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 |Ball, Lorin E.|1921| |Ball, Lorin E.|1921|
 |Ballard, Arthur J. (M)|1955,​1956| |Ballard, Arthur J. (M)|1955,​1956|
-|@#​FFFF89:​Barbee,​ Tony (C) (**UM HOF**)|1990,​1991,​1992,​1993| 
 |Baptiste, Djery|2019| |Baptiste, Djery|2019|
 +|@#​FFFF89:​Barbee,​ Tony (C) (**UM HOF**)|1990,​1991,​1992,​1993|
 |Barous, Francis|1953| |Barous, Francis|1953|
 |Barr, Isadore (C)|1936,​1937| |Barr, Isadore (C)|1936,​1937|
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