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 +====== Syracuse======
 +  * [[http://​​index.aspx?​tab=basketball&​path=mbasket|Team website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Syracuse Orange men's basketball|Wikipedia team entry]]
 +  * [[http://​​| Athletics website]]
 +  * [[http://​​|School website]]
 +  * [[wp>​Syracuse University|Wikipedia school entry]]
 +  * Location: Syracuse, NY
 +===== Series =====
 +  * UMass trails 7-8 (.467)
 +  * Last meeting: [[http://​​games/​2007-08/​0325syracuse/​|3/​25/​2008,​ UMass 81 – Syracuse 77]]
 +  * First meeting: 2/24/1932, Syracuse 43 – Massachusetts 19 
 +==== Notes ====
 +  *A post on Twitter in April 2013, which was attributed to USA Today, claims that more than 75 teams have played multiple games against Syracuse at the Carrier Dome (which opened in 1980). Only one of those teams, UMass, has a winning record there.((https://​​CBS6Pat/​status/​319870569552154624))
 +  *UMass is 2-0 against Syracuse at the Carrier Dome, both games coming in the 2007-08 season. ​ That feat marked the first time that Syracuse lost twice at home to the same team in the same season at the Carrier Dome, and the first time in any Syracuse venue since 1922-23.((http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​recaps/​032508aac.html))
 +===== Game History =====
 +^ ^^^^^  Opponent ​ ^^^
 +^Date^Game Results^Site^UM Coach^Game Notes^Conference^Head Coach^Nickname^
 +|2/​24/​1932|@#​ffdddd:​L 43-19|Away|[[ fritz_ellert|Fritz Ellert]] |  |none| [[wp>Lew Andreas|Lew Andreas]] |Orangemen|
 +|12/​3/​1960|@#​ffdddd:​L 74-61|Neutral| [[matt_zunic|Matt Zunic]] | Kent State Tournament, Kent, OH|none|[[ wp> Marc Guley|Marc Guley]] |Orangemen|
 +|2/​20/​1961|@#​ffdddd:​L 74-66|Away|[[ fritz_ellert|Fritz Ellert]] |  |none| [[wp> Marc Guley|Marc Guley]] |Orangemen|
 +|2/​22/​1962|@#​ddffdd:​W 74-51|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[ matt_zunic|Matt Zunic]] | |none| [[wp>​Marc Guley|Marc Guley]] |Orangemen|
 +|1/​29/​1966|@#​ffdddd:​L 114-72|Away|[[ johnny_orr|Johnny Orr]] |  |none| [[wp> Fred Lewis (basketball)|Fred Lewis]] |Orangemen|
 +|2/​4/​1967|@#​ffdddd:​L 67-59|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]] |  |none| [[wp>​Fred Lewis (basketball)|Fred Lewis]] |Orangemen|
 +|2/​1/​1969|@#​ddffdd:​W 84-63|Away|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]] |  |none| [[wp> Roy Danforth|Roy Danforth]] |Orangemen|
 +|2/​22/​1971|@#​ddffdd:​W 86-71|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]] | |none| [[wp> Roy Danforth|Roy Danforth]] |Orangemen|
 +|2/​5/​1972|@#​ffdddd:​L 90-85|Away|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]]| |none|[[wp>​ Roy Danforth|Roy Danforth]]|Orangemen|
 +|1/​27/​1973|@#​ffdddd:​L 70-67|[[curry_hicks_cage|Home (CHC)]]|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]]| |none|[[wp>​Roy Danforth|Roy Danforth]] |Orangemen|
 +|1/​26/​1974|@#​ffdddd:​L 76-60|Away|[[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]]| |none|[[wp>​Roy Danforth|Roy Danforth]]|Orangemen|
 +|3/​22/​1992|@#​ddffdd:​[[game19920322_syracuse|W 77-71 (OT)]]|Neutral| [[calipari_john|John Calipari]] | [[wp>​1992 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament|NCAA Tournament]],​ [[wp>​Centrum in Worcester| Worcester Centrum]], Worcester, MA.  UMass #17, Syracuse #21.  Harper Williams'​ 3 in OT sends near-home crowd into a frenzy. TV: CBS|[[wp>​Big East Conference (1979–2013)|Big East]]|[[wp>​Jim Boeheim|Jim Boeheim]]|Orangemen|
 +|12/​30/​1995|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​1995-96/​12301995.htm#​recap|W 65-47]]|Neutral|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]| Rainbow Classic, Honolulu, HI.  UMass #1, Syracuse #​13|[[wp>​Big East Conference (1979–2013)|Big East]]|[[ wp>Jim Boeheim|Jim Boeheim]]|Orangemen|
 +|11/​28/​2007|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2007-08/​1128syracuse|W 107-100]]|Away|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|at the [[wp>​Carrier Dome| Carrier Dome]], Syracuase, NY|[[wp>​Big East Conference (1979–2013)|Big East]]|[[wp>​Jim Boeheim|Jim Boeheim]] |Orange((http://​​2004/​06/​syracuse-changes-nickname-logo/​))|
 +|3/​25/​2008|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2007-08/​0325syracuse/​|W 81-77]]|Away|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|[[wp>​2008 National Invitation Tournament|NIT Quarterfinals]],​ at the [[wp>​Carrier Dome|Carrier Dome]], Syracuse, NY.  UM becomes the first team to beat Syracuse twice in one season at the Carrier Dome.|[[wp>​Big East Conference (1979–2013)|Big East]]|[[wp>​Jim Boeheim|Jim Boeheim]]|Orange|
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