966L 75-67NeutralJack LeamanBoston Garden TournamentnoneBob CousyEagles
2/6/1968L 94-70AwayJack Leaman noneBob CousyEagles
2/5/1969L 78-67Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneBob CousyEagles
2/3/1970L 83-76AwayJack Leaman noneChuck DalyEagles
2/9/1971W 85-77Home (CHC)Jack LeamanBC shoots 51% from the floor, to UM's 41%, but game decided from the line. UM FTs 35-39 (.897), while BC hits 15-26 (.577). Erving 24 & 16, Betancourt 20 pts, Mathias 16 pts. BC's Jim O’Brien 28 pts.noneChuck DalyEagles
2/9/1972L 75-74AwayJack Leaman noneBob ZuffelatoEagles
2/7/1973W 76-52HomeJack LeamanAt Springfield Civic CenternoneBob ZuffelatoEagles
2/6/1974L 78-74 (OT)AwayJack Leaman noneBob ZuffelatoEagles
2/5/1975W 80-71Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneBob ZuffelatoEagles
2/4/1976W 77-70AwayJack Leaman noneBob ZuffelatoEagles
12/12/1976W 94-71NeutralJack LeamanColonial Classic, at Boston Garden, 3rd Place game. Jim Town 27 rebounds for UM.noneBob ZuffelatoEagles
2/2/1977W 85-69Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneBob ZuffelatoEagles
1/27/1978W 88-64NeutralJack LeamanColonial Classic, at Boston GardennoneTom DavisEagles
1/26/1979L 82-70NeutralJack LeamanColonial Classic, at Boston GardennoneTom DavisEagles
12/29/1990W 83-81NeutralJohn CalipariAbdow's Classic, at the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MABig EastJim O'BrienEagles
12/9/1995W 65-57NeutralJohn CalipariUMass #3. Commonwealth Classic, at the Fleet Center, Boston MABig EastJim O'BrienEagles
1/18/1997W 90-78NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintBC #19. The Commonwealth Classic, at the Fleet Center, Boston MA. UM starters score 80, including a career-high 24 from Padilla.Big EastJim O'BrienEagles
12/14/1997W 65-57NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintThe Commonwealth Classic, at the Fleet Center, Boston MABig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/12/1998W 75-45NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintThe Commonwealth Classic, at the Centrum, Worcester MABig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/4/1999W 74-67AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintThe Commonwealth ClassicBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/23/1999L 83-59NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintPuerto Rico Holiday Classic, Guerra Sports Complex, Bayamon PRBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/17/2000L 74-65Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintThe Commonwealth ClassicBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/8/2001L 80-78AwaySteve LappasThe Commonwealth ClassicBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/7/2002L 80-62Home (MC)Steve LappasThe Commonwealth ClassicBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
12/6/2003L 76-75 (OT)AwaySteve LappasThe Commonwealth ClassicBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
1/2/2005L 68-47Home (MC)Steve LappasThe Commonwealth ClassicBig EastAl SkinnerEagles
1/3/2006L 91-62AwayTravis FordThe Commonwealth ClassicACCAl SkinnerEagles
12/2/2006L 84-73Home (MC)Travis FordThe Commonwealth Classic. Eagles 20-3 second half run seals the win in front of a sellout crowd. Lasme 24 & 11.ACCAl SkinnerEagles
12/12/2007W 83-80AwayTravis FordThe Commonwealth Classic. Another big road win for UMass. First defeat of BC since 1999. Harris 25 points.ACCAl SkinnerEagles
12/6/2008L 85-81 (OT)Home (MC)Derek KelloggThe Commonwealth Classic. UM can't hit in final minutes of OT. Harris 35 pts. Gaffney 15-18-9.ACCAl SkinnerEagles
12/23/2009L 79-67AwayDerek KelloggThe Commonwealth Classic. UM dominates rebounding 50-33, but shoot 37% as a team. Gurley 23 & 10, Sean Carter 16 & 9.ACCAl SkinnerEagles
12/4/2010L 76-71NeutralDerek KelloggBoston Tip-Off Classic (and Commonwealth Classic), at TD Garden, Boston MA. UM trails throughout, but 22 BC turnovers keeps it close. Gurley 20 points in the second half.ACCSteve DonahueEagles
11/21/2011W 82-46AwayDerek KelloggThe Commonwealth Classic. UM dominates the rebuilding Eagles, shooting 55% in the second half to run away with the win. UM wins glass 46-31, and holds BC to 31% shooting.ACCSteve DonahueEagles
11/10/2013W 86-73NeutralDerek KelloggCoaches vs. Cancer Tip-Off. At TD Garden. Trailing by 9 early in the second half, UM wakes up with a 29-8 run. Lalanne notches career high with 27 points, and his seventh career double-double. Williams scores 20 including 5-5 from 3ACCSteve DonahueEagles
11/16/2014W 71-62NeutralDerek KelloggCoaches vs Cancer Boston Tip-Off, at TD Garden. UM trailed by 8 at the break after hitting just 4 FGs, but woke up with a 21-5 run to start the second half. New career high (23) for Esho, plus 9 rebounds. Another double-double for Lalanne (15 & 10).ACCJim ChristianEagles
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