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 +====== Versus Defending National Champions ======
 +UMass has played defending National Champions on several occasions, with a 5-1 record so far, and another chance coming in the [[season_2019-20|2019-20 season]].
 +^Team^Date^Game Results^Site^UM Coach^Game Notes^
 +|[[opponent_north_carolina|North Carolina]]|11/​24/​1993|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​1993-94/​1124unc/​|W 91-86 (OT)]]|Neutral|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]|Pre-Season NIT at [[wp>​Madison Square Garden|Madison Square Garden]]. ​ UNC #1, UMass #18.  UM comes in as a 14½ point underdog, and plays like it to start, falling behind 11-0.  [[roe_lou|Lou Roe]] takes over and scores 28, jumping onto the scorer'​s table after the final horn.  UNC featured 6 players that went to the NBA, including Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, and Eric Montross.|
 +|[[opponent_arkansas|Arkansas]]|11/​25/​1994|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​1994-95/​11251994.htm|W 104-80]]|Neutral|[[calipari_john|John Calipari]]|Starter Tip-Off Classic at [[wp>​Springfield Civic Center|Springfield Civic Center]], Springfield,​ MA.  Arkansas #1, UMass #3.  Corliss Williamson'​s "our second team could beat their first team" quote ends up in the UM locker room, and [[roe_lou|Lou Roe]] takes it very personally. ​ Roe dominates with 34 points and 13 rebounds.|
 +|[[opponent_connecticut|Connecticut]]|11/​22/​1999|@#​ffdddd:​[[http://​​games/​1999-2000/​1122uconn/​|L 79-65]]|Away|[[flint_bruiser|James “Bruiser” Flint]]|UConn #7. The U Game.  [[mack_monty|Monty Mack]] scores a game-high 26, but rest of team can't match the Huskies.|
 +|[[opponent_connecticut|Connecticut]]|12/​9/​2004|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2004-05/​1209uconn|W 61-59]]|[[mullins_center|Home (MC)]]|[[lappas_steve|Steve Lappas]]|UConn #7. The U Game.  Rashaun Freeman hits the game winner, and UM students rush the floor after the horn.|
 +|[[opponent_florida|Florida]]|4/​1/​2008|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2007-08/​0401florida/​|W 78-66]]|Neutral|[[ford_travis|Travis Ford]]|[[wp>​2008 National Invitation Tournament|NIT Semifinal]] at [[wp>​Madison Square Garden|Madison Square Garden]], New York, NY.  Dante Milligan with 17 & 12 in front of hometown crowd. ​ Future UM coach [[mccall_matt|Matt McCall]] on the Florida bench as Director of Operations.|
 +|[[opponent_kansas|Kansas]]|12/​13/​2008|@#​ddffdd:​[[http://​​games/​2008-09/​1213kansas/​|W 61-60]]|Away|[[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg]]|Kansas ​ #25. At the [[wp>​Sprint Center|Sprint Center]], Kansas City, MO.  UM holds KU to 34% shooting, and holds off final Jayhawk shots for the win, just the third of [[kellogg_derek|Derek Kellogg'​s]] young head coaching career.|
 +|[[opponent_virginia|Virginia]]|TBD 2019|TBD|Neutral|[[mccall_matt|Matt McCall]]|Hall of Fame Tipoff event, at Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT.|
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