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 +====== Central Connecticut ======
 +  * [[http://​​sports/​mbkb/​index|Team website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Central_Connecticut_Blue_Devils_men'​s_basketball|Wikipedia team entry]]
 +  * [[http://​|Athletics website]]
 +  * [[http://​​|School website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Central Connecticut State University|Wikipedia school entry]]
 +  * Location: New Britain, CT
 +===== Series =====
 +  * UMass leads 6-4 (.600)
 +  * Last meeting: 12/30/2011, UMass 97 - Central Connecticut 65
 +  * First meeting: 3/13/1950, Central Connecticut 68 - Massachusetts 47
 +===== Game History =====
 +^ ^^^^^  Opponent ​ ^^^
 +^Date^Game Results^Site^UM Coach^Game Notes^Conference^Head Coach^Nickname^
 +|3/​13/​1950|@#​ffdddd:​L 68-47|Away|[[lorin_ball|Lorin Ball]]|NAIA Tournament, at New Britain CT|?|?|?|
 +|12/​5/​1992|@#​ddffdd:​W 78-52|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]| |?​|[[wp>​Mark Adams (basketball|Mark Adams]]|?|
 +|12/​9/​1993|@#​ddffdd:​W 90-63|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]| |?​|[[wp>​Mark Adams (basketball)|Mark Adams]]|?|
 +|12/​15/​2001|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2001-02/​1215central_ct|W 64-49]]|Away|[[lappas_steve|Steve Lappas]]|At [[wp>​Mohegan Sun Arena|Mohegan Sun Arena]], Uncasville CT.  Rhymer 24 points (on 10-12 FG, 4-4 FT shooting) and 15 rebounds.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +|12/​2/​2002|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​2002-03/​1202central_ct|L 46-45]]|Away|[[lappas_steve|Steve Lappas]]|At [[wp>​Mohegan Sun Arena|Mohegan Sun Arena]], Uncasville CT.  Brand double-double,​ but UM loses a 15-point second-half lead.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +|12/​9/​2003|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​2003-04/​1209central_ct|L 53-52]]|Away|[[lappas_steve|Steve Lappas]]|At [[wp>​Mohegan Sun Arena|Mohegan Sun Arena]], Uncasville CT.  Freeman double-double,​ and 37-24 rebounding advantage to UM, but UM again blows a second-half lead.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +|12/​9/​2006|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2006-07/​1209central_ct|W 79-66]]|Away|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|At [[wp>​Mohegan Sun Arena|Mohegan Sun Arena]], Uncasville CT.  Forbes handles point guard duties as UM closes out win. Freeman 23 points, Lasme 14 boards.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +|12/​22/​2007|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2007-08/​1222central_ct|W 79-55]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|UM outscores CCSU 45-22 in the second half. UM 18 team blocks, including 6 from Papa Lo.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +|1/​3/​2011|@#​ffdddd:​[[game20110103_central_connecticut|L 92-63]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|CCSU outplays UM in every facet of game. UM only 2 assists to 22 turnovers. Putney solid game (14 & 6) off the bench.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +|12/​30/​2011|@#​ddffdd:​[[game20111230_central_connecticut|W 97-65]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|UM starts with a 16-4 lead and never looks back, avenging last year's debacle at CCSU. UM out-shoots (54%-35%) and out-rebounds (48-25) CCSU.|[[wp>​Northeast Conference|Northeast (NEC)]]|[[wp>​Howie Dickenman|Howie Dickenman]]|Blue Devils|
 +Note: the game in 2011-12 finished a series between the two schools.((http://​​2011/​09/​07/​minutemen-open-season-at-curry-hicks))
 +[[http://​​sports/​mbkb/​2010-11/​201011mbbmediaguide|CCSU Media Guide]] lists three other games against Massachusetts that [[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​spec-rel/​110608aaa.html|UMass Media Guide]] does not.  Reason for this discrepancy is not exactly known. ​ Series total above reflects the UMass record book.  Possible that these might have been UMass Junior Varsity games, or due to the fact that CCSU was NAIA through 1964-65. ​ CCSU games listed:
 +  *1948-49, CCSU 63 - UM 39
 +  *1949-50, CCSU 58 - UM 56
 +  *1952-53, CCSU 75 - UM 44
 +{{tag>"​Central Connecticut"​}}
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