Potential new mascot ideas
May 8, 2003

UMassHoops.com has concluded the fan poll about potential new mascots. These comments were made along with the poll.

Comments made here do not necessarily reflect the views of UMassHoops.com.

Hey Ian...your recorded comments on KGO in San Francisco this morning left people in this great city with the impression that UMass has no academic mission-just an overly ambitious AD who is interested in increasing cash flow. How about applying some thought before you speak next time.05/08/03 7:07:29 PM MST
This is another example of changing a college mascot as a result of extreme liberalism on a college campus. The radical left-wing at UMass has campus has been trying to get rid of the "White Male with a gun" logo for years. This recent effort is now in the disguise of an expensive marketing analysis, which is being paid for by a state university under extreme budgetary constraint. It is once again Political Correctness run wild in the Happy Valley. 05/08/03 6:06:03 PM MST
UMass Grey Wolves?? No Way! Never! Save The Minuteman!!05/08/03 4:53:45 PM MST
Why did you use an outside source for your marketing/survey when there's an outstanding marketing department on site. Waste of money to tell you that the Minutemen should remain! 05/08/03 4:42:50 PM MST
Keep the Minuteman PLEASE!!!05/08/03 4:05:37 PM MST
Keep the Minuteman!! The other names SUCK!!!!05/08/03 3:43:12 PM MST
keep the minuteman, ian...its about massachusetts- it's about america.05/08/03 3:36:07 PM MST
Redesign to logo? Yes. Change the name to something other than Minutemen? Never.05/08/03 2:02:57 PM MST
UMass Merlins sounds catchy, Red Foxes does not05/08/03 12:44:38 PM MST
Howabout Mankind or the Hitmen? Nothing sells merchandise better than the WWF05/08/03 11:06:46 AM MST
The Minuteman should stay.Massachusetts is the birthplace of the American Revolution. The Minutemen were heroes of the Revolution. If not for their bravery, none of us would enjoy the freedoms that we hold dear. 05/08/03 10:47:49 AM MST
I think you should keep the minutemen, but redesign it (and the crappy UMass sports logo).05/08/03 9:52:31 AM MST
I think you should keep the minutemen, but redesign it (and the crappy UMass sports logo).05/08/03 9:48:59 AM MST
How about none of the above???05/08/03 9:12:10 AM MST
Why not change the team name from Minutemen to Murderers, Rapists, or Drug Dealers in honor of our "hero' ,President Bulger!!! 05/08/03 8:56:04 AM MST
UMass Pioneers05/08/03 8:43:24 AM MST
You'll start selling UMass gear when the BBall team starts winning!! The program sucks right now. When they go back to the Final Four sale will improve. Winning generates sales. Shame on the AD for wasting money on a marketing consultant at a time when the University's budget is being cut!!!05/08/03 8:43:05 AM MST
The Minutemen fought to create the democratic nation that we are all privileged to live in. The Minutemen are symbolic of Massachusetts, the birthplace of the American Revolution.Go UMass Minutemen!!05/08/03 8:39:43 AM MST
The Minutemen fought to create the democratic nation that we are all privileged to live in. The Minutemen are symbolic of Massachusetts, the birthplace of the American 05/08/03 8:38:42 AM MST
Save The Minuteman!!! No Other Logo is Acceptable!!!!!05/08/03 8:33:35 AM MST
Changing the nickname isn't going to sell more tee shirts and hats...winning teams do!05/08/03 8:10:36 AM MST
Please not the Gray Wolves!05/08/03 8:01:33 AM MST
these are all no good05/08/03 7:27:49 AM MST
The 'Gray Wolves'? You can tell this guy is a consultant! Why is it consultants think they can charge ridiculous sums of cash to make suggestions like "change the nickname to some generic corporate inspiration". Why don't we just change the name to the Mighty Ducks! How about the Lakers or the Raiders. Good God! Has everyone lost their minds. You can't get more unique than the Minutemen. I think a certain basketball team from the Northeast won the NCAA basketball championship this year and their the 'Orangemen'! It seems to have worked for them.05/08/03 6:16:39 AM MST
As a female UMASS graduate -- stick with the "Minutemen". It is unique to Massachusetts and represents what many of our ancestors thought was most important, so much so that they fought and died for it. What is "it"? Liberty.05/08/03 2:21:19 AM MST
stick with the minutemen05/08/03 1:04:31 AM MST
i don't want to copy uconn or northeastern. we're better than they are05/07/03 9:52:42 PM MST
stay with MINUTEMEN!05/07/03 5:16:49 PM MST
Keep The Minutemen!!05/07/03 4:42:47 PM MST
why would you change it its only the minute less than the man of minuteman hill from scarcity05/07/03 4:21:15 PM MST
Minutement05/07/03 4:16:37 PM MST
how famous is MAss for its wild horses(mustangs???)05/07/03 3:27:01 PM MST
Don't change the unique and meaningful Minuteman for any of these choices. Please.05/07/03 3:18:03 PM MST
why not just go w/ the cod, or some other innocuous, non-offensive, non-threatening mascot? give me a @#$%! break...quick histroy lesson, ian- the minuteman is UNIQUE to massachusetts, and symbol of american liberty and freedom...FAR more inspiring than a wolf, gray or otherwise. winning teams will sell FAR more 'stuff' than any silly mascot change. keep the white male w/ the gun, ian, show some sack.05/07/03 3:05:27 PM MST
The Minuteman should remain as the UMass mascot. The Minuteman is representative of Massachusetts and is unique. Winning teams are what sells merchandise - not some generic animal mascot.05/07/03 2:32:47 PM MST
changing the name of the mascot will not fix ANYTHING! Teams with decent funding who win is the only thing that will help UMass Athletics get back on its feet05/07/03 1:54:25 PM MST
As the poll is about to close, I am glad to see how many others join me in being horrified by the idea of taking away our Minuteman. I hope the AD and whoever else is working on this ridiculous idea take our comments seriously.05/07/03 12:15:50 PM MST
Minuteman!!!05/07/03 12:11:37 PM MST
All these choices SUCK. I selected Night Hawks for the double meaning. 05/07/03 11:30:53 AM MST
These names have nothing to do with tying the hsitory of the school, or the state, to the new nickname. How about the University of Massachusetts Pioneer's? It relates to the Pioneer Valley/Pioneer Trail? Please don't go with some generic nickname. The thing that makes schools like Notre Dame and UNC-Chapel Hill so cool is the unique name, ie, the Fighting Irish and the Tar Heels. 05/07/03 11:28:03 AM MST
Don't Change Mascot05/07/03 10:15:11 AM MST
Keep the Minuteman, upgrade image and attach an additional identfier -- like "Freedom" or "Liberty"05/07/03 9:47:53 AM MST
Don't know what a Harrier is -- A Falcon is more common name than a Merlin (would suggest the magician). I would have said Falcon considering the hype over the ones nesting in Springfield. I think Red Foxes is a little "wimpy"05/07/03 7:27:06 AM MST
These potential mascot names have to be a joke...keep Minutemen. This is what the new AD is doing? Spending $$$ on a mascot change when teams just got cut? 05/07/03 7:19:33 AM MST
None of the above...Leave it the Minutemen!05/06/03 7:48:46 PM MST
To change from the minuteman is ridiculous and as a alum of the football team it is out and out a slap in the face to all of us former athletes that we were not directly approached...05/06/03 6:58:39 PM MST
MinuteMen/MinuteWoman05/06/03 2:52:39 PM MST
MinuteMen/MinuteWoman05/06/03 2:52:38 PM MST
I wouldn't choose any of these, or the Wolves, either.05/06/03 2:41:00 PM MST
keep the Minuteman05/06/03 2:35:47 PM MST
keep the minutemen05/06/03 2:29:20 PM MST
Nothing but Minutemen will ever be acceptable...GO UMASS!!!!05/06/03 2:05:49 PM MST
minutemen are unique to massachusetts (and US) history. perhaps this is not taught in canadian primary school textbooks, ian, but DON'T mess w/ such an american, and Bay State, symbol, just to attempt to sell more "stuff" or appear oh so politically correct. Keep the Minuteman!05/06/03 12:21:58 PM MST
They're all dumb. Kep Minutemen. There wouldn't be a Massachusetts if not for them.05/06/03 11:38:57 AM MST
Keep the Minuteman!!05/06/03 10:10:33 AM MST
i think the Minutemen nickname should be kept.05/06/03 9:39:13 AM MST
All of the current choices suck. The Minuteman logo MUST stay.UMass gear will start selling when the basketball team goes back to the Final Four. Right now the program totally sucks. Winning breeds success. Winning generates sales.Changing the name to something wimpy like the Wolves will do nothing for sales. In fact,if the Minuteman is eliminated, I will buy as much Minuteman gear as I can before it disappears,because I'll NEVER buy UMass gear with any other logo. 05/06/03 9:23:57 AM MST
Minutemen is the only true option for me. This is the birthplace of teh revolution for God's sake!!! UMass will never get another penny from me if it abandons the Minuteman name...this is not a threat, it's a fact. GO UMASS!05/06/03 8:45:37 AM MST
Only the Minutemen, the rrest are silly05/06/03 7:50:07 AM MST
umass one hour martinizers05/06/03 0:06:24 AM MST
Why change such a unique, very appropriate symbol associated with the great state of Massachusetts? Do we really want to sell a few more hats to people who have no affiliation or loyalty to the school?05/05/03 10:19:47 PM MST
where is keep the minuteman?05/05/03 8:50:44 PM MST
THere is no reason to change the mascot. If you are chaning the mascot to increase revenue for the school its the wrong choice. Try and hire a former star player such as Dr. J or a big name coach that high school athletes are familiar with for a few years get highly touted recruits back and make the school a winning program again. In order to make money you have to spend money. Revenue will not change by altering the mascot. It worked in the early 90s and it will work again.05/05/03 8:35:17 PM MST
I can't vote for one of these choices! The Minuteman is synonymous with Massachusetts. I am starting to get tired of the 2-hour drives I make. I will make less if the mascot changes. Focus on the real problem - winning teams. You should re-instate the winning sports like water polo. I have even gone to great lengths to follow lacrosse. I pressured a few fellow alums to venture into the Fleet Centre for the HE play-offs. Keep up the god work Ian.05/05/03 7:48:58 PM MST
Keep it the Minutemen, refresh the Sam costume, copy the Concord Minuteman05/05/03 7:42:09 PM MST
Keep the Minutemen05/05/03 7:21:35 PM MST
None of these nicknames make any sense to me. There are Bobcats and Nighthawks all over New England and the country, but there's only one "Minuteman" and that was Concord/Lexington and the Massachusetts colony as we fought for our Independence. It makes no sense at all to change. If you're concerned about sales of athletic gear, making sure we have winning teams is the way to go. Not changing names.05/05/03 6:41:13 PM MST
Keep the Minuteman. If not, add me to the list of former donors and fans. Holy Cross is 10 minutes down the road and there's no outcry over those maurading white guys, the Crusaders.05/05/03 3:41:30 PM MST
keep the white male w/ the gun- it may not be canadian history, but it IS massachusetts'! Go Minutemen- Go UMass!05/05/03 3:37:11 PM MST
Give the miunteman a makeover05/05/03 3:36:54 PM MST
whats an osprey?05/05/03 3:35:26 PM MST
Keep the Minutemen05/05/03 3:09:38 PM MST
Why not list Wolves in the poll for a direct comparison? Or would that be bad?05/05/03 2:31:04 PM MST
Lordly, I forgot Merlins! Merlins?05/05/03 1:59:35 PM MST
Osprey? Harriers? Fisher Cat? Good God!!!!05/05/03 1:55:43 PM MST
I want to puke when I think that even one penny of what I've contributed to the UMass athletic fund may have gone into this endeavor. Keep the Minuteman.05/05/03 1:38:16 PM MST
Umass has a unique and honorable mascot in the Minuteman. This absurd exercise is an embarrassment to the university. Everyone associated with the university (alumni, current students, faculty, employees and state residents(male and female)) should be proud of the Minuteman and everything it symbolizes.05/05/03 1:25:53 PM MST
pc liberal trash agenda. just horrific. Keep the Minutemen!05/05/03 1:24:30 PM MST
stick with the minutemen!05/05/03 12:47:29 PM MST
dont change the mascot , long live the minutemen and women05/05/03 12:33:04 PM MST
This ridiculous new mascot idea is a lame way to distract from our teams being no good. Winning games is probably the best way to sell merchandise, so let's work on that instead! My vote is for the Minuteman.05/05/03 12:06:00 PM MST
If UMass changes the name from Minutemen to anything else, this alum will withdraw all support, financial and otherwise, to the university. It's a travesty that now people are saying "Gee the Minuteman is a white man with a gun". Why were they not saying that back in the 90's? Oh that's right, because the teams were winning and we didn't need a "cool" mascot to sell stuff. Concentrate on fielding winning teams again, the marketing will take care of itself!05/05/03 11:51:24 AM MST
The Minuteman is historical and unique. I've notified the chancellor, the athletic director, and the Alumni Association that I will no longer support the University if a change is made. Sure, redesign the Minuteman logo, but do not abandon it.05/05/03 10:51:17 AM MST
I wont participate in any poll that does not include the minuteman. This poll is deceptive becasue a lot a of peopel that want to keep the minuteman are responding because there is no other option. Its a farce.05/05/03 10:23:57 AM MST
Why do we need a change?05/05/03 10:19:59 AM MST
minutemen05/05/03 9:24:44 AM MST
We want the Minuteman!!05/05/03 9:12:43 AM MST
Keep the Minuteman!05/05/03 7:32:52 AM MST
Use this time and effort and qualified consultants to change the look of the Minuteman logo!!! Even if this requires introducing new colors (to go along with the maroon). The minuteman is very Massachusetts (much more so than these hideous selections presented! Hello!!!! KEEP THE MINUTEMAN...CHANGE THE LOGO!05/05/03 7:00:24 AM MST
There is no "none of the above" therefore no vote from me!05/05/03 6:53:39 AM MST
minutemen05/05/03 6:51:38 AM MST
This is just plain stupidity. Explain to us how this is a worthwhile investment in time and energy now, Ian. You owe us a detailed explanation NOW. Focus groups don't go to games. Nobody goes to games, actually. Do something about THAT and stop wasting precious resources on something that will only serve to further widen the chasm between UMass and it's longtime supporters.05/05/03 6:48:03 AM MST
If you win, the name doesn't matter!05/05/03 6:38:37 AM MST
STAY WITH MINUTEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05/05/03 6:37:51 AM MST
Tradition is a good reason to keep the Minuteman. No other University or state can use our mascot. He is ours and we love him. Let's put our effort into improving our teams and celebrating the great athletes we have. Let's keep the Minuteman as a proud and recognizable mascot.05/05/03 6:29:46 AM MST
If the athletic department REALLY thinks that changing the nickname of the university's teams will somehow improve sales of UMass merchandise or increase attendance at games, we need new leadership. This is an absolute joke. The fact that this has progressed as far as it already has speaks volumes about the ineptitude of those now in charge. Stupid, stupid, stupid.05/05/03 5:59:11 AM MST
The Minuteman is a symbol unique to Massachusetts , our history and heritage, as well as a symbol of American fight and resolves (perhaps these lessons aren't taught in certain AD's Canadian schoolbooks.) The contention that "Minutemen" is the ONLY gender-specific mascot in D1 is abusrd (just go ask the D1 mens' hoops chams, the Syrcuse OrangeMEN.) If a change is to seel more "stuff" on-court/on-field success will sell more than ANY silly marketing change. finally, if this is to appease a small but vocal minority of campus/"community" activists upset w/- horrors, a white male w/ a gun- perhpas they should spend a little more time w/ their history books, a little less pondering politcal correctness. Keep the Minuteman- go UMass!05/05/03 5:36:11 AM MST
I am disappointed that the Department would want to change a mascot so loved and identified with the UNIVERSITY and the Commonwealth. As a woman I am not offended by a gender specific mascot, which is the only possible reason i can think for any change. I think the Minuteman has both personality and symbolism. I also like the alliteration. Tradition is a great reason to keep the Minuteman. I hope we do.05/05/03 5:27:19 AM MST
NONE of the above. KEEP the Minuteman! KEEP the Minuteman!!05/05/03 0:26:41 AM MST
Keep the Minuteman and concentrate on making the UMass Athletic Program what it used to be, a WINNER!05/04/03 11:11:46 PM MST
all these are pretty lame improve what you already have it's fine it's mass history and the roots of our nation screw the political correctness the women don't seem to mind go minutemen!!!05/04/03 9:15:39 PM MST
poll is skewed.... therefore flawed....no vote for none of the above.... which would get my vote05/04/03 8:47:36 PM MST
minuteman is a TERRIBLE Mascot05/04/03 7:23:24 PM MST
Why change the name. Umass has nationwide recognition with our present mascot or is this just about someones own agenda???05/04/03 6:31:33 PM MST
this vote is skewed, since it does not contain the existing minutemen logo! 05/04/03 6:17:12 PM MST
minutemen05/04/03 5:58:35 PM MST
NONE of the above choices have anything to do with Massachusetts!!!! And now is about the worst time to be taking something that has been a symbol of UMass in the past and changing it to something meaningless!05/04/03 3:47:04 PM MST
i dont think that any of these names are good05/04/03 3:35:23 PM MST
Replacing the Minuteman with a fuzzy animal will not increase sales of t-shirts and caps. That's ridiculous. Winning teams might do that. A commitment to some sense of school and state tradition might do that. And it's just plain silly for the administration to claim that a white male makes a poor logo. A logo has to be something! Having a race and gender per se is not a bad thing. It has to be something. I'm a woman and an athlete and a proud daughter of Massachusetts. I'd call myself a Minuteman anyday. Not a Minutewoman. And certainly not a Gray Wolf! - an alum, class of '9105/04/03 3:35:11 PM MST
it is a travesty! keep the minuteman!05/04/03 3:02:34 PM MST
where's the minuteman? The mascot should not be changed!05/04/03 2:05:47 PM MST
redesign the Minuteman! we don't want to be some stupid animal! the Minuteman is Massachsuetts!05/04/03 1:58:25 PM MST
These are all horrible choices. Osprey? Grey Foxes? Does Syracuse have a problem with the name "Orangemen"? I don't think so. 05/04/03 12:58:31 PM MST
What about the Loons? A water fowl indigenous to the State. With the maniacal laugh you could create a logo with a manic smile on a dark colored bird. The fans could have fun with the laugh when the opponents screw up. The UMass Loons sounds good to me. The bird has already added to the language. eg. Crazy as a loon. Looney. Looney bin. 05/04/03 12:51:00 PM MST
how come we couldn't vote to kee the minuteman?05/04/03 12:50:19 PM MST
Redesign the existing minuteman logo05/04/03 11:51:25 AM MST
stop wasting money! leave the Minuteman alone. New England just lost the "Old Man" and this woman says keep the "Minuteman"! Good Column Dr. Joseph Larson; UMASSHOOS.COM listen to him, he's a very wise man.05/04/03 11:19:54 AM MST
NONE05/04/03 10:03:06 AM MST
It's almost like there has been a decision to kill UMass athletics since Calipari left in 1996. Every decision that is made results in more animosity, or worse... apathy. Please focus on something important. This is the official end of the McCaw honeymoon. You are making political enemies, Ian. Ask Bob Marcum what happens when a backwards thinking AD is in charge of a struggling program.05/04/03 10:02:10 AM MST
The whole idea of a change is crazy. As a fan and ticket holder for some 30 years prior to moving to Nevada I am appauled at the waste of time and money with a tight budget that the university is going through. Update the current mascot and get on with it! 05/04/03 8:47:12 AM MST
This is an absolute travesty. I will discontinue my support for the program if the Minutemen name is eliminated05/03/03 11:17:38 PM MST
None of the above05/03/03 11:15:11 PM MST
Change the AD. McCaw's lack of historical perspective leads me to believe he's not the right person to lead a "state" University. Trying to market outside the state is ludicrous if you canot connect with the Massachusetts constituency in the first place. Keep the Minuetman or risk total irrelevancy.05/03/03 9:40:47 PM MST
Why replace something unique and specal to Massachusetts with a generic animal mascot? We certainly aren't the only school with a masculine mascot (Syracuse Orangemen, Wake Forest Demon Deacon, Duke's Blue Devil even has a beard, etc) and this woman thinks it doesn't matter anyway. The poll should definitely offer the Minuteman as an option, and the Minuteman should stay! - Lauren Mattison05/03/03 9:19:57 PM MST
This idea is atrocious. I won't vote for any other choice but to save the name, "Minutemen". My support for UMASS Athletics ends the second someone announces a name change. No more games, no more talk, no more nothing. I'll be happy to put my money into the Celtics. I hope you're listening, Ian. This is a grave mistake.05/03/03 9:15:49 PM MST
Keep the Minuteman! None of the other names have any special association with Massachusetts.05/03/03 7:48:02 PM MST
Keep the Minuteman! Market the hell out of the tricorner hat!05/03/03 6:47:32 PM MST
Why must we change the name I like the old one05/03/03 6:27:00 PM MST
re. ian's comments in today's Hamp Gazette- are folsk THAT ignorant and sensitive today that a politically correct mascot is more important than an historically correct one? sorry, folks, but the majority of Minutemen (freedom fighter indiginous to MA BTW) WERE those "horrible" white males w/ guns. Keep the Minuteman- go UMass!05/03/03 6:06:22 PM MST
Keep the Minuteman...maybe re-design and update it, but KEEP IT.05/03/03 5:28:48 PM MST
I like the Umass Wolves05/03/03 5:27:51 PM MST
keep the minuteman 05/03/03 4:56:46 PM MST
keep the minuteman logo...why loose the tradition?...commercial reasons are really bogus05/03/03 4:53:09 PM MST
What's the point of this poll if you don't include "keep the Minuteman?" The Minuteman is the only true tradition the University of Massachusetts at Amherst has. Why give it up? It's unique to Massachusetts and stands for strength and freedom. Why swap it for a generic sounding animal. And, by the way, plenty of schools have male mascots. Think about the Nebraska Cornhusker or the Southern Cal Trojan or the Tennessee Volunteer. They may not have the word "man" in the actual word, but the symbol is male. Get over it.05/03/03 4:47:03 PM MST
minuteman05/03/03 3:56:22 PM MST
umass crazy monkeys05/03/03 3:51:58 PM MST
Soaring Parrots05/03/03 3:12:45 PM MST
keep the minutemen!05/03/03 2:00:17 PM MST
keep the minutemen!05/03/03 2:00:10 PM MST
keep the minutemen!05/03/03 2:00:01 PM MST
keep the minutemen!05/03/03 1:48:37 PM MST
Keep the Minutemen! Just because the Minuteman is male, doesn't make it sexist. I am a woman, and a feminist and I see nothing wrong with it. Being a UMass a athlete whose mascot is the Minuteman doesn't make you a man! I think the biggest mistake was coming up with the "Minutewoman" thing. What's that? It loses sight of the historical signifcance of the MInuteman. It is a unique and proud symbol of Massachusetts. You can be a UMass female athlete without being a "man" just because the symbol is the Minuteman. If they change the mascot to the Woves or Falcons will people object because they're not animals or birds? Of course not! Stop being so literal.05/03/03 1:45:15 PM MST
I think that even though the minutemen for a nickname is an offense, i think it should be the same name for umass05/03/03 1:12:22 PM MST
Minutemen. Enough said. I'd sooner the U. go back to Redmen than these odd suggestions.05/03/03 1:01:55 PM MST
The Massachusetts Mustangs may be the best option here, but my vote would be to KEEP THE MINUTEMAN!05/03/03 12:16:38 PM MST
Save our Mascot!05/03/03 11:43:24 AM MST
how can you have a meaningful poll if you don't list the minuteman?05/03/03 11:42:46 AM MST
keep the current name05/03/03 11:30:02 AM MST
Do NOT vote. This is treason. Keep the Minutemen05/03/03 11:29:14 AM MST
I think that rather than have the nickname Night Hawks, we should be the Bay Hawks considering this is the Bay area and the Hawks is a great mascot05/03/03 11:03:32 AM MST
Save the Minuteman!05/03/03 10:55:57 AM MST
I'd still perfer Minutemen. What makes a UConn Husky different than a Washington Husky? But do you confuse the state of origin of a Sooner, Volunteer or Hoosier? A flagship state U should reflect it's state's identity. I lived in Mass for 22 years and saw as many wolves as I saw Tigers in Louisiana. By the sounds of comments from female UMass students, maybe it doesn't identify them, per se, but you can certainly respect what the Minutemen did to create this great nation. The only comprimise I can think of is choosing Mustangs and putting Sam on top since Minutemen rode horses. But, still teh best way to increase licencing revenues isn't a stupid nickname (River Hawks, anyone?) but HAVING A BASKETBALL TEAM THAT WINS GAMES and people can take pride in.05/03/03 10:54:01 AM MST
Keep the Minuteman!05/03/03 10:03:14 AM MST
I'd rather stay with the Minuteman.Just polish it up a bit with some color.05/03/03 9:39:17 AM MST
Minutemen better than new ones05/03/03 9:38:30 AM MST
t05/03/03 9:24:26 AM MST
The Minutemen and Minutewomen have more historical value in Massachusetts. Please keep this name.05/03/03 7:56:08 AM MST
I actually prefer the Minutemen and Minutewomen. This mascot name speaks to our history in Massachusetts.05/03/03 7:54:20 AM MST
BOBCATS!!!!!05/03/03 1:37:47 AM MST
BOBCATS!!!!!05/03/03 1:37:45 AM MST
I am on the women's basketball team and I dont think Umass should change the name05/02/03 9:44:00 PM MST
none of the above. Minuteman is unique in D1 and has a historical, local connection. Without the Minutemen, we may well be drinking our afternoon tea before heading out to the UMass soccer game (one of the three seasons of soccer). Appreciate your asking our opinions..05/02/03 8:57:36 PM MST
Fisher Cats!?!?!?!05/02/03 8:56:16 PM MST
Keep the Minutemen/Minutewomen name. It has much significance and represents us well. Do not change the name to any animal other than the human we now have.05/02/03 8:19:47 PM MST
Swamp Fox05/02/03 7:44:30 PM MST
What's Wrong with the Minuteman?05/02/03 7:09:45 PM MST
Please keep the Minuteman. It is a unique Massachusetts symbol. It is NOT about white, gun totting males, it is about the state's role in the formation of our country, the most free in the world. Changing this to make a few more bucks in tee shirt sales to kids is not the way we need to go. We need to get a winning program again. A loyal alum and season ticket holder.05/02/03 6:47:16 PM MST
Why is Minutemen not listed? It would win in a walk!05/02/03 6:44:02 PM MST
I have already stopped contributing to the Annual fund until Mr. Bulger is deposed. I will also not renew my 10 yo season tickets nor make further contributions to the Athletic Department should the name change from the current Minutemen!05/02/03 6:22:42 PM MST
anything BUT minuteman is unaccepable05/02/03 5:32:44 PM MST
gray wolves is good also, get rid of minutemen, I can go all night05/02/03 5:01:25 PM MST
Night Hawks is the only reaonable choice out of these. It has an agressive ring to it. Even some Temple students think it's an upgrade on Minutemen. By the way, the Merlins name was laughed at when I went around Temple. So consider that factor when choosing a nickname!!!!05/02/03 4:45:25 PM MST
stick with Minutemen05/02/03 4:38:10 PM MST
save the minuteman!05/02/03 4:30:46 PM MST
Don't need to change the name. Minutemen is perfect. Don't waste any more effort on this please05/02/03 4:10:48 PM MST
Isn't the gray wolf very similar to a husky?? Could we try any more to be like UConn??05/02/03 4:05:05 PM MST
don't change05/02/03 3:59:41 PM MST
I prefer Minutemen to all the names listed above.05/02/03 3:38:43 PM MST
a new mascot is asinine, ian.05/02/03 3:37:35 PM MST
I prefer Minutemen to all the names listed above.05/02/03 3:35:24 PM MST
No Minuteman...No Donation05/02/03 3:33:34 PM MST
Keep the Minutemen05/02/03 3:32:08 PM MST
A big NO to all of the alternatives. 05/02/03 3:31:08 PM MST
a lot of people i've talked do not want the gray huskies as a mascot because that means being too similar and copying uconn huskies05/02/03 3:22:46 PM MST
Gotta keep the minuteman05/02/03 3:19:17 PM MST
Please don't change anything.05/02/03 3:08:54 PM MST
There didn't appear to be a "Keep the Minuteman" option. I don't like any of them. There are plenty of college teams with animal mascots, only one that is identified with the Minuteman. Why change that unique heritage? The UMass Wolves? Give me a break (that's like the New Orleans Jazz moving to Utah and keeping the name "The Utah Jazz". Really fits, huh?05/02/03 3:05:07 PM MST
keep the Minuteman05/02/03 2:54:11 PM MST

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