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Saint Bonaventure


  • UMass leads 41-31 (.569)
  • Last meeting: 1/15/2020, St. Bonaventure 74 - UMass 61
  • First meeting: 12/6/1980, St. Bonaventure 97 - UMass 79


Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/6/1980L 97-79Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
1/5/1981L 104-80AwayRay Wilson Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
1/28/1982L 73-59AwayTom McLaughlin Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
2/4/1982W 54-52Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
3/5/1983W 81-72Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
2/9/1984W 91-81Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
1/21/1984L 81-64AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
1/19/1985W 69-53Home (SCC)Ron GerlufsenAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA.Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
2/7/1985W 59-56AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
12/11/1985L 78-77Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
2/3/1986L 78-60AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
1/29/1987L 43-39Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
2/21/1987W 69-57AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/3/1988L 69-63AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
2/1/1988W 60-56Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/8/1989L 74-70AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/16/1989W 92-84Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/15/1990W 82-55Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
2/24/1990W 98-60AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
1/5/1991W 82-55Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
1/12/1991W 95-86AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
2/4/1992W 76-58AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Tom ChapmanBonnies2)
2/22/1992W 104-67Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Tom ChapmanBonnies
1/31/1993W 93-78AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/1/1993W 86-62Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #23. Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/7/1993W 75-62NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass #23.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
12/4/1993W 86-66AwayJohn CalipariUMass #9. Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/15/1994W 87-60Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #7. Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/10/1995W 81-76 (OT)AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. Camby 28 & 10, Roe 14, Edgar Padilla 13.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/30/1995W 79-62Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #1. Roe 21, Kellogg and Williams 15 each.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/14/1996W 67-52AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. Camby collapses before game, Weeks steps up with 15 & 12. Dingle 17, Bright 15.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/27/1996W 72-47Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #1. Camby returns to lineup, leads all scorers with 19. Bright & Edgar Padilla 15 each.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/7/1996W 69-56NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia PA. UMass #2. Travieso 21, Bright 15, Camby 12.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/14/1997W 63-59AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Reilly Center. Weeks 19 & 14, Travieso 18, Ketner 12.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
2/11/1997W 74-68Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintPadilla 23, Weeks 17 & 11.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/19/1998W 62-50Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintAll Minutemen score at least 4 points, led by Mack 13, Kirkland 11. Ketner 12 rebounds.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
2/25/1998L 72-70 (2OT)AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Reilly Center. UMass #20. Winn's deep 3 gives Bona the win. Weeks 21, Ketner 18, Mack 17, rest of team 14 combined.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/9/1999L 53-50AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Reilly Center. Comeback attempt falls short. Kirkland 14, Mack 13, Ketner only 3.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
2/10/1999W 64-46Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintBona only shoots 30% FG and 50% FT. Mack 24, Ketner 12.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/6/2000L 70-60Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintBona out-shoots and out-rebounds Minutemen. Mack 19, Kirkland 16, Crooks 14.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/4/2000L 86-69AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Reilly Center. SBU out-shoots UM, 53% to 32%, out-rebounds 50-34. Mack 28, Depina 11.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/13/2001L 66-65AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Reilly Center. Mack knocked down, no call, UM can't get up a final shot. Mack 20, Rhymer 17.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/3/2001L 66-59Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintPressure on Bruiser as UM falters to Senior Day loss. Depina 16, Mack 15.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/8/2001W 79-58NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Mack 29, Brand 15 & 9, Rhymer 11 & 9.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/26/2002W 67-65AwaySteve Lappasat Reilly Center. Good UM defense holds off Bona in final seconds. Rhymer 23 & 7, Crooks 17, Anderson 11. J.R. Bremer scores 27 for Bona.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
2/13/2002L 60-56Home (MC)Steve LappasUM stumbles in chances to tie. Lamb 18, Crooks 13. J.R. Bremer scores 31 for Bona.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
2/15/2003W 82-76AwaySteve Lappasat Reilly Center. UM scores 50 in second half for the win. Rogers 26 & 10, Anderson 19.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
3/5/2003W 2-0Home (MC)Steve LappasBona forfeits after ineligible player brings down the program.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
1/14/2004L 77-71AwaySteve Lappasat Reilly Center. Anderson 26 & 8, Freeman 19 & 5.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/28/2004W 82-71Home (MC)Steve LappasFreeman 31 & 18, Bowers 13-6-9.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
1/26/2005W 82-78 (2OT)AwaySteve Lappasat Reilly Center. Lasme block in second OT seals the win. UM starters score 72. Freeman, Lasme, Maxwell all with 18 points.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/5/2005W 74-58Home (MC)Steve LappasUM shoots 52% to Bona's 36%. Anderson 15, Freeman 14.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/19/2006W 72-64AwayTravis Fordat Reilly Center. UM commits 23 turnovers, and goes 12-25 from line, but out-rebounds Bona 54-33. Freeman 25 & 19, Lasme 11 & 15.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/21/2007W 83-44Home (MC)Travis FordAll players get time in romp. Lasme 17 points, Forbes 10 boards, Mayben 8 assists.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/24/2008W 79-56Home (MC)Travis FordForbes 18 points & 16 rebounds. Matt Glass career high 14 points.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/14/2009L 83-75AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. UM out-rebounded by 20. Gaffney 21-11-3. Harris 19 points but shoots only 5-16 FGs.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/20/2010L 70-69Home (MC)Derek KelloggGo ahead attempts miss the mark. UM dies by the 3 (4-24, 16.7%). Harris 22 points.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/26/2011W 78-69AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. Solid UMass shooting (52.7%) and +7 rebounding margin help earn an A-10 road win.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/8/2012W 76-67Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM falls behind by 10 in the first half and has spurts of sloppiness, but then goes on runs of 17-0 and 17-2 to secure the win. Morgan's 24 a new career high. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/10/2012L 84-80NeutralDerek KelloggA-10 Tournament Semi-Final at Boardwalk Hall. SBU #4 seed. UM trims 70-54 deficit to just 1 point, but final attempts miss the mark.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/20/2013L 99-94AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. Bona shoots an incredible 32-33 at the line. UM whistled for 29 fouls. Chaz dishes 12 assists to just 2 turnovers. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/11/2014W 73-68Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM #19/19. UMass goes on another late run, this time 26-8 over the last 9 minutes, to secure the comeback victory. UM turns 30% shooting in the first half into 57% in the second. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/29/2014L 78-65AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. UM # 21/19. A 1-point game with 8 minutes remaining blows open in favor of the Bonnies. Davis scores a career high 18 off the bench. SBU foul shooting (30-34) reminiscent of last year (32-33). Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/3/2015L 69-55Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM gives up two separate 12-0 runs to Bonnies, shoot just 35% from the floor and 18% (4-22) from 3. Streaky Davis falls back to earth with 4-14 shooting. Clark also struggles, with 1-10 shooting.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/11/2015W 55-53AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. Hinds hits a 3 with 8 seconds left, and SBU can't connect on the other end. UM's defense holds SBU scoreless over the last 2:30. UM overcomes a 20-turnover performance in front of the hostile Reilly Center crowd. UM moves into 4-way tie for first place in A-10. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/9/2016L 88-77Home (MC)Derek KelloggBona shoots .596 FG, .556 from 3, .880 from line. Bona's .596 was a UM-opponent high since Seton Hall in 2010. UM snares 16 offensive rebounds, but doesn't overcome SBU's hot shooting. Bergantino has a solid game with 13 points (career high) and 6-7 FGs. Davis injury scare, but he returns and plays 31 minutes. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/27/2016L 85-83AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. UM builds an 18-point lead in the first half on 67% shooting, but Bonnies storm back, scoring 50 in the second half. Donte Clark appears to hit a game-winning three, but review confirms it was shot just after time expired. Hinds adds 25 for UM.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
12/30/2016L 89-77Home (MC)Derek KelloggBonnies light up the scoreboard with 52 from their stars Adams (29) and Mobley (23). SBU uses 16-3 run across the halves to pull away. Gresham and SBU's Ayeni ejected after a first-half confrontation. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/4/2017L 60-56AwayDerek Kelloggat Reilly Center. Career highs and the first double-double for Hines. Both teams shoot below 40% from the floor, and ice cold from 3 (UM 15%, SBU 9%). UM wins the glass 43-35, but big gap at the stripe (SBU 21-24, UM 6-13) proves a killer for UM's chances. Hines & Baldwin 12-18 from the floor, rest of UM 12-43 (.279). UM's 4-14 (.222) conference finish is worst percentage since 1982.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/9/2017L 73-60NeutralDerek Kelloggat PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh PA. Atlantic 10 Tournament Second Round. Bona builds an 18-point lead at the break and cruises to the win. Bona 19 points off 16 UM turnovers. UM struggles again from 3 (6-24, .250) and the line (8-18, .444). Jarreau adds 13/5/7.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
12/30/2017L 98-78AwayMatt McCallat Reilly Center. UM fights to a 25-24 lead in the first, but SBU goes on runs of 21-8 and 30-11 to put the game away. Dynamic duo of Adams and Mobley score 32 and 28 respectively for SBU, each shooting 10-16 from the floor. Hines 16 (career high) & 7, Anderson 11, Holloway 10.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/23/2019L 65-51Home (MC)Matt McCallOne-point game early in the second half, but UM loses their touch and Bona builds a 21 point lead. UM gets 10 points in garbage time to even reach 51. UM shoots 35% from the floor, 30% from 3, jacking up 33 bombs. Hayward a spark off the bench, but rest of team fizzles out. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/15/2020L 74-61NeutralMatt McCallAt Blue Cross Arena, Rochester NY.3) Tre dominates with a career high 28 on 11-19 shooting. Pierre shoots 4-10 and scores 11, but rest of team goes silent on offense, including East 1-9, Diallo 1-5. Bona wins the glass by 7, and shoots better from 3 (47%) than 2 (43%).Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
Bonaventure record book calls this a neutral site game, even though Bona's logo was on center court.
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