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Boston University


  • UMass leads 43-29 (.597)
  • Last meeting: 12/2/2015, UMass 99 - BU 69
  • First meeting: 1/25/1904, Massachusetts 36 - Boston University 16


  • BU left the America East Conference after the 2012-13 season, and joined the Patriot League.1)

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/25/1904W 36-16Home (DH)no coach noneno coach?
1/31/1922W 34-17Home (DH)Harold Gore noneno coachTerriers 2)
1/21/1927W 19-12Home (DH)Harold Gore noneWin CarlsonTerriers
2/13/1931W 19-17Home (DH)Fritz Ellert noneWin CarlsonTerriers
1/23/1937W 47-31Home (CHC)Wilho Frigard noneMel CollardTerriers
3/2/1938W 65-61AwayWilho Frigard ?Mel CollardTerriers
2/25/1939L 41-32Home (CHC)Wilho Frigard ?Mel CollardTerriers
3/2/1940L 48-22AwayWilho Frigard ?Mel CollardTerriers
2/21/1941L 54-34AwayFritz Ellert ?Mel CollardTerriers
2/27/1942L 36-34Home (CHC)W. G. Hargesheimer ?Mel CollardTerriers
2/9/1946L 49-41AwayLorin Ball ?Russ PetersonTerriers
3/2/1946L 58-39Home (CHC)Lorin Ball ?Russ PetersonTerriers
1/11/1947L 67-40Home (CHC)W. G. Hargesheimer ? Russ PetersonTerriers
3/1/1947L 55-44AwayLorin Ball ?Russ PetersonTerriers
1/10/1948L 54-47AwayLorin Ball ?Russ PetersonTerriers
2/28/1948L 57-48Home (CHC)Lorin Ball ?Russ PetersonTerriers
1/6/1951W 52-50Home (CHC)Lorin Ball ?Vincent CroninTerriers
1/5/1952L 71-63AwayLorin Ball ?Matt ZunicTerriers
1/15/1953L 58-50Home (CHC)Lorin Ball ?Matt ZunicTerriers
1/14/1954W 52-49Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/15/1954W 104-80AwayRobert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/14/1955L 85-77AwayRobert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/12/1956W 72-62Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/11/1957L 67-46AwayRobert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/10/1958L 75-55AwayRobert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/17/1958L 61-56Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran ?Matt ZunicTerriers
12/9/1959L 71-57Home (CHC)Matt Zunic ?John BurkeTerriers
12/7/1960W 61-59AwayMatt Zunic ?John BurkeTerriers
12/6/1961W 75-71Home (CHC)Matt Zunic ?John BurkeTerriers
12/4/1962L 52-42AwayMatt Zunic ?John BurkeTerriers
12/3/1963W 80-72Home (CHC)Johnny Orr ?John BurkeTerriers
12/1/1964W 93-89AwayJohnny Orr ?John BurkeTerriers
2/25/1965W 87-83Home (CHC)Johnny Orr ?John BurkeTerriers
12/1/1965W 65-49Home (CHC)Johnny Orr ?John BurkeTerriers
2/28/1967W 70-67AwayJack Leaman ?Charles LuceTerriers
3/2/1968W 72-68Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Charles LuceTerriers
1/18/1969L 85-71AwayJack Leaman ? Charles LuceTerriers
1/28/1970W 103-68Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Charles LuceTerriers
1/21/1971W 77-63AwayJack LeamanAt Sargent Gym, Boston MA. Mike Pagliara career high 24 points, Ken Mathias 17 boards. Julius Erving has an “off night” with 22 & 16.?Charles LuceTerriers
2/15/1972W 112-89Home (CHC)Jack Leaman YankeeFang MitchellTerriers
1/6/1973L 72-70AwayJack Leaman YankeeFang MitchellTerriers
2/13/1973W 85-65Home (CHC)Jack Leaman YankeeFang MitchellTerriers
1/11/1974W 82-68AwayJack Leaman YankeeFang MitchellTerriers
2/12/1974W 77-60Home (CHC)Jack Leaman YankeeFang MitchellTerriers
2/11/1975W 94-78AwayJack Leaman YankeeRoy SiglerTerriers
2/28/1975W 92-85Home (CHC)Jack Leaman YankeeRoy SiglerTerriers
2/10/1976W 88-73AwayJack Leaman YankeeRoy SiglerTerriers
2/28/1976W 67-54Home (CHC)Jack Leaman YankeeRoy SiglerTerriers
12/7/1976W 84-57Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneRoy SiglerTerriers
12/6/1977W 73-61AwayJack Leaman noneRoy SiglerTerriers
12/5/1978L 72-63Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneRick PitinoTerriers
1/15/1980L 78-51AwayRay Wilson ECACNRick PitinoTerriers
1/30/1981L 91-62NeutralRay WilsonProvidence Savings Classic, Boston MAECACNRick Pitino Terriers
2/18/1981L 61-56Home (CHC)Ray Wilson ECACNRick Pitino Terriers
12/3/1981L 91-65AwayTom McLaughlin ECACNRick PitinoTerriers
12/11/1984L 71-70 (3 OT)HomeRon Gerlufsenat Springfield Civic Center.ECACNJohn KuesterTerriers
12/2/1985L 73-67AwayRon Gerlufsen ECACNMike Jarvis Terriers
12/4/1986W 65-62Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen ECACNMike JarvisTerriers
12/1/1987L 69-66AwayRon Gerlufsen ECACN Mike JarvisTerriers
11/30/1988L 78-76Home (CHC)John Calipari NACMike JarvisTerriers
12/2/1989W 76-60AwayJohn CalipariFirst win at BU since 1977, and Calipari's first over Mike Jarvis.NACMike JarvisTerriers
2/2/1991W 82-65Home (CHC)John CalipariMidnight start for ESPN. First-ever nationally televised game from UM's campus. Rafer Giles 24 points, Harper Williams 21.NACBob BrownTerriers
1/13/1992W 84-82AwayJohn CalipariBU potential game-winning 3 pops out.NACBob BrownTerriers
1/5/1993W 90-42Home (CHC)John CalipariUMass #22. NACBob BrownTerriers
12/2/1999W 70-51Home (MC)Bruiser Flint America EastDennis WolffTerriers
12/14/2000W 68-52AwayBruiser Flintat Walter Brown Arena.America EastDennis WolffTerriers
12/28/2004W 67-65Home (MC) Steve Lappas America EastDennis WolffTerriers
12/12/2005W 64-45Home (MC) Travis Ford America EastDennis WolffTerriers
12/6/2006W 56-54AwayTravis Fordat Agganis Arena. America EastDennis WolffTerriers
12/29/2007W 70-61Home (MC) Travis Ford America EastDennis WolffTerriers
12/31/2010W 71-54Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM uses 22-7 run in last 10 minutes to close out BU. Anthony Gurley scores 1,000th point as a Minuteman. Matt Hill 4 blocks America East Pat ChambersTerriers
12/2/2015W 99-69Home (MC) Derek KelloggUM never trails in the rout of BU. UM shoots 55% to BU's 38%, and UM has another hot night from deep (13-25 from 3). Hinds adds 18 points. New career highs for Holloway (18) and Anderson (12).Patriot LeagueJoe JonesTerriers
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