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   * Site: [[wp>Capital_Centre_(Landover,_Maryland)|US Air Arena]] (Landover, MD)   * Site: [[wp>Capital_Centre_(Landover,_Maryland)|US Air Arena]] (Landover, MD)
   * Special Event: Franklin National Bank Classic, First Round   * Special Event: Franklin National Bank Classic, First Round
-  * Television: ?+  * Television: Raycom
   * Radio: WHMP   * Radio: WHMP
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 ^  Previous Game  ^  Next Game  ^ ^  Previous Game  ^  Next Game  ^
-|  [[game19951128_kentucky|Kentucky (11/28)]]  |  [[game19951203_florida|vs Florida (12/3)]]  |+|  [[game19951128_kentucky|vs Kentucky (11/28)]]  |  [[game19951203_florida|vs Florida (12/3)]]  |
 ===== Preview ===== ===== Preview =====
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 UMass, now 3-0, prepares for Wake Forest. UMass, now 3-0, prepares for Wake Forest.
 +**Defense is key in win for UM Minutemen**\\
 +By Justin C. Smith, [[|The Massachusetts Daily Collegian]] Staff, December 4, 1995
 +LANDOVER. Md.— Entering this weekend’s Franklin National Bank classic, there were many questions still surrounding the Massachusetts men’s basketball team. 
 +Would there be a let down after the upset of top-ranked Kentucky? How would the two guards hold up playing games in consecutive days? Would Coach Calipari use anyone else at the position? What players would step up for UMass? And could Marcus Camby continue his dominance over the opposition? 
 +The answer to the last question was a resounding "yes." In UMass's two wins over Maryland and Florida, Camby, who was voted the most valuable player of the two day tournament, was nothing short of awesome. The Hartford native scored 44 points on the weekend, 30 of them coming in the championship game, as well as grabbing 15 boards, and swatting six shots. More important than the statistics may be the fact that the confidence of a go-to-guy was exhibited when the Minutemen needed someone to look to in the clutch. 
 +With Saturday's contest with Maryland tied at 47, and just over two minutes remaining in regulation, the UMass offensive set got Camby the ball on the baseline. From there he hit what is quickly becoming his best offensive weapon, a turn around jumper which was the decisive basket of the game. The Minuteman defense shut down the Terrapins the rest of the way. 
 +In fact, when Duane Simpkins made a lay-up with 4:30 left, it was the last Maryland points of the game. That was caused by the tenacious defense and rebounding of all five Minutemen on the floor. 
 +"We don't want Marcus to feel like he needs to be Superman," Massachusetts coach John Calipari said. "Just play ball, be Marcus Camby, and if that's not good enough, we'll go home." 
 +Though with just 19 points on seven-for-32 shooting in the first half after the win over Kentucky, it seemed UMass was the victim of a let-down. Late in the first half however, senior co-captain Dana Dingle and junior Tyrone Weeks contributed to getting the Minuteman deficit to single digits before half time by keeping the Terps off the boards.
 +When UMass returned from the locker room, they were in striking distance and made the most of it. Behind the spirited play of Dingle (10 points, seven rebounds) and Donta Bright (14 points. 10 boards) along with a complete game played by both guards, Edgar Padilla and Carmelo Travieso, the Minutemen came away with a 50-47 win. 
 +The fatigue question of the two guards was put to the test after their extensive play in game one. Travieso came out of the gate quickly, hitting three of six from three-point land in the first half, while Padilla ran the point extremely effectively handing out seven assists, and committing just three turnovers in the first twenty minutes.
 +"[Edgar's] ratio was two to one," Calipari said of his point guard. “He had ten assists and five turnovers, that's a good ratio for him. He's really making progress and doing some great things." 
 +Padilla played 36 minutes, while his counterpart was on the floor for 35 in game two.  In Travieso's place for four of those six minutes missed was senior forward Rigoberto Nuñez. With four forwards on the court, UMass continued it's stellar defense, though the offense needed time to adjust. 
 +"At first I was really confused (on offense)," Padilla said about being the only true guard on the floor. “So I looked at Coach and he was confused, too.  It was hard at first but we really worked hard at it.”
 +Just three games into the season, it appears the Minutemen will go as far as their defense takes them, as in both wins this weekend, they held the opposition to less than 20 points in two of the four halves. 
 +"It doesn't matter, you can shoot great one night," Padilla said, "and not shoot well the next, but you can always play good defense and there’s no excuse for not playing defense.”
 +===== Pictures =====
 +These images credit: Focus on Sport/Getty Images
 +===== Other content =====
 +Video highlights from [[|ESPN]], [[|Season banquet video]]
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