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  • UMass leads 17-14 (.548)
  • Last meeting: 12/7/2019, Harvard 89 - UMass 55
  • First meeting: 1/26/1921, Harvard 25 - Massachusetts 21


  • Harvard hosted the first seven games of the series, and nine of the first ten.
  • Several of the series' games in the 1920s were played at Harvard one night, and at M.I.T. either the day before or day after.
  • Jack Leaman's teams were 8-1 against the Crimson.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead Coach1)Nickname
1/26/1921L 25-21AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson2)
1/26/1922L 33-20AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson
1/31/1923L 23-20AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson
1/25/1924W 26-22AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson
1/30/1925L 37-21AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson
2/15/1928L 27-16AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson
2/13/1929W 31-27AwayHarold M. Gore Edward A. WachterCrimson
2/24/1933W 32-18Home (CHC)Fritz Ellert Edward A. WachterCrimson
12/2/1957L 84-58AwayRobert T. Curranat Malkin Athletic Center.Season openerIvy3)Floyd S. WilsonCrimson
12/18/1971L 80-78AwayJack Leamanat Malkin Athletic Center. IvyRobert W. HarrisonCrimson
12/16/1972W 74-70Home (CHC)Jack Leaman IvyRobert W. HarrisonCrimson
12/1/1973W 74-65Home (CHC)Jack LeamanSeason openerIvyTom “Satch” SandersCrimson
12/3/1974W 74-71AwayJack Leamanat Malkin Athletic Center. IvyTom “Satch” SandersCrimson
12/3/1975W 99-87AwayJack Leamanat Malkin Athletic Center. IvyTom “Satch” SandersCrimson
11/27/1976W 69-50NeutralJack LeamanHall of Fame Tournament, Springfield MAIvyTom “Satch” SandersCrimson
2/8/1977W 87-45Home (CHC)Jack Leaman IvyTom “Satch” SandersCrimson
11/30/1977W 73-66AwayJack Leamanat Malkin Athletic Center. Season openerIvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
11/29/1978W 79-65Home (CHC)Jack LeamanSeason openerIvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
12/15/1979L 82-76AwayRay Wilsonat Malkin Athletic Center. IvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
2/2/1980W 67-44NeutralRay WilsonColonial Classic, at Boston Garden, Boston MAIvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
12/3/1980L 80-78Home (CHC)Ray WilsonSeason home openerIvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
12/12/1981W 75-73AwayTom McLaughlinat Briggs Athletic Center. IvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
12/4/1982L 45-44Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlinSeason home openerIvyFrancis X. McLaughlinCrimson
12/27/1991W 98-63NeutralJohn CalipariAbdow's Classic, Springfield MA. UM scores 65 in second half (season high). Harper 12 & 11, Roe 15 & 6. 15th-straight win over a New England opponent. Highs in young careers of Malloy and Roe.IvyFrank SullivanCrimson
11/13/2012W 67-64Home (MC)Derek KelloggSeason opener. Sampson Carter hits the game-winning 3 with 1 second left. UMass comes back with an 8-0 run to end the game. Chaz 12 points & 10 assists. Putney 13 points.IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
11/29/2014L 75-73AwayDerek Kelloggat Lavietes Pavilion. Davis' 3-point attempt to win the game bounces off the rim. Five Minutemen score in double-figures, and Clark scores 9. Foul shooting, which had been strong prior to this game, hurts as 10 FTs are missed. Many UM fans crowd into Harvard's small gym.IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
11/17/2015W 69-63AwayDerek Kelloggat Lavietes Pavilion. Career-highs in points for Hinds, and rebounds for Coleman. UM led by as many as 15 in the second half, and held on for the road win.IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
11/26/2016W 70-66Home (MC)Derek KelloggClark takes over, scoring 18 of UM's last 22 points. Clark also goes 13-14 from the stripe, crucial in the close game where UM loses the glass by 12. First start for Lewis: 10 points, 0 turnovers, 35 minutes. IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
11/12/2017L 70-67 (OT)AwayMatt McCallat Lavietes Pavilion. Pipkins hits a 3 to force overtime, and another with 8 seconds left in OT, but Aiken hits the winner for Harvard with just 2 seconds left. Pip also tallies 7 rebounds and 3 steals. Holloway 15 points, Anderson 12. 50 points combined for those three, just 17 from the rest of the team. FTAs: UM 11, Harv 23.IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
11/13/2018L 74-71Home (MC)Matt McCallHarvard had as much as a 10-point lead in the first, but UM battled back in the second. UM cut it to 1 on two occasions in the final minute, but couldn't get stops without fouling.IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
12/7/2019L 89-55AwayMatt McCallat Lavietes Pavilion. UM offers little defense as Harvard's 89 points are the most on a non-conf opponent in almost six years. Crimson out-rebound UM 40-27, shoot 58% from the floor and 42% from 3. Pierre hits a 3 in the opening minute, but only 1 other FG the rest of the day (2-10 overall). Weeks 3-10, East 1-5. IvyTommy AmakerCrimson
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