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 +=====UMass Radio Network=====
 +====Game coverage====
 +The UMass Radio Network currently broadcasts via 4 stations:
 +^Station^Frequency^Areas served^Links^^
 +|**WEEI**|105.5 FM|Easthampton / Springfield|[[http://​​weei/​shows-schedules/​weei-1055fm-springfield|Station]]|[[wp>​WWEI|Wikipedia]]|
 +|WXKS|1200 AM|Newton / Boston|[[http://​​radio/​|Station]]|[[wp>​WXKS_(AM)|Wikipedia]]|
 +|WVEI|1440 AM|Worcester|[[http://​​weei/​shows-schedules/​weei-1440-am-worcester-ma|Station]]|[[wp>​WVEI_(AM)|Wikipedia]]|
 +|WATD|95.9 FM|Marshfield / Boston|[[http://​​|Station]]|[[wp>​WATD-FM|Wikipedia]]|
 +WEEI streaming can be found here: [[http://​​umass]]\\
 +Not all stations will carry every game.  Coverage will vary based on stations'​ other broadcast agreements. ​ Each pre-game notes (on [[http://​|]]) will detail exact coverage.\\
 +More information:​ [[http://​​basketballradio.html]]
 +WMUA, 91.1 FM Amherst, also broadcasts some UMass men's games, with their own crew.  [[http://​​|Station]],​ [[wp>​WMUA|Wikipedia]]
 +====Mobile devices====
 +The TuneIn Radio app carries the WEEI feed.  More information:​ [[http://​​radio/​WEEI-1055-s75600/​]]
 +====Coaches show====
 +WEEI also airs the coaches radio show.  The 2014-15 schedule can be found here: [[http://​​sports/​m-baskbl/​spec-rel/​110614aac.html]]
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