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 +====== University of North Carolina at Charlotte ======
 +  * [[http://​​SportSelect.dbml?&​DB_OEM_ID=23200&​SPID=44799&​SPSID=363433|Team website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Charlotte_49ers_men'​s_basketball|Wikipedia team entry]]
 +  * [[http://​​|Athletics website]]
 +  * [[http://​​|School website]]
 +  * [[wp>​University of North Carolina at Charlotte|Wikipedia school entry]]
 +  * Location: Charlotte, NC
 +The school'​s Athletic Department moved away from the name "​UNC-Charlotte"​ in 2000, and started to refer to themselves simply as "​Charlotte"​. ​ Officially, the school is still known as the "​University of North Carolina at Charlotte"​.
 +===== Series =====
 +  * Series tied 6-6 (.500)
 +  * Last meeting: 2/2/2013, Charlotte 66 - UMass 65
 +  * First meeting: 11/30/1974, UNCC 85 - Massachusetts 57
 +==== Notes ====
 +  * Charlotte was a member of the [[Atlantic 10]] from 2005-06 through 2012-13. ​ In 2013, they left the A-10 and re-joined Conference USA.((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​DB_LANG=C&​DB_OEM_ID=23200&​ATCLID=205423610))
 +===== Game History =====
 +^ ^^^^^  Opponent ​ ^^^
 +^Date^Game Results^Site^UM Coach^Game Notes^Conference^Head Coach^Nickname^
 +|11/​30/​1974|@#​ffdddd:​L 85-57|Neutral|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]]|Hall of Fame Tournament, at [[wp>​Springfield Civic Center|The Civic Center]], Springfield MA.|Independent|[[wp>​Bill Foster (basketball,​ born 1936|Bill Foster]]|49ers|
 +|1/​15/​1998|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​1997-98/​0115unccharlotte/​|W 68-62 (OT)]]|Neutral|[[flint_bruiser|James "​Bruiser"​ Flint]]|A-10 / Conf USA Challenge, at [[wp>​Providence Civic Center|The Civic Center]], Providence RI.|[[wp>​Conference USA|Conference USA]]|[[wp>​Melvin Watkins|Melvin Watkins]]|49ers|
 +|2/​22/​2006|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​2005-06/​0222charlotte|L 72-71]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]| |[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|1/​28/​2007|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2006-07/​0128charlotte|W 66-61]]|Away|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|at [[wp>​Dale F. Halton Arena|Halton Arena]]. [[http://​​people/​lasme_stephane/​|Lasme]] becomes new UMass blocks leader. [[http://​​people/​freeman_rashaun/​|Freeman]] 18 & 11.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|1/​19/​2008|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2007-08/​0119charlotte/​|W 86-79]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|[[http://​​people/​harris_ricky/​|Harris]] 24 points. [[http://​​people/​milligan_dante/​|Milligan]],​ [[http://​​people/​brower_etienne/​|Brower]],​ [[gaffney_tony|Gaffney]] all with strong games.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|3/​13/​2008|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​2007-08/​0313charlotte/​|L 69-65]]|Neutral|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|A-10 Tournament, at [[wp>​Boardwalk Hall|Boardwalk Hall]], Atlantic City NJ.  Charlotte 52-29 rebounding edge helps to upset UMass. ​ Another early A-10 Tourney exit.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|1/​21/​2009|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​2008-09/​0121charlotte/​|L 69-64 (OT)]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|at [[wp>​Dale F. Halton Arena|Halton Arena]]. UM loses late lead. [[http://​​people/​harris_ricky/​|Harris]] 19 points. [[gaffney_tony|Gaffney]] 13 rebounds, [[http://​​people/​bonner_luke/​|Bonner]] 11.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|1/​30/​2010|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​2009-10/​0130charlotte/​|L 72-58]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|Derrio Green'​s 34 propels 49ers. UM struggles again with shooting (34%, 14% 3). Harris 25 points.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|3/​9/​2010|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2009-10/​0309charlotte/​|W 59-56]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|A-10 Tournament First Round at [[wp>​Dale F. Halton Arena|Halton Arena]]. ​ Harris 24 points, including key 11-12 FT. First A-10 Tourney win since 2002.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Bobby Lutz (basketball)|Bobby Lutz]]|49ers|
 +|1/​19/​2011|@#​ddffdd:​[[game20110119_charlotte|W 73-54]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|at [[wp>​Dale F. Halton Arena|Halton Arena]]. [[riley_freddie|Riley]] shoots 7-12 to lead Minutemen to big road win. UM wins glass 40-32.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Alan Major|Alan Major]]|49ers|
 +|1/​11/​2012|@#​ddffdd:​[[game20120111_charlotte|W 85-75]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|UM loses a 20-point lead, then regroups late. Only 5 bench points for suddenly shallow Minutemen. Putney 19 & 10. Braswell 31 & 9 for Charlotte.|[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Alan Major|Alan Major]]|49ers|
 +|2/​2/​2013|@#​ffdddd:​[[game20130202_charlotte|L 66-65]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|at [[wp>​Dale F. Halton Arena|Halton Arena]]. ​ UM has chance to win in closing seconds, but Chaz runs into traffic and doesn'​t draw a whistle. Vinson career high 23. UM turns it over 19 times, goes just 6-16 from the line, and allows 19 offensive rebounds to Charlotte. |[[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]]|[[wp>​Alan Major|Alan Major]]|49ers|
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