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 ===== Schedule ===== ===== Schedule =====
-  * [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]] (Away): This season'​s game will conclude a series.((https://​​UMassAthletics/​videos/​1197086020395016/​))((http://​​Schedule-Notes-UMass-Harvard-series-extended-Minutemen-headed-to-Las-Vegas-Holiday-Invitational-16758633)) +  ​* [[https://​​|Jamaica Classic]]. ​ UM will participate in the 2020 Classic.((https://​​news/​2020/​2/​24/​mens-basketball-umass-announces-participation-in-the-2020-jersey-mikes-jamaica-classic.aspx))((https://​​JoshWalfishDHG/​status/​1186419811728928769)) ​ The event is scheduled for November 20-22 (Fri-Sun), which is the weekend before Thanksgiving. 
-  * The [[atlantic_10|Atlantic 10]] and Mountain West conferences agreed to play 10 games this season ​(and again in 2021-22).  ​Exactly which teams participate,​ and schedule details, are all TBA.((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​DB_OEM_ID=31600&​ATCLID=211784432)) +  * [[opponent_akron|Akron]] (Home): A return game from Akron is expected, but not confirmed.((https://​​JoshWalfishDHG/​status/​1192904657632399362)) ​ We played at Akron in the 2019-20 season. ​ A home-and-home basketball series may have been tied in with the UMass/Akron football games contract.((https://​​UMassADBamford/​status/​1151148254542925824))((https://​​akron-umass-schedule-2019-20-football-series/​)) 
-  * More details expected ​to emerge as the [[season_2019-20|2019-20]] ​schedule develops.+  * [[opponent_fairfield|Fairfield]] (Home): A return game from Fairfield is expected, but not confirmed.((https://​​JoshWalfishDHG/​status/​1192904657632399362)) ​ We gave Fairfield a road game in the 2019-20 season. 
 +  * [[opponent_harvard|Harvard]] (Home): This season'​s game will conclude a series.((https://​​steve_hewitt/​status/​1151245539146719234)) 
 +  * [[opponent_northeastern|Northeastern]] (Away): This season'​s game will conclude a series.((https://​​steve_hewitt/​status/​1151246202811424774)) 
 +  ​* [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]] (Home): This season'​s game will conclude a series.((https://​​UMassAthletics/​videos/​1197086020395016/​))((http://​​Schedule-Notes-UMass-Harvard-series-extended-Minutemen-headed-to-Las-Vegas-Holiday-Invitational-16758633)) 
 +  * [[opponent_lowell|UMass-Lowell]] (Home): We have hosted UML for our season opener for the past four seasons. ​ Assuming this will continue, but not confirmed. 
 +  * The Atlantic 10 Tournament will be in the [[wp>​Barclays Center]] in Brooklyn NY.((https://​​news/​2017/​4/​18/​211564496.aspx)) 
 +  * Athletic Director Ryan Bamford has stated that he will continue to explore opportunities in conjunction with football ​and men's basketball scheduling, like what we've done with [[opponent_akron|Akron]],​ [[opponent_rutgers|Rutgers]],​ [[opponent_south_carolina|South Carolina]] and [[opponent_georgia|Georgia]].((https://​​UMass-athletic-director-Ryan-Bamford-stays-aggressive-in-scheduling-25045021))((https://​​UMassAthletics/​videos/​1197086020395016/​)) 
 +  * UMass will not be participating in the A-10 / Mountain West Challenge Series this season. ​ UM was one of the teams left out of the mix.((https://​​newboard/​viewtopic.php?​f=1&​t=15623&​p=496587#​p496587))((http://​​ViewArticle.dbml?​DB_OEM_ID=31600&​ATCLID=211814499)) 
 +===== Projected Roster ===== 
 +Things may change significantly prior to the start of the season. ​ Here's what we're tracking and projecting. 
 +<​sortable 3> 
 +^ ^#​^Name^Height^Weight^Class^Pos.^Hometown / HS / Prep / College Transfer^Status^ 
 +|{{:​buggs_john_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|0|[[Buggs,​ John]]|6-2|170|Fr.*|G|Homer, LA / Putnam (CT) Science Academy|Assumed ​to return| 
 +|{{:​diallo_samba_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|5|[[Diallo,​ Samba]]|6-7|195|Jr.|F|Rufisque,​ Senegal / Pope John XXIII HS (N.J.)|Assumed to return| 
 +| | |Dominguez, Dyondre|6-8|190|Fr.|F|Providence,​ RI / Woodstock Academy|Verbal commitment announced 2/​29/​2020((https://​​p/​B9KTzPoBzPx/​))| 
 +|{{:​east_sean_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|10|[[East,​ Sean]]|6-3|175|So.|G|Louisville,​ KY / Combine Academy|Assumed to return| 
 +| | |[[Fernandes,​ Noah]]|5-11|172|So.*|G|Mattapoisett,​ MA / Woodstock Academy / Wichita State|Incoming transfer.((https://​​micnice10/​status/​1240458437298917386)) ​ Will have to sit out the 2020-21 season under NCAA transfer rules.| 
 +| | |Garcia, Javohn|6-2|175|Fr.|PG|Pickerington,​ OH / Brewster Academy|NLI signed 11/​14/​2019((https://​​news/​2019/​11/​14/​mens-basketball-umass-signs-two-dynamic-newcomers-during-early-nli-signing-period.aspx)),​ Verbal commitment announced 10/​18/​2019((https://​​jg_world15/​status/​1185240849355104261))| 
 +| | |McCrory, Cairo|6-5|175|Fr.|SG|Hartford,​ CT / Masters/​Northwest Catholic / Woodstock Academy|NLI signed 11/​14/​19((https://​​news/​2019/​11/​14/​mens-basketball-umass-signs-two-dynamic-newcomers-during-early-nli-signing-period.aspx)),​ Verbal commitment announced 8/​2/​2019((https://​​TheRealCairo21/​status/​1157322069056598018))((https://​​news_article/​show/​1038978))| 
 +|{{:​mitchell_kolton_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|13|[[Mitchell, Kolton]]|6-4|180|So.|G|Fort Myers, FL / Victory Rock Prep|Assumed to return| 
 +|{{:​mitchell_tre_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|33|[[Mitchell,​ Tre]]|6-9|235|So.|F/​C|Pittsburgh,​ PA / Woodstock Academy|Assumed to return| 
 +|{{:​pierre_carl_roster_photo_2017-18.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|12|[[Pierre,​ Carl]]|6-4|185|Sr.|G|Boston,​ MA / Boston College HS|Assumed to return and again serve as team captain| 
 +|{{:​santos_preston_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|2|[[Santos,​ Preston]]|6-6|176|So.|G/​F|Warwick,​ RI / Woodstock Academy|Assumed to return| 
 +|{{:​walker_dibaji_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|24|[[Walker,​ Dibaji]]|6-7|190|Jr.*|F|Columbus,​ OH / Woodstock Academy / [[opponent_cleveland_state|Cleveland State]]|Assumed to return| 
 +|{{:​weeks_tj_roster_photo_2019-20.jpg?​nolink&​40|}}|23|[[Weeks,​ TJ]]|6-4|185|Fr.*|G|Warwick,​ RI / Woodstock Academy|Assumed to return| 
 +* Eligibility difference. 
 +  * John Buggs is eligible for a medical redshirt, and if granted would restore his full four years of eligibility. 
 +  * Noah Fernandes transferred into UMass for the 2020-21 season.((https://​​micnice10/​status/​1240458437298917386)) ​ Will have to sit out under NCAA transfer rules, but will retain three years of eligibility. 
 +  * Dibaji Walker transferred into UMass for the 2019-20 ​season. ​ Received a waiver from the NCAA to allow him to play without sitting out a year.  Will be classified as a Junior in 2020-21.((https://​​Cleared-by-NCAA-Dibaji-Walker-ready-to-play-large-role-for-UMass-31749910)) 
 +  * TJ Weeks is expected to request a medical redshirt for the 2019-20 season, in the hopes of regaining a full season of eligibility and four full years. ​ Unclear if that will be granted, as technically he went over the 30% threshold of games played.((https://​​JoshWalfishDHG/​status/​1237921561191100416)) 
 +2019-20 players lost:\\ 
 +[[baptiste_djery|Baptiste,​ Djery]] - Eligibility exhausted.\\ 
 +[[chatman_sy|Chatman,​ Sy]] - Transferred out after the Fall 2019 semester.((https://​​VerbalCommits/​status/​1207760594851389440))((https://​​UMass-down-two-for-Maine-as-Weeks-(health)-gets-shelved-Chatman-enters-transfer-portal-31452068))\\ 
 +[[Clergeot, Keon]] - Expected to graduate in Spring 2020, and has opted to transfer and play elsewhere as a grad student.((https://​​Keonhumble/​status/​1240347614941511681))\\ 
 +[[Higginbottom,​ Davonte]] - expected to graduate in Spring 2020, would have college athletics eligibility left, but not expected to return.\\ 
 +[[Jackson, CJ]] - Opted to transfer after the end of the season.((https://​​ChrisJack1_/​status/​1240010295613014029))\\ 
 +[[west_randall|West,​ Randall]] - Eligibility exhausted. 
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