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 +====== CBS 3 Now ======
 +CBS 3 Now is an extension of CBS 3 Springfield. ​ For most of the [[season_2010-11|2010-11 season]], they acted as the primary television broadcaster of Minutemen home games. ​ They broadcast most Minutemen home games during the [[season_2010-11|2010-11 Season]] when another television network was not already present.
 +The last game broadcast was the January 30th game against Rhode Island. ​ After that, UMass terminated the agreement and no further men's basketball games were broadcast on the channel. ​ UMass felt the availability of the games in the local market was hurting attendance.((http://​​2011/​02/​17/​playing-time-morgan-delivers))
 +CBS 3 Now primarily broadcasts local weather for Western Massachusetts,​ but switches over to many live UMass athletic events. ​ The broadcast is then simulcast as streaming video via [[http://​|]].
 +The channel is currently available in Western Massachusetts via Comcast digital cable, on channel 293, Charter channel 230, and UMass Amherst campus channel 79.
 +===== External Links =====
 +  * [[wp>​WSHM-LP]]
 +  * [[http://​​]]
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