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 +====== Siena ======
 +  * [[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​sien-m-baskbl-body.html|Team website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Siena_Saints_men'​s_basketball|Wikipedia team entry]]
 +  * [[http://​​|Athletics website]]
 +  * [[http://​​|School website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Siena College|Wikipedia school entry]]
 +  * Location: Loudonville,​ NY
 +===== Series =====
 +  * UMass leads 8-1 (.889)
 +  * Last meeting: 11/14/2014, UMass 95 - Siena 87
 +  * First meeting: 12/14/1974, UMass 78 - Siena 64
 +===== Game History =====
 +^ ^^^^^  Opponent ​ ^^^
 +^Date^Game Results^Site^UM Coach^Game Notes^Conference^Head Coach^Nickname^
 +|12/​14/​1974|@#​ddffdd:​W 78-64|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]]| |?((Siena was not in Division I until 1976))|William Kirsch|Saints|
 +|3/​21/​1991|@#​ddffdd:​W 82-80 (OT)|Away|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]|[[wp>​1991_NIT|NIT]] Quarter-Final,​ at [[wp>​Times Union Center|Knickerbocker Arena]], Albany NY. Barbee 3-pointer forces overtime after Siena PA announcer states team's plans for advancing to Semi-Final.|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Mike Deane|Mike Deane]]|Saints|
 +|11/​22/​1991|@#​ddffdd:​W 94-59|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]|Season opener|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Mike Deane|Mike Deane]]|Saints|
 +|12/​8/​1992|@#​ddffdd:​W 70-58|Away|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]|at [[wp>​Times Union Center|Knickerbocker Arena]], Albany NY|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Mike Deane|Mike Deane]]|Saints|
 +|3/​16/​2000|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​1999-2000/​0316siena|L 66-65]]|Away|[[flint_bruiser|James "​Bruiser"​ Flint]]|[[wp>​2000_National_Invitation_Tournament|NIT]] First Round, at [[wp>​Times Union Center|Pepsi Arena]], Albany NY. Mack 20 points, Rhymer 16 & 12, Crooks suffers broken nose and plays on.|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Paul Hewitt|Paul Hewitt]]|Saints|
 +|12/​23/​2005|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2005-06/​1223siena|W 78-69]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|UM kills Siena on the glass (42-20) and blocks 11 Saints shots. Freeman 23 & 12.|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Fran McCaffery|Fran McCaffery]]|Saints|
 +|12/​9/​2011|@#​ddffdd:​[[game20111209_siena|W 82-78]]|Neutral|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|Basketball Hall of Fame Holiday Showcase, at [[wp>​MassMutual Center|MassMutual Center]] (Springfield MA).  Chaz Williams scores 20 in second half to help Minutemen get the comeback victory. ​ Freddie Riley nets 20 points on 7-13 shooting|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Mitch Buonaguro|Mitch Buonaguro]]|Saints|
 +|11/​28/​2012|@#​ddffdd:​[[game20121128_siena|W 64-63]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|at [[wp>​Times Union Center|Times Union Center]], Albany NY. UM comes back from a 17-point deficit, the third such point comeback in 2012. Morgan (9 points) held to single-digits for first time this season.|[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Mitch Buonaguro|Mitch Buonaguro]]|Saints|
 +|11/​14/​2014|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​recaps/​111414aaa.html|W 95-87]] |[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|Pesky Saints led by as much as 6, but UM clawed back and hit free throws to secure the W. Career high 28 for Davis. Esho adds 21 & 9. Gordon goes 11-12 from stripe. UM sinks 39 FTs. |[[wp>​Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference|MAAC]]|[[wp>​Jimmy Patsos|Jimmy Patsos]]|Saints|
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