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 |  [[season_1968-68|1968-69]]  |  [[season_1970-71|1970-71]]  | |  [[season_1968-68|1968-69]]  |  [[season_1970-71|1970-71]]  |
 +[[season_preview_1969-70|Season previews]]\\
 [[season_recap_1969-70|Season recap]] [[season_recap_1969-70|Season recap]]
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 ===== Roster ===== ===== Roster =====
-^Name^Yr.^Ht.^Wt.^Hometown/High School/Last College^ +<!-- Source for this data:   Numbers were correlated from the team photo, or from the Collegian's season preview --> 
-|Betancourt, John|So.|5-10|174|Westwood, N.J./Westwood| +^No.^Name^Yr.^Ht.^Wt.^Hometown/High School/Last College^ 
-|Chapman, Dennis|Sr.|6-4|200|Baltimore, Md./Calvert Hall| +|10|Betancourt, John|So.|5-10|174|Westwood, N.J./Westwood| 
-|Coffin, Chris|So.|6-4|190|Westford, Mass./Westford Academy| +|40|Chapman, Dennis|Sr.|6-4|200|Baltimore, Md./Calvert Hall| 
-|Dempsey, Robert|Jr.|6-0|170|Fall River, Mass./Durfee| +|54|Coffin, Chris|So.|6-4|190|Westford, Mass./Westford Academy| 
-|Ellerbrook, Ray|Sr.|6-1|180|Hawthorne, N.J./Hawthorne| +|22|Dempsey, Robert|Jr.|6-0|170|Fall River, Mass./Durfee| 
-|[[Erving, Julius]]|So.|6-6|190|Roosevelt, N.Y./Roosevelt| +|12|Ellerbrook, Ray|Sr.|6-1|180|Hawthorne, N.J./Hawthorne| 
-|Gallagher, John |Sr.|6-4|185|Trenton, N.J./St. Anthony's| +|32|[[Erving, Julius]]|So.|6-6|190|Roosevelt, N.Y./Roosevelt| 
-|Greeley, Bill|Jr.|5-9|163|Melrose, Mass./Melrose| +|24|Gallagher, John |Sr.|6-4|185|Trenton, N.J./St. Anthony's| 
-|Kesgen, Bill|So.|6-5|210|East Rutherford, N.J./E. Rutherford| +|20|Greeley, Bill|Jr.|5-9|163|Melrose, Mass./Melrose| 
-|Mathias, Ken|Jr.|6-6|205|Lodi, N.J./Lodi| +|50|Kesgen, Bill|So.|6-5|210|East Rutherford, N.J./E. Rutherford| 
-|Pagliara, Mike|So.|5-10|170|Wyckoff, N.J./Ramapo| +|42|Mathias, Ken|Jr.|6-6|205|Lodi, N.J./Lodi| 
-|Provo, Sam|So.|6-0|190|Agawam, Mass./Agawam| +|14|Pagliara, Mike|So.|5-10|170|Wyckoff, N.J./Ramapo| 
-|Samuelson, Richard|Sr.|6-6|205|Brockton, Mass./North Yarmouth Academy| +|34|Provo, Sam|So.|6-0|190|Agawam, Mass./Agawam| 
-|Vogeley, Rich|So.|6-4|200|New Hyde Park, N.Y./Sewanhaka|+|44|Samuelson, Richard|Sr.|6-6|205|Brockton, Mass./North Yarmouth Academy| 
 +|30|Vogeley, Rich|So.|6-4|200|New Hyde Park, N.Y./Sewanhaka|
 ==== Team photo ==== ==== Team photo ====
-{{:team_photo_1969-70.png?direct&600|1969-70 UMass Redmen}}+{{:team_photo_1969-70.png?direct&600|1969-70 UMass Redmen}}\\ 
 +<!-- Several discrepancies between this photo and the roster data above.  People in the picture, but not in the roster: Austin (52 if the left to right text is accurate), Sage 30, Nichols 34, Conroy 22. Text says Drovo but I assume that's a typo for Provo.  Can't tell what numbers Pagliara or Provo wore.  Why are Sage, Nichols, and Conroy wearing Massachusetts uniforms while the rest are wearing Redmen? --> 
 +Pictured in photo but missing from the roster: Sage, Austin, Nichols, Conroy.  [[season_preview_1970-71|Collegian subsequently reported]] that Austin redshirted the 1969-70 season.  Not sure about the others.\\ 
 +Sam Provo's last name was incorrectly listed as Drovo in the roster photo caption.
 {{tag>"1969-70 season" "Work in Progress"}} {{tag>"1969-70 season" "Work in Progress"}}
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