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Saint Bonaventure



  • SBU forfeited their game against UMass on 3/5/2003, in a move that shocked college basketball. The game was then counted as a victory by the Atlantic 10, but is not counted in the overall UMass win total.
  • On the 20 year anniversary of the scandal's news breaking, a column reflecting back on the subsequent events and lessons learned.
  • John Calipari went 17-1 against SBU, the only loss coming in the first matchup.
  • Former UMass player Tyrone Weeks served on the coaching staff at SBU from 1999-2001, working for Jim Baron. Both moved within the A-10 when Baron took the job at Rhode Island in 2001.1)
  • SBU's home court has been the Reilly Center since its opening in 1966. Any game listed below as Away will have been at the Reilly Center, unless otherwise noted.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/6/1980L 97-79Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
1/5/1981L 104-80AwayRay Wilson Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
1/28/1982L 73-59AwayTom McLaughlin Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
2/4/1982W 54-52Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Eastern 8Jim Satalin?
3/5/1983W 81-72Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
2/9/1984W 91-81Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
1/21/1984L 81-64AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
1/19/1985W 69-53Home (SCC)Ron GerlufsenAt the Springfield Civic CenterAtlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
2/7/1985W 59-56AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
12/11/1985L 78-77Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
2/3/1986L 78-60AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim O'Brien?
1/29/1987L 43-39Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
2/21/1987W 69-57AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/3/1988L 69-63AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
2/1/1988W 60-56Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/8/1989L 74-70AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/16/1989W 92-84Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Ron DeCarli?
1/15/1990W 82-55Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
2/24/1990W 98-60AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
1/5/1991W 82-55Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
1/12/1991W 95-86AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Tom Chapman?
2/4/1992W 76-58AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Tom ChapmanBonnies2)
2/22/1992W 104-67Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Tom ChapmanBonnies
1/31/1993W 93-78AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/1/1993W 86-62Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #23. Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/7/1993W 75-62NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass #23.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
12/4/1993W 86-66AwayJohn CalipariUMass #9. Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/15/1994W 87-60Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #7. Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/10/1995W 81-76 (OT)AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. Camby 28 & 10, Roe 14, Edgar Padilla 13.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/30/1995W 79-62Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #1. Roe 21, Kellogg and Williams 15 each.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/14/1996W 67-52AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. Camby collapses before game, Weeks steps up with 15 & 12. Dingle 17, Bright 15.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/27/1996W 72-47Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #1. Camby returns to lineup, leads all scorers with 19. Bright & Edgar Padilla 15 each.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/7/1996W 69-56NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Philadelphia Civic Center, Philadelphia PA. UMass #2. Travieso 21, Bright 15, Camby 12.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/14/1997W 63-59AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintWeeks 19 & 14, Travieso 18, Ketner 12.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
2/11/1997W 74-68Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintPadilla 23, Weeks 17 & 11.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/19/1998W 62-50Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintAll Minutemen score at least 4 points, led by Mack 13, Kirkland 11. Ketner 12 rebounds.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
2/25/1998L 72-70 (2OT)AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintUMass #20. Winn's deep 3 gives Bona the win. Weeks 21, Ketner 18, Mack 17, rest of team 14 combined.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/9/1999L 53-50AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintComeback attempt falls short. Kirkland 14, Mack 13, Ketner only 3.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
2/10/1999W 64-46Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintBona only shoots 30% FG and 50% FT. Mack 24, Ketner 12.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/6/2000L 70-60Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintBona out-shoots and out-rebounds Minutemen. Mack 19, Kirkland 16, Crooks 14.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/4/2000L 86-69AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintSBU out-shoots UM, 53% to 32%, out-rebounds 50-34. Mack 28, Depina 11.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/13/2001L 66-65AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintMack knocked down, no call, UM can't get up a final shot. Mack 20, Rhymer 17.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/3/2001L 66-59Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintPressure on Bruiser as UM falters to Senior Day loss. Depina 16, Mack 15.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
3/8/2001W 79-58NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Mack 29, Brand 15 & 9, Rhymer 11 & 9.Atlantic 10Jim BaronBonnies
1/26/2002W 67-65AwaySteve LappasGood UM defense holds off Bona in final seconds. Rhymer 23 & 7, Crooks 17, Anderson 11. J.R. Bremer scores 27 for Bona.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
2/13/2002L 60-56Home (MC)Steve LappasUM stumbles in chances to tie. Lamb 18, Crooks 13. J.R. Bremer scores 31 for Bona.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
2/15/2003W 82-76AwaySteve LappasUM scores 50 in second half for the win. Rogers 26 & 10, Anderson 19.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
3/5/2003W 2-0Home (MC)Steve LappasBona forfeits after ineligible player brings down the program.Atlantic 10Jan van Breda KolffBonnies
1/14/2004L 77-71AwaySteve LappasAnderson 26 & 8, Freeman 19 & 5.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/28/2004W 82-71Home (MC)Steve LappasFreeman 31 & 18, Bowers 13-6-9.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
1/26/2005W 82-78 (2OT)AwaySteve LappasLasme block in second OT seals the win. UM starters score 72. Freeman, Lasme, Maxwell all with 18 points.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/5/2005W 74-58Home (MC)Steve LappasUM shoots 52% to Bona's 36%. Anderson 15, Freeman 14.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/19/2006W 72-64AwayTravis FordUM commits 23 turnovers, and goes 12-25 from line, but out-rebounds Bona 54-33. Freeman 25 & 19, Lasme 11 & 15.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/21/2007W 83-44Home (MC)Travis FordAll players get time in romp. Lasme 17 points, Forbes 10 boards, Mayben 8 assists.Atlantic 10Anthony SolomonBonnies
2/24/2008W 79-56Home (MC)Travis FordForbes 18 points & 16 rebounds. Matt Glass career high 14 points.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/14/2009L 83-75AwayDerek KelloggUM out-rebounded by 20. Gaffney 21-11-3. Harris 19 points but shoots only 5-16 FGs.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/20/2010L 70-69Home (MC)Derek KelloggGo ahead attempts miss the mark. UM dies by the 3 (4-24, 16.7%). Harris 22 points.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/26/2011W 78-69AwayDerek KelloggSolid UMass shooting (52.7%) and +7 rebounding margin help earn an A-10 road win.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/8/2012W 76-67Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM falls behind by 10 in the first half and has spurts of sloppiness, but then goes on runs of 17-0 and 17-2 to secure the win. Morgan's 24 a new career high. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/10/2012L 84-80NeutralDerek KelloggA-10 Tournament Semi-Final at Boardwalk Hall. SBU #4 seed. UM trims 70-54 deficit to just 1 point, but final attempts miss the mark.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/20/2013L 99-94AwayDerek KelloggBona shoots an incredible 32-33 at the line. UM whistled for 29 fouls. Chaz dishes 12 assists to just 2 turnovers. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/11/2014W 73-68Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM #19/19. UMass goes on another late run, this time 26-8 over the last 9 minutes, to secure the comeback victory. UM turns 30% shooting in the first half into 57% in the second. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/29/2014L 78-65AwayDerek KelloggUM # 21/19. A 1-point game with 8 minutes remaining blows open in favor of the Bonnies. Davis scores a career high 18 off the bench. SBU foul shooting (30-34) reminiscent of last year (32-33). Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/3/2015L 69-55Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM gives up two separate 12-0 runs to Bonnies, shoot just 35% from the floor and 18% (4-22) from 3. Streaky Davis falls back to earth with 4-14 shooting. Clark also struggles, with 1-10 shooting.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/11/2015W 55-53AwayDerek KelloggHinds hits a 3 with 8 seconds left, and SBU can't connect on the other end. UM's defense holds SBU scoreless over the last 2:30. UM overcomes a 20-turnover performance in front of the hostile Reilly Center crowd. UM moves into 4-way tie for first place in A-10.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/9/2016L 88-77Home (MC)Derek KelloggBona shoots .596 FG, .556 from 3, .880 from line. Bona's .596 was a UM-opponent high since Seton Hall in 2010. UM snares 16 offensive rebounds, but doesn't overcome SBU's hot shooting. Bergantino has a solid game with 13 points (career high) and 6-7 FGs. Davis injury scare, but he returns and plays 31 minutes. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/27/2016L 85-83AwayDerek KelloggUM builds an 18-point lead in the first half on 67% shooting, but Bonnies storm back, scoring 50 in the second half. Donte Clark appears to hit a game-winning three, but review confirms it was shot just after time expired. Hinds adds 25 for UM.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
12/30/2016L 89-77Home (MC)Derek KelloggBonnies light up the scoreboard with 52 from their stars Adams (29) and Mobley (23). SBU uses 16-3 run across the halves to pull away. Gresham and SBU's Ayeni ejected after a first-half confrontation. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/4/2017L 60-56AwayDerek KelloggCareer highs and the first double-double for Hines. Both teams shoot below 40% from the floor, and ice cold from 3 (UM 15%, SBU 9%). UM wins the glass 43-35, but big gap at the stripe (SBU 21-24, UM 6-13) proves a killer for UM's chances. Hines & Baldwin 12-18 from the floor, rest of UM 12-43 (.279). UM's 4-14 (.222) conference finish is worst percentage since 1982.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/9/2017L 73-60NeutralDerek KelloggAt PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh PA. Atlantic 10 Tournament Second Round. Bona builds an 18-point lead at the break and cruises to the win. Bona 19 points off 16 UM turnovers. UM struggles again from 3 (6-24, .250) and the line (8-18, .444). Jarreau adds 13/5/7.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
12/30/2017L 98-78AwayMatt McCallUM fights to a 25-24 lead in the first, but SBU goes on runs of 21-8 and 30-11 to put the game away. Dynamic duo of Adams and Mobley score 32 and 28 respectively for SBU, each shooting 10-16 from the floor. Hines 16 (career high) & 7, Anderson 11, Holloway 10.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/23/2019L 65-51Home (MC)Matt McCallOne-point game early in the second half, but UM loses their touch and Bona builds a 21 point lead. UM gets 10 points in garbage time to even reach 51. UM shoots 35% from the floor, 30% from 3, jacking up 33 bombs. Hayward a spark off the bench, but rest of team fizzles out. Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
1/15/2020L 74-61NeutralMatt McCallAt Blue Cross Arena, Rochester NY.3) Tre dominates with a career high 28 on 11-19 shooting. Pierre shoots 4-10 and scores 11, but rest of team goes silent on offense, including East 1-9, Diallo 1-5. Bona wins the glass by 7, and shoots better from 3 (47%) than 2 (43%).Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/16/2022L 83-71AwayMatt McCallUM leads 37-36 at the half, but Bona shoots 69% in the second to pull away. Weeks 19 pts, Noah & Rich each 14, Noah dishes a career high 12. UM hits 16 threes (16-33), one off the season high (UNCG).Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
12/31/2022L 83-64AwayFrank MartinBona's offense, averaging just 62.3 ppg in their previous eight, finds their form, and UM looks rusty after the 11-day holiday layoff. Banks 31, Farell 22 (career high) for Bona. Noah 13-2-3 in first action in 4 weeks. Kante 12 & 10, first UM double-double. Martin 12 & 8 (both UM highs), Luis 11 & 3. Cross and Weeks held to 1-10 shooting combined. Leveque and Diggins unavailable.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
3/4/2023W 71-60Home (MC)Frank MartinCross returns (5 & 4 in 20 minutes) and Senior Day ends with a W. Another near-double-double for RJ (14 & 9), Diggins 14 pts nearly matches his career high. Leveque 11 & 5, TJ 9 & 5, Kante 8 & 5.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/7/2024L 79-73AwayFrank MartinUM leads 73-72 with 2:26 left, but misses two layups and an attempt to draw a foul on a game-tying 3, and the road win slips away. Cross 19-6-5, Keon 16 & 7, Jayden 12-5-3.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
2/24/2024L 75-67Home (MC)Frank MartinDown 7 in the second, UM ties it at 66 with 3:32 left, then flatlines, giving up 9 rebounds, 4 offensive, 2 second-chance points, and 3 fourth-chance points. UM -4 rebs on the day, and goes .636 (14-22) at the stripe. Cohen 18 pts.Atlantic 10Mark SchmidtBonnies
Bonaventure record book calls this a neutral site game, even though Bona's logo was on center court.
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