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 ===== Schedule ===== ===== Schedule =====
   * [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]] (Away): This season'​s game will conclude a series.((https://​​UMassAthletics/​videos/​1197086020395016/​))((http://​​Schedule-Notes-UMass-Harvard-series-extended-Minutemen-headed-to-Las-Vegas-Holiday-Invitational-16758633))   * [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]] (Away): This season'​s game will conclude a series.((https://​​UMassAthletics/​videos/​1197086020395016/​))((http://​​Schedule-Notes-UMass-Harvard-series-extended-Minutemen-headed-to-Las-Vegas-Holiday-Invitational-16758633))
 +  * The [[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]] and Mountain West conferences agreed to play 10 games this season (and again in 2021-22). ​ Exactly which teams participate,​ and schedule details, are all TBA.((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​DB_OEM_ID=31600&​ATCLID=211784432))
   * More details expected to emerge as the [[season_2019-20|2019-20]] schedule develops.   * More details expected to emerge as the [[season_2019-20|2019-20]] schedule develops.
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