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 +====== 1973-74 Season ======
 +The 1973-74 UMass [[names#athletic_mascot_name_history|Minutemen]] basketball team represented the University of Massachusetts.  The Head Coach was [[leaman_jack|Jack Leaman]].  The team played its home games primarily in the [[Curry Hicks Cage]] in Amherst, Massachusetts, and was a member of the [[Yankee Conference]].
 +The season represented the 65th season of basketball in the school's history.
 +  * **Final Record:** 21-5
 +  * **Conference Record:** 11-1 (First place)
 +  * **Postseason:** [[wp>1974_National_Invitation_Tournament|NIT]] bid, lost in the First Round
 +^  Previous Season  ^  Next Season  ^
 +|  [[season_1972-73|1972-73]]  |  [[season_1974-75|1974-75]]  |
 +===== Scoreboard =====
 +Available on our older page:
 +===== Roster =====
 +Available from UMass:
 +==== Team photo ====
 +[{{::1973-74_team_photo.png?nolink|The "YanCon 10-1" text below the photo is incorrect.  The team's Yankee Conference record was 11-1.  Unsure why the team is still wearing the Redmen shorts, as by this season UMass Athletics had changed their mascot name to Minutemen.}}]
 +{{tag>"1973-74 season" "Work in Progress"}}
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