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  • UMass leads 10-4 (.714)
  • Last meeting: 12/30/2014, UMass 87 – Iona 82
  • First meeting: 12/27/1962, Iona 64 – UMass 56


Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/27/1962 L 64-56NeutralMatt ZunicTrenton Tournament, Trenton, NJnoneJames McDermott Gaels 1)
2/14/1963L 61-54AwayMatt ZunicAt Madison Square Garden, New York, NYnoneJames McDermottGaels
1/29/1964L 80-71AwayJohnny OrrAt Madison Square Garden, New York, NYnoneJames McDermottGaels
2/13/1969W 71-64Home (CHC)Jack Leaman MCCJames McDermottGaels
1/24/1970W 86-82AwayJack Leaman noneJames McDermottGaels
2/4/1971W 92-51Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneJames McDermottGaels
1/22/1972W 80-56AwayJack Leaman noneJames McDermottGaels
12/15/1973W 99-58AwayJack Leaman noneGene RobertiGaels
3/1/1975W 89-72AwayJack Leaman noneGene RobertiGaels
1/27/1976W 86-72Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneJim ValvanoGaels
1/5/1999L 77-58Home (MC)Bruiser Flint MAACJeff RulandGaels
11/20/1999W 85-77AwayBruiser FlintAt Mulcahy CenterMAACJeff RulandGaels
11/18/2000W 67-65Home (MC)Bruiser Flint MAACJeff Ruland Gaels
12/30/2014W 87-82Home (MC)Derek KelloggDavis on fire with 25 points, 10-11 FG shooting, including 5-6 from 3, and dishes 7 assists. All other starters chip in double-figures, including 19 from Gordon.MAACTim CluessGaels
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