2000-01 Season News
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3/14/2001Bruiser Flint resigns as head coach of the Minutemen. PictureNewsWire
3/12/2001NIT passes over UMass, Flint awaits word on status.NewsWire
3/12/2001UMass falls short, Temple dances on, 76-65. PictureNewsWire
3/10/2001Minutemen take another step, defeat St. Joe's 75-70. PictureNewsWire
3/9/2001St. Joseph's preview.NewsWire
3/9/2001UMass rolls over St. Bonaventure, 79-58. PictureNewsWire
3/9/2001Minutemen on rocky road. PictureNewsWire
3/9/2001This one is pulling for Flint. PictureNewsWire
3/9/2001St. Bonaventure previews. PictureNewsWire
3/8/2001However you slice it, Bruiser's days are numbered.NewsWire
3/7/2001Rhymer, Mack & Brand collect Atlantic 10 All-Conference honors.NewsWire
3/7/2001Last run for Hard-Earned friends Crooks & DePina. PictureNewsWire
3/7/2001Players support embattled Flint.NewsWire
3/6/2001Future rests with tourney.NewsWire
3/5/2001UMass stumbles on Senior Day, Bonnies win 66-59. Flint's status the topic of conversation. Video clip PictureNewsWire
3/4/2001Monty Mack: The HEART of the Minutemen. PictureNewsWire
3/4/2001Bobby Knight rumors continue to circulate.NewsWire
3/4/2001A case for Mack: Monty contends for the Atlantic 10's Player of the Year award.NewsWire
3/4/2001Kit Rhymer invited to Portsmouth post-season camp.NewsWire
3/3/2001St. Bonaventure previews.NewsWire
2/28/2001One half of beauty, one half of futility. St. Joe's comes back, beats UMass 84-69. PictureNewsWire
2/27/2001St. Joseph's (#18) previews.NewsWire
2/26/2001Marcum, money could do in Flint.NewsWire
2/26/2001Dr. Hoops making his roundball rounds.NewsWire
2/26/2001UMass puts down George Washington, 64-56. Video clip PictureNewsWire
2/24/2001George Washington previews.NewsWire
2/21/2001Rhymer leads the charge over Rhode Island, 82-67. PictureNewsWire
2/20/2001Rhode Island previews.NewsWire
2/19/2001Situation brings sparks from Flint.NewsWire
2/19/2001Schedule no help.NewsWire
2/19/2001Temple kicks some Mass, 84-52. PictureNewsWire
2/17/2001Temple previews.NewsWire
2/17/2001Matt Vautour catches up with former Minuteman Ajmal Basit. PictureNewsWire
2/15/2001UMass gives Xavier some V-Day heartache, 59-49. PictureNewsWire
2/14/2001Xavier previews.NewsWire
2/13/2001Blizzard realizes niche.NewsWire
2/13/2001Bobby Knight rumors surface.NewsWire
2/11/2001Marching uphill. The Minutemen face a difficult road to post-season play.NewsWire
2/7/2001Dayton flies over UMass, 89-76. PictureNewsWire
2/6/2001Winston Smith: Enjoying His Time in Amherst. PictureNewsWire
2/6/2001Dayton previews.NewsWire
2/6/2001Rogers provides huge lift for Minutemen.NewsWire
2/5/2001UMass rolls over Fordham, 85-59. Video clip PictureNewsWire
2/5/2001Dare to Dream. ExclusiveNewsWire
2/3/2001Fordham previews.NewsWire
1/31/2001UMass stomps on Rhode Island, 78-46. PictureNewsWire
1/31/2001Updates on Eddie Basden from the DHG and SUN.Recruiting
1/30/2001Rhode Island previews.NewsWire
1/30/2001Flint tops fashion index. PictureNewsWire
1/30/2001Teams bunched at top of A-10.NewsWire
1/30/2001Don't write them off yet: The Mass. Daily Collegian recaps the Minutemen during their intersession break.NewsWire
1/30/2001Marcus Camby made the wrong headlines in January by striking Jeff Van Gundy, and the agent scandal writes another chapter.Alumni
1/29/2001UMass climb continues.NewsWire
1/29/2001UMass wins an OT thriller over Temple, 65-64, for a share of first place in the A-10. Video clip PictureNewsWire
1/27/2001Temple previews.NewsWire
1/26/2001UMass puts away scrappy La Salle, 62-58. PictureNewsWire
1/25/2001La Salle previews.NewsWire
1/25/2001The Daily Hampshire Gazette and The Springfield Union-News both take a closer look at Kit Rhymer's improvement.NewsWire
1/22/2001Rhymer earns Atlantic 10 Player of the Week honor. PictureNewsWire
1/22/2001Goal-oriented UMass in race.NewsWire
1/22/2001Minutemen make a victorious return to Springfield, defeat Duquesne 80-69. Video clip PictureNewsWire
1/20/2001Duquesne previews.NewsWire
1/20/2001UMass wins a squeaker over Dayton, 62-57. PictureNewsWire
1/18/2001Dayton previews.NewsWire
1/18/2001The Flint Family: Just Like Father, Just Like Son. PictureNewsWire
1/18/2001DePina should be starting.NewsWire
1/18/2001Mack produces.NewsWire
1/18/2001UMass returns to Civic Center.NewsWire
1/15/2001Turnovers fluster Minutemen.NewsWire
1/15/2001Minutemen drop heartbreaker in Olean, fall to St. Bonaventure 66-65. PictureNewsWire
1/13/2001St. Bonaventure previews.NewsWire
1/13/2001Contributions vary.NewsWire
1/11/2001Behler keeps chin up.NewsWire
1/10/2001Minutemen make a strong statement, defeat Xavier on road 75-64. PictureNewsWire
1/9/2001Xavier previews.NewsWire
1/9/2001UMass wakes up and beats GW, 76-60. Video clip PictureNewsWire
1/6/2001GW previews.NewsWire
12/31/2000Richmond perimeter attack sinks UMass, 63-59. PictureNewsWire
12/31/2000Richmond previews: SUN, DHG.NewsWire
12/31/2000North Carolina puts UMass away easily, 91-60. PictureNewsWire
12/29/2000North Carolina previews.NewsWire
12/27/2000It's broke. What will fix it?NewsWire
12/27/2000Skinner steps into spotlight. PictureAlumni
12/26/2000Dwayne Killings: From 'Cane to Minuteman. PictureNewsWire
12/26/2000Minutemen will try to recharge.NewsWire
12/23/2000Former Minuteman Mark Haymore reflects on playing for Bobby Knight.NewsWire
12/23/2000Season far from jolly.NewsWire
12/18/2000Eagles thwart UMass comeback, pull away to win 74-65. Video clip PictureNewsWire
12/18/2000Bayno goes bust in cursed Vegas.NewsWire
12/17/2000Boston College previews.NewsWire
12/16/2000Blizzard on way at UMass.NewsWire
12/15/2000Minutemen stop the bleeding, big time, beat BU 68-52. PictureNewsWire
12/15/2000Pitino to UMass? Keep dreaming.NewsWire
12/15/2000Flint feels for fired friend.NewsWire
12/14/2000Boston University previews.NewsWire
12/13/2000#11 Huskies too much for Minutemen, 82-67. Video clip PictureNewsWire
12/12/2000UConn previews.NewsWire
12/11/2000Bricks build another loss for Minutemen, 54-51 to Ohio State. PictureNewsWire
12/8/2000UMass lets it all slip away, Providence wins 85-70. PictureNewsWire
12/7/2000Providence previews.NewsWire
12/7/2000Wristbands key to Brand's success.NewsWire
12/7/2000Pugh learning college game. PictureNewsWire
12/7/2000Flint maintains cool under fire.NewsWire
12/7/2000Referees aggressive with calls.NewsWire
12/5/2000Team seeking answers.NewsWire
12/5/2000Ducks run away from Minutemen, 91-76. PictureNewsWire
12/3/2000Adjustment time for freshmen.NewsWire
12/2/2000Oregon previews.NewsWire
12/2/2000Mack tries to find stride.NewsWire
12/2/2000Minutemen need work in many areas.NewsWire
11/27/2000Pitino rumor is humorous.NewsWire
11/27/2000Mack puts mistake behind him.NewsWire
11/27/2000Minutemen all Cross-ed up inside.NewsWire
11/27/2000Holy Cross crucifies UMass, 78-65. Video clip PictureNewsWire
11/26/2000Holy Cross previews.NewsWire
11/22/2000UMass must settle into softer style.NewsWire
11/22/2000UMass at a loss over loss.NewsWire
11/21/2000Minutemen can't climb out of first half hole, fall short 68-64 at Marquette. PictureNewsWire
11/20/2000Marquette previews.NewsWire
11/20/2000Mack-less Minutemen stave off Iona, 67-65. Video clip PictureNewsWire
11/18/2000Iona previews.NewsWire
11/18/2000Stupid mistake taints Mack's image.NewsWire
11/16/2000Seeking more scoring from wing. PictureNewsWire
11/16/2000Bruiser scores a two-for with King & Branwell letters. PictureRecruiting
11/16/2000UMass notes from The Daily Hampshire Gazette.NewsWire
11/16/2000Crooks poised to run offense. PictureNewsWire
11/16/2000Mack, Wadley friendly rivals.NewsWire
11/16/2000It's All in the Family with Kit.NewsWire
11/16/2000Catch up with Minutemen of the past.NewsWire
11/16/2000Mass. production?: Heat on for Flint & Co.NewsWire
11/16/2000Matt Vautour previews the Minutemen's non-conference slate.NewsWire
11/16/2000UMass gets it together, pulls away from Statmaster.com, 82-71. Video clip PictureNewsWire
11/15/2000Power pool deeper for UMass. PictureNewsWire
11/14/2000Is this Bruiser's best club?NewsWire
11/10/2000Statmaster.com previews.NewsWire
11/10/2000Atlantic-10 ranks UMass third in pre-season poll.NewsWire
11/9/2000Matt Vautour spends some time getting to know Willie Jenkins. PictureNewsWire
11/9/2000Eddie Basden signs LOI with Minutemen.Recruiting
11/8/2000DePina, Smith asked to step up.NewsWire
11/8/2000Bruiser: Coach enjoys the job.NewsWire
11/4/2000Minutemen show some potential but fall short of California All-Stars, 83-82. Video clip PictureNewsWire
11/4/2000California All-Stars previews.NewsWire
11/4/2000Psychologist talks on the court.NewsWire
11/4/2000Assistant coach Martin fuels N.Y. pipeline. PictureNewsWire
11/2/2000UMass points to Crooks. PictureNewsWire
10/26/2000Matt Vautour compiles a Top 10 list of questions facing the Minutemen for the 2000-01 season.NewsWire
10/26/2000Jenkins talented, yes sir.NewsWire
10/21/2000Brand added pounds, attitude over the summer. PictureNewsWire
10/21/2000Minutemen get to work as practice gets underway. PictureNewsWire
10/21/2000from UMassAthletics.com: 2000-01 Season Preview (in .PDF format)Other Sites
10/16/2000Midnight Madness kicks off the 2000-01 season. Video clip
Pictures of the action. Picture
10/11/2000Reports from Media Day 2000. PictureNewsWire
10/11/2000Mack's shoplifting charge to be dismissed under continuance.NewsWire
10/7/2000Monty Mack arrested on shoplifting charge.NewsWire
10/5/2000UMass hoop recruits on campus.Recruiting
10/5/2000Flint keeps options open on lineup.NewsWire
9/16/2000Patience is truly a virtue for transfer student Eric Williams. PictureNewsWire
9/12/2000Minutemen will return to Springfield for January 20 game against Duquesne.NewsWire
9/9/2000Mauricio Branwell gives Bruiser verbal commitment. PictureRecruiting
9/7/2000Schedule for 2000-01 released.NewsWire
9/6/2000Mike Connors remains on Flint's staff for 2000-01.NewsWire
8/28/2000Commitments come early.NewsWire
8/23/2000Back-court bounty: guard Jeremiah King commits to UMass. PictureRecruiting
8/18/2000Shooting guard Eddie Basden gives Minutemen verbal commitment. PictureRecruiting
8/15/2000Assistant coach Mike Connors looks at head coaching job at Cornell.NewsWire
8/9/2000Springfield tries to lure Minutemen back to Civic Center.NewsWire
8/9/2000Recruiting update from The Daily Hampshire Gazette.Recruiting
8/9/2000Jarrett Kearse's Minuteman career ends before it begins.Recruiting
8/1/2000Jameel Pugh: UMass Appeal.Recruiting
7/26/2000Catch up with Dana Dingle at famed Rucker Park.Alumni
7/26/2000Monty Mack finishes classwork to ensure 5th year.NewsWire
7/9/2000Minutemen past and present hoop it up in Springfield.NewsWire
7/9/2000Matt Vautour provides tidbits on Lamb's status, the upcoming schedule and the Springfield Pro-Am league.NewsWire
7/1/2000Anthony Anderson makes the eligibility requirements.NewsWire
6/23/2000More speculation about Bruiser's candidacy for the Miami job.NewsWire
6/18/2000Bruiser's name mentioned as possible replacement at U. Miami.NewsWire
6/18/2000Chuck Martin fills the vacant assistant coaching position.NewsWire
6/11/2000A look ahead to the 2000-01 season.NewsWire
6/3/2000Barbee helps UMass sign Willie Jenkins.Recruiting
6/3/2000Derek Kellogg follows John Calipari to Memphis.NewsWire
5/16/2000Minutemen add Marquette to the schedule.NewsWire
5/2/20002000-01 schedule coming together.NewsWire
5/2/2000Kit Rhymer could get extra year under new NCAA rule.NewsWire
5/2/2000Geoff Arnold will stick around in 2000-01.NewsWire
4/14/2000Rogers, Anderson & Kearse all signed up.Recruiting
4/9/2000Jackie Rogers comittment not set in stone, forward eyes Louisville.Recruiting
4/9/2000Bruiser waits on word from Arnold to fill coaching slots.NewsWire
4/9/2000A View from the Flint: Coach Bruiser wraps up one season and sticks around to plan for the next.NewsWire
3/24/2000Recruits eye future at UMass.Recruiting
3/23/2000Associate Head Coach Geoff Arnold a candidate for the U. Hartford vacancy.NewsWire
3/22/2000Jackie Rogers says yes to UMass.Recruiting
3/22/2000Tony Barbee joins Calipari in Memphis.NewsWire
3/22/2000University backs Bruiser, job secure for 2000-01 season.NewsWire

1999-2000 Season News
For stories about individual games, please see the ScoreBoard

3/18/2000All not lost in Amherst.NewsWire
3/18/2000Siena pulls it out over UMass, 66-65. PictureNewsWire
3/18/2000Siena previews.NewsWire
3/13/2000UMass keeps the March madness alive with an NIT bid.NewsWire
3/13/2000Jackie Rogers narrows his list to three. PictureRecruiting
3/12/2000Minutemen wait on an NIT bid.NewsWire
3/12/2000John Calipari joins the Memphis Tigers. PictureAlumni
3/11/2000Minutemen fall short against the Owls, 54-47. PictureNewsWire
3/11/2000Players earning respect.NewsWire
3/10/2000Temple preview.NewsWire
3/10/2000Flint deserves to stay.NewsWire
3/10/2000UMass flies into semi-finals, 86-68. PictureNewsWire
3/9/2000George Washington previews.NewsWire
3/9/2000Minutemen advance easily past Duquesne, 77-52. PictureNewsWire
3/9/2000Duquesne previews.NewsWire
3/9/2000Mack named to A-10 first team.NewsWire
3/7/2000Brand will miss A-10 tourney.NewsWire
3/6/2000Bonnie Blowout: UMass sputters in Olean 86-69. PictureNewsWire
3/6/2000St. Bonaventure previews.NewsWire
3/5/2000Why Anderson chose UMass.Recruiting
3/3/2000BruiserBall column: Confidence is needed to defeat St. Bonaventure.NewsWire
3/1/2000UMass drops a foul-fest to GW, 87-86. PictureNewsWire
2/29/2000George Washington previews.NewsWire
2/29/2000Waiting game for Eric Williams. PictureNewsWire
2/28/2000Good vs. Bad, Bad vs. Good: The Minutemen rise and fall predictably, based on their opponent of the day.NewsWire
2/28/2000Bruiser deserves vote of confidence.NewsWire
2/28/2000The Boston Herald checks on Memphis' pursuit of John Calipari.Alumni
2/28/2000Tale of two halves: UMass falls in the end 72-54. PictureNewsWire
2/27/2000This Lamb's not sheepish: Senior has Boston English lined up for title shot.Recruiting
2/26/2000Temple previews.NewsWire
2/24/2000BruiserBall column: Final three games of the regular season loom large.NewsWire
2/24/2000UMass appears more favorable to Jackie Rogers.Recruiting
2/24/2000Cal tries to keep Memphis talks low-key.Alumni
2/23/2000UMass dismisses Rhode Island, 57-37. PictureNewsWire
2/22/2000Rhode Island previews.NewsWire
2/22/2000Regrouped and Re-energized: Flint's flying high after strong Minuteman wins over Fordham and St. Joe's.NewsWire
2/21/2000Minutemen keep on track over St. Joseph's, 76-65. PictureNewsWire
2/21/2000Babul does all he can. PictureNewsWire
2/21/2000Point guard Anthony Anderson heading to UMass.Recruiting
2/20/2000Jackie Rogers unsure about UMass?Recruiting
2/19/2000St. Joseph's previews.NewsWire
2/19/2000Calipari still interested in Memphis after Georgia Tech news.Alumni
2/17/2000UMass wins without Mack-attack, 81-72.NewsWire
2/16/2000Fordham previews.NewsWire
2/14/2000Darryl Denson leaves school, team.NewsWire
2/14/2000Xavier breaks away from UMass, 87-77. PictureNewsWire
2/12/2000Xavier previews.NewsWire
2/12/2000Lynn guard Anthony Anderson leans toward UMass.Recruiting
2/10/2000Minutemen run away with it over La Salle, 82-48. PictureNewsWire
2/10/2000BruiserBall column: Second half of league play looms large for UMass.NewsWire
2/9/2000La Salle previews.NewsWire
2/7/2000Good Isn't Quite Good Enough.NewsWire
2/7/2000Mack attack isn't enough.NewsWire
2/7/2000Texas too big for UMass, 68-57. PictureNewsWire
2/5/2000Texas previews.NewsWire
2/4/2000BruiserBall column: Minutemen try to put Temple loss behind them.NewsWire
2/4/2000Hoop team gets 6-5 swingman Jarrett KearseRecruiting
2/4/2000Calipari defends Flint.NewsWire
2/2/2000No excuses, Temple dominates 75-48. Picture Video clip Audio clipNewsWire
2/1/2000Temple previews.NewsWire
1/31/2000Minutemen losing fans, games, cash, but refuse to lose hope.NewsWire
1/31/2000Winning Fast, Winning Slow.NewsWire
1/31/2000Barbee passes on his knowledge.NewsWire
1/31/2000Rhymer rebounds with reason.NewsWire
1/31/2000Not pretty, but still a W: UMass over VA Tech 49-41. PictureNewsWire
1/29/2000Virginia Tech previews.NewsWire
1/28/2000UMass grabs important A-10 win, downs Duquesne 84-75. Picture Video clip Audio clipNewsWire
1/27/2000Duquesne previews.NewsWire
1/27/2000Hotrumor.com: College recruiting can become a tangled web on the Internet.Recruiting
1/26/2000Kirkland steps up.NewsWire
1/26/2000BruiserBall column: Every game is a war at this time of the year.NewsWire
1/25/2000UMass alum Dave Strader returns for ESPN. Picture Audio clipAlumni
1/25/2000Matt Vautour tries to explain the craziness of the A-10 and updates a little recruiting speculation.Recruiting
1/24/2000Raheim Lamb goes off for 34 in a big HS win. PictureRecruiting
1/24/2000Big Win Gives UMass Confidence.NewsWire
1/24/2000Situation has air of emptiness.NewsWire
1/24/2000UMass stomps Rhode Island 89-50. Picture Video clip Audio clipNewsWire
1/23/2000The Memphis press appeals for Calipari's services.Alumni
1/22/2000Rhode Island previews.NewsWire
1/21/2000Flyers leave Minutemen in the dust, 57-52 final. PictureNewsWire
1/20/2000Bruising expectations: UMass coach Flint feels heat from demanding fans.NewsWire
1/20/2000Dayton previews.NewsWire
1/19/2000BruiserBall column: Bruiser buoyant following St. Joe's win.NewsWire
1/19/2000UMass Play Remains Solid.NewsWire
1/18/2000New millennium, same story: racism still plagues America.NewsWire
1/17/2000UMass wins a battle in Philly over St. Joe's, 73-69. Picture Video clip Audio clipNewsWire
1/17/2000Calipari: Awaiting a return to helm.Alumni
1/16/2000St. Joseph's previews.NewsWire
1/16/2000Ron Chimelis offers his viewpoint on the UMass basketball history confusion.NewsWire
1/16/2000Flint remains the coach.NewsWire
1/14/2000Update on Jameel Pugh.Recruiting
1/14/2000UMass wants a stronger Brand.NewsWire
1/14/2000UMass defense pressing issue.NewsWire
1/14/2000Crooks makes his point.NewsWire
1/14/2000UMass eyes ex-Mountaineers.Recruiting
1/12/2000BruiserBall column: UMass not giving up on the remainder of the season.NewsWire
1/11/2000UMass Hoops history fouled up?NewsWire
1/11/2000Anything Goes for UMass.NewsWire
1/10/2000Back on track: UMass pounds Fordham 82-52. PictureNewsWire
1/10/2000Rage in the Cage once a year.NewsWire
1/10/2000Minutemen's Brand could be special.NewsWire
1/10/2000Minutemen long for brighter days.NewsWire
1/10/2000Fordham previews.NewsWire
1/9/2000Leap year for Pacers' Pugh, Dosty. PictureRecruiting
1/7/2000UMass suffers another setback, St. Bonaventure wins 70-60. PictureNewsWire
1/6/2000St. Bonaventure previews.NewsWire
1/6/2000UMass always Oates' favorite.NewsWire
1/5/2000BruiserBall column: Bruiser itching to start conference play.NewsWire
1/5/2000John Calipari watch: Memphis seems willing to go see Cal.Alumni
1/3/2000UMass Season Half-Full, Half-Empty.NewsWire
12/31/1999Minutemen drop a heartbreaker in OT, Providence wins 61-60. PictureNewsWire
12/31/1999Matt Vautour takes a stab at compiling an All-Decade team.NewsWire
12/30/1999Providence College previews.NewsWire
12/30/1999Babul's dreams have changed into hard reality at UMassNewsWire
12/29/1999Mack scores with UMass.NewsWire
12/28/1999Minutemen mired in mediocrity.NewsWire
12/27/1999Hey, Minutemen, let's get serious.NewsWire
12/24/1999BC sends UMass packing, 83-59. PictureNewsWire
12/24/1999UMass still a giant in opponents' eyes.NewsWire
12/23/1999UMass, as expected, trounces American-PR 102-65. PictureNewsWire
12/23/1999Salukis rip one away from UMass, 65-63. PictureNewsWire
12/23/1999UMass Future Looking Bright.NewsWire
12/22/1999American University-Puerto Rico preview.NewsWire
12/21/1999Southern Illinois previews.NewsWire
12/21/1999Blizzard shifts into starting role.NewsWire
12/20/1999Mack, Minutemen get back on track, UMass beats Florida State 69-60. PictureNewsWire
12/20/1999Matt Vautour catches up with Tyrone Weeks.NewsWire
12/20/1999Rhymer has cheering section.NewsWire
12/20/1999Bench shines for Minutemen.NewsWire
12/17/1999Wanted: Shooting stars.NewsWire
12/17/1999At Least It's Exciting.NewsWire
12/15/1999The latest BruiserBall column reflects on Detroit and looks ahead to the tropical road trip.NewsWire
12/14/1999Move the 2000 U-Game For A Worthy Cause.NewsWire
12/14/1999UMass stalls in Motor City: Detroit prevails 63-59. PictureNewsWire
12/13/1999Quick update on Jameel Pugh.Recruiting
12/12/1999Minutemen win thriller with Villanova 52-51. Picture Video clip Audio clipNewsWire
12/12/1999Detroit previews.NewsWire
12/9/1999Smith contributes valuable minutes. PictureNewsWire
12/9/1999Kirkland second to none.NewsWire
12/9/1999BruiserBall column: Hectic, but satisfying week for Bruiser and Minutemen.NewsWire
12/9/1999UMass' Prospects Looking Up.NewsWire
12/6/1999Villanova previews.NewsWire
12/6/1999UMass thwarts Boston College 74-67. PictureNewsWire
12/4/1999Boston College previews.NewsWire
12/4/1999Crooks settles down.NewsWire
12/3/1999Minutemen come back to life, whip BU 70-51. PictureNewsWire
12/3/1999BruiserBall column: Coach wants to see more passion from his players.NewsWire
12/3/1999Bruiser suspends himself for BU game.NewsWire
12/2/1999Boston University previews.NewsWire
12/1/1999Debut dud: Minutemen fall to Marshall in home opener 65-55. PictureNewsWire
11/30/1999UMass' Place in a Stronger A-10.NewsWire
11/29/1999Marshall previews.NewsWire
11/24/1999Promises, promises: An Iona revenge win and an encouraging U-Game loss bode well for the Minutemen's coming season.NewsWire
11/24/1999BruiserBall column: Minutemen playing exciting brand of basketball.NewsWire
11/24/1999UConn outing encouraging.NewsWire
11/24/1999Minutemen can't overcome Huskies, fall 79-65 at Storrs. Picture Video clipNewsWire
11/23/1999Jameel Pugh comments on his decision to attend UMass. PictureRecruiting
11/22/1999UConn previews.NewsWire
11/22/1999Minutemen get their revenge, win at Iona 85-77. Picture Video clipNewsWire
11/21/1999Calipari Steals the Nets' Show.Alumni
11/20/1999Iona previews.NewsWire
11/20/1999A winning agenda: Flint tries to rebuild at UMassNewsWire
11/20/1999Midnight Madness recaps. Picture (new pictures added today)NewsWire
11/19/1999UMass goes 2-0 in exhibition play with 97-88 win over Converse All-Stars. PictureNewsWire
11/18/1999BruiserBall column: U-Game looms on horizon after successful preseason.NewsWire
11/18/1999Reviews mixed for Minutemen.NewsWire
11/18/1999Done deal: Jameel Pugh signs LOI to UMass. PictureRecruiting
11/17/1999Athletic Minutemen aim for NCAA. PictureNewsWire
11/17/1999Minutemen storm out of the gate with a 103-97 over the California All-Stars. PictureNewsWire
11/16/1999DePina's game improving. PictureNewsWire
11/16/1999B-Ball.com's Tom Kertes chips in with his preview of the new-look Minutemen.NewsWire
11/15/1999Minutemen ready to fly.NewsWire
11/15/1999It's Time to Ponder a Camby Era.Alumni
11/15/1999UMass goes 2-0 in exhibition play with 97-88 win over Converse All-Stars. PictureNewsWire
11/11/1999It's official: Raheim Lamb signs LOI. PictureRecruiting
11/10/1999Converse All-Stars previews.NewsWire
11/10/1999Reports: Jameel Pugh gives verbal commitment.Recruiting
11/5/1999Atlantic-10 coaches pick UMass to finish second in East division.NewsWire
11/3/1999California All-Stars previews.NewsWire
11/3/1999BruiserBall column: A new UMass basketball season dawns.NewsWire
11/2/1999The Tradition Continues: UMass men's basketball begins the 1999-2000 season Wednesday night.NewsWire
10/30/1999Flint delivers upbeat reviews.NewsWire
10/30/1999Andover native UMass prospect.Recruiting
10/24/1999Ketner, Roe bid for jobs. (stats updated for end of pre-season)Alumni
10/17/1999UMass hopes small & quick wins. PictureNewsWire
10/16/1999BruiserBall column: A new season begins.NewsWire
10/14/1999Baseball playoff fever catches up with the Minutemen.NewsWire
10/13/1999Reports from Media Day 1999. PictureNewsWire
10/8/1999Mack suffers stress fracture.NewsWire
10/8/1999Plans for Midnight Madness announced.NewsWire
10/2/1999Web fuels hoop recruit rumors.Recruiting
10/2/1999Flint anxious to start season. PictureNewsWire
9/30/1999Tony Barbee talks about his return to Amherst.NewsWire
9/29/1999BruiserBall column: Where did the summer go?NewsWire
9/21/1999Approach clean-cut for Flint.NewsWire
9/16/1999Recruiting world continues to spin.Recruiting
9/12/1999Get to know the new UMass play-by-play man, Bob Behler. PictureNewsWire
9/8/1999John Calipari returns to the NBA as 76ers assistant coach.Alumni
9/2/1999UMass interests prep star Talik Brown.Recruiting
8/27/1999UMass releases the 1999-2000 schedule.NewsWire
8/21/1999Catch up with Dana Dingle on the courts of New York City.Alumni
8/20/1999Raheim Lamb is waiting in the wings. PictureRecruiting
8/15/1999Summer recruiting recap from The Daily Hampshire Gazette. PictureRecruiting
8/12/1999Marcus Camby pays a visit to Springfield. PictureAlumni
7/29/1999UMass pins hope on guard.NewsWire
7/22/1999Padilla & Travieso: UMass pair gets back together. PictureNewsWire
7/19/1999BruiserBall column: On the road again.NewsWire
7/19/1999Tyrone Weeks joins Bonnies' staff.Alumni
7/8/1999Crooks keeps busy over the summer. PictureNewsWire
7/8/1999Why Johnson chose UMass.Recruiting
7/3/1999Lari Ketner drafted by the Chicago Bulls. Audio clipAlumni
6/30/1999UMass picks up JUCO transfer Jovann Johnson.Recruiting
6/29/1999Lari Ketner can't avoid questions at the NBA Draft.NewsWire
6/27/1999Lari Ketner: Back in good standing.NewsWire
6/18/1999Tony Barbee comes back to UMass.NewsWire
6/18/1999BruiserBall column: NBA Finals predictions.NewsWire
6/18/1999UMass interest abounds at the BABC Summer Shootout. PictureRecruiting
6/12/1999Marcus Camby shines as Knicks advance to NBA Finals. Picture Video clipAlumni
6/11/1999Derek Kellogg moves up to Youngstown State.Alumni
6/6/1999Marcus proves it 'Camby' done.Alumni
5/26/1999Cruz follows Robic to Youngstown State.NewsWire
5/24/1999Bruiser needs a recruiting schmoozer.NewsWire
5/24/1999Adam Harrington eliminates UMass as transfer possibility.Recruiting
5/21/1999BruiserBall column: No off-season for coaches.NewsWire
5/14/1999It's official: Eric Williams to transfer from Syracuse. PictureRecruiting
5/12/1999John Robic gets head coaching job at Youngstown State. PictureNewsWire
5/5/1999Insiders Report is reporting that JuCo player Shon Coleman has signed a letter of intent with Georgia.Recruiting
4/30/1999The latest on DePina, Cruz, Basit and recruits from the Daily Hampshire Gazette.NewsWire
4/30/1999Minutemen considering return to Springfield Civic Center.NewsWire
4/30/1999BruiserBall column: Let the rebuilding begin.NewsWire
4/28/1999On the contrary: DePina to return in 1999-2000.NewsWire
4/28/1999Today's Boston Herald reports that UMass is "still in the running for Shon Coleman, a power forward from Indian Hills JC in Iowa. Coleman is deciding between UMass and Kentucky."Recruiting
4/24/1999UMass recruit opts for Baylor.Recruiting
4/22/1999Kit Rhymer named to Virgin Islands National Team.NewsWire
4/17/1999DePina on his way out?NewsWire
4/17/1999Updates on possible recruits DeMarcus Minor and Shon Coleman.Recruiting
4/16/1999B-Ball.com's Tom Kertes wraps up the puzzling season that was.NewsWire
4/16/1999Get the latest on the Adam Harrington news. Picture Video clipRecruiting
4/9/1999More transfer talk: DePina to head back to Boston? Blizzard rumors?NewsWire
4/9/1999Rafael Cruz to transfer, but where to? PictureNewsWire
4/9/1999Start penciling in opponents for the 1999-2000 schedule.NewsWire
4/9/1999A check on Ketner's NBA hopes.NewsWire
3/17/1999John Calipari fired from the Nets. PictureNewsWire
3/15/1999Do you want John Calipari back as coach of the Minutemen?Fan Poll
3/13/1999Flint regroups, responds to rumors.NewsWire
3/13/1999Derek Kellogg returns to NCAA Tournament action.NewsWire
3/9/1999Ruling may affect UMass.NewsWire
3/7/1999Outlook upbeat for Minutemen.NewsWire
3/6/1999No post-season action for UMass.NewsWire
3/6/1999Will DePina and Blizzard stick around?NewsWire

1998-99 Season News

3/3/1999Awards come to Minutemen.
3/3/1999Clarke gives it all he's got.
3/2/1999The Daily Hampshire Gazette previews the Atlantic-10 Conference awards.
3/2/1999The Mass. Daily Collegian pays tribute to the lesser-known seniors: Ross Burns & Andy Maclay.
3/2/1999A reason for Rhymer.
3/2/1999Get to know Shannon Crooks in a great piece by Matt Vautour.
3/1/1999Bruiser should keep job.
3/2/1999Minutemen playing better, face road test.
3/2/1999Kirkland's a rare breed.
2/19/1999Mack: UMass' lone star.
2/15/1999Bruised: UMass took the blows.
2/15/1999Bad breaks hurt UMass.
2/12/1999Ajmal Basit's career in Amherst comes to an abrupt close.
2/12/1999Flint's vision for improvement.
2/11/1999Extra year for Ketner is denied.
2/10/1999Mack shines in tough times.
2/6/1999UMass starts to sleepwalk.
2/4/1999Clarke, Bruiser at odds.
2/2/1999Flint is leading Minutemen downhill quickly.
1/28/1999UMass in rough waters.
1/28/1999Tourney season starts early for UMass.
1/25/1999Unique style works for UMass' Mack.
1/25/1999Reflections on Temple and a look ahead to Fordham.
1/24/1999Clock's ticking on season.
1/23/1999Time of Torment: His final season at Massachusetts has been no fun for Lari Ketner.
1/23/1999UMass still a mystery: Flint can't figure his Minutemen.
1/22/1999Kirkland making a powerful impact.
1/22/1999No brotherly love for Ketner in Philly.
1/22/1999Minutemen eye NCAA tournament.
1/18/1999Are we witnessing the resurgence of UMass Basketball?
1/15/1999Cruz makes his move with Minutemen.
1/11/1999UMass to face Duquesne, with Kansas looming.
1/9/1999Mike Williams suits up for the Springfield Slamm.
1/8/1999Harrick, Flint seek a cure.
1/7/1999Rhymer becomes fan favorite.
1/7/1999Again, UMass at a loss.
1/4/1999Rhymer reason for UMass turnaround.
1/2/1999A-10 struggles in early play.
12/31/1998Minutemen seek some senior leadership.
12/27/1998UMass star Lari Ketner working on his inside game.
12/26/1998Minutemen's time of the year.
12/22/1998Minutemen on vacation, but won't get a break.
12/17/1998Magic's missing for Flint.
12/17/1998Flint: Minutemen must shove back: Team is being pushed around too much.
12/17/1998UMass Focuses on Football Not Hoops.
12/15/1998Flint finding his zone.
12/14/1998Wake up call issued for Ketner.
12/13/1998Reflections on the UConn game from College Hoops Insider.
12/11/1998Lessons learned in UConn loss.
12/11/1998This time, frontcourt comes alive but backcourt flounders.
12/11/1998Flint's life computes.
12/11/1998Flint gets 2 year contract extension.
12/10/1998Recap from Bruiser's chat on ESPN.com.
12/8/1998UMass hangs its hat on history.
12/8/19983rd straight loss takes an emotional toll on Minutemen.
12/4/1998UMass starting lineup has uncertain future.
12/3/1998Fallout from the College of Charleston game.
11/29/1998UMass looking forward to getting back on court.
11/28/1998UMass not up to hype.
11/27/1998Babul takes the initiative.
11/21/1998The Daily Hampshire Gazette tracks down Inus Norville, plus other tid-bits.
11/21/1998No cause for charges in Mack incident.
11/20/1998UMass abandons trademarks.
11/16/1998Minute By Minutemen, Vol. 5, Iss. 1
11/15/1998Minutemen plan to push pace.
11/14/1998Our man Matt Vautour at the Daily Hampshire Gazette hooks us up with 4 articles.
11/11/1998Mack back in lineup tonight.
11/9/1998Minutemen's half-court game needs work.
11/8/1998Minutemen shooting for full Monty.
11/8/1998Previews from The Boston Globe.
11/6/1998"Bruiser" Flint Looks Forward to Season.
11/6/1998Minutemen get some respect.
11/6/1998Continuing coverage on the Monty Mack incident.
11/5/1998UMass unveils uptempo offense.
11/5/1998Flint encouraged by Minutemen practices.
11/2/1998Will shots be on target for Minutemen this year?
10/29/98UMass makes pitch for fans.
10/27/98Ketner's knee injury a false alarm.
10/26/98The Springfield Union-News reported today that Lari Ketner suffered a knee injury in practice on Oct. 22. He will undergo an MRI today and is expected to miss the entire pre-season, but should be back for the Nov. 16 game against Niagara.
10/22/98UM's small forward spot draws small crowd.
10/22/98Flint's long road to instant success.
10/22/98Q & A session with Bruiser.
10/19/98Coverage from Midnight Madness.
10/18/98A new fire for UMass players.
10/15/98Minutemen's Ketner is front and center.
10/14/98Complete coverage from Media Day '98.

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