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  • UMass leads 41-28 (.594)
  • Last meeting: 1/8/2022, Duquesne 78 - Massachusetts 74
  • First meeting: 1/11/1975, Massachusetts 98 - Duquesne 94


  • Duquesne did not join a conference until the 1977-78 season.
  • Duquesne took a one-year hiatus from the Atlantic 10 in 1992-93, playing in the Midwestern Collegiate Conference.
  • UMass had a 16-game win streak in the series, from 1992-2001.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/11/1975W 98-94HomeJack LeamanAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MAnoneJohn CinicolaDukes 1)
1/11/1976L 100-69AwayJack LeamanAt The Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAnoneJohn CinicolaDukes
1/6/1977W 110-97HomeJack LeamanAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA. Donoghue 35 points for UM. UMass hits 44 FTs (best in a UMass game, record through 2007-08 season). Claiborne 16 FTs, Donoghue 15 FTs. 110 points most in almost 5 years.noneJohn CinicolaDukes
3/4/1977L 89-82NeutralJack LeamanECBL Tournament Semi-Final, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PAECBLJohn CinicolaDukes
2/20/1978L 83-70AwayJack LeamanAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8John CinicolaDukes
3/2/1978L 76-69 (OT)AwayJack LeamanAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8John CinicolaDukes
2/3/1979L 68-67AwayJack LeamanAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8Mike RiceDukes
1/21/1980L 88-66AwayRay WilsonAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA. Duq's Ricky Tunstall blocks 7, program record at the time.Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
1/15/1981L 99-69AwayRay WilsonAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA. UM and Duq each steal 20. Duq's 20 steals is team record (thru 2009-10 season).Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
2/7/1981L 83-67Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
12/5/1981W 60-59Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlinWin snaps UM's 33-game conference losing streak.Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
1/9/1982W 57-55AwayTom McLaughlinAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8Mike RiceDukes
2/24/1983W 85-81Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/5/1984L 69-64AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
3/3/1984L 74-64Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenCarl Smith 13 assists for UM.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/3/1985L 59-53HomeRon GerlufsenAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
3/2/1985W 68-59AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/23/1986W 69-60Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenCarl Smith dishes 15 for UM, tying his own record for most in a UMass game (record thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/22/1986L 63-54AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/17/1987L 72-59AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/23/1987W 67-66Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenSutton hits seven 3-pointers for UM.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/14/1988W 64-62 (OT)AwayRon GerlufsenSutton takes 14 3-point shots.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/20/1988W 80-76Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
3/5/1988L 81-75NeutralRon GerlufsenAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at the WVU Coliseum, Morgantown WVAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/14/1989L 88-84Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/18/1989L 105-74AwayJohn CalipariDuq's largest-margin victory in A-10 play at the time.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/25/1990L 70-69AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
2/3/1990W 78-72Home (CHC)John CalipariStevenson scores 32 for Duq.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/10/1991W 81-75Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
2/9/1991L 68-67AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/25/1992W 87-68Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/1/1992W 82-61AwayJohn Calipariat Palumbo Center. Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/8/1994W 70-53AwayJohn CalipariUMass #8. Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/2/1994W 92-78Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #11. Roe goes 17-23 from line, 23 attempts ties UM single-game record (record thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/7/1994W 69-52NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Semi-Final, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. Mike Williams 19 points.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/24/1995W 103-53AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. UM shoots 57% and scores 103, but only hits four 3-pointers. Camby 23 points, Roe 13. Largest margin loss for Duq since 11/27/1987.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
2/16/1995W 73-56Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #5. Roe 20 points, Kellogg 16, Camby 11.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/5/1995W 79-53NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass #8. Roe 20 points, Kellogg 16.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/20/1996W 93-89AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. UM starters combine for 88 points. Travieso 33, Dingle 24. Travieso goes 7-8 from 3 (best 3-pt % in a UM game, min 5 attempts), team goes 9-12 (.750 is best team %, min 10 attempts). Padilla 7 steals. (Records thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Scott EdgarDukes
2/6/1997W 73-71Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintDown 71-70 with 12 seconds left, Travieso hits the game-winning 3. Four Minutemen score 65 points.Atlantic 10Scott EdgarDukes
2/10/1998W 74-68AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Palumbo Center. UMass #20. Ketner 23 points, Clarke 16, Mack 15.Atlantic 10Scott EdgarDukes
1/13/1999W 69-55Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintMack 19 points, Cruz 16, Clarke & Kirkland 11 each.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
3/3/1999W 80-70NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Mack 27 points, Ketner 18 & 11, Kirkland 12. Duq only 5 turnovers.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
1/27/2000W 84-75AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Palumbo Center. Mack 22 points, Kirkland 21 & 8, Rhymer 16 & 14.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
3/8/2000W 77-52NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Mack 27 points, Crooks 18.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
1/20/2001W 80-69HomeJames “Bruiser” FlintAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA. Mack 25 points, Brand 16, Rhymer 15 & 12.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
2/6/2002L 78-69AwaySteve Lappasat Palumbo Center. UM wins glabb 38-25, but 14 turnovers to only 6 for Duq. UM only 2 bench points.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
2/23/2003W 70-55Home (MC)Steve LappasUM shoots 58% to Duq's 36%. Anderson 25 points, 8 assists. Gabe Lee 1 point but 10 boards and 5 blocks.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
1/18/2004L 88-62AwaySteve Lappasat Palumbo Center. Duq shoots 54% to UM's 33%. Freeman 16 & 13.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
3/10/2004L 79-76NeutralSteve LappasAtlantic 10 Tournament, at UD Arena, Dayton OH. Duq posts better 3-FG and FT numbers. Only 7 bench points for UM. Freeman & Bowers 18 each.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
3/5/2005W 69-64Home (MC)Steve LappasUM wins glass 42-27, steals 11 from Duq. Freeman & Lasme 16 each. Lasme 14-14 from line (ties UM record for most makes without a miss in a game, record thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
1/7/2006W 82-63AwayTravis Fordat Palumbo Center. UM shoots 55% to Duq's 42%. Freeman 20 points, Lasme 19.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
1/21/2007W 101-87Home (MC)Travis FordNew UM record for points in the Mullins Center. Most points versus A-10 opponent since 1992. Life 24 points, Lasme 14 & 17. Life attempts 16 3-pointers, one shy of UM single-game record (record as of 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
1/30/2008W 94-80AwayTravis Fordat Palumbo Center. 3 players tally 20+ points, and 3 get 10+ rebounds. Forbes 23 points, Harris & Brower 21 each.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
2/25/2009L 94-77Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM sets new records in 3s (16 made, 35 att). Duq shoots 57%. Gurley 18 points.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
3/11/2009L 91-81NeutralDerek KelloggAtlantic 10 Tournament, at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJ. UM loses 1st A-10 game for 7th straight year. Lowe/Gurley/Harris combine for 62 pts.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
2/11/2010W 84-80 (OT)AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. UM overcomes 16-pt deficit. 60 team rebounds, 19 from Sean Carter. Harris 29 points.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
2/16/2011L 81-63Home (MC)Derek KelloggNewcomer Jesse Morgan steps up as Gurley's struggles continue (3-13 FGs, 9 points). Duq offense goes on runs of 22-2 and 14-1 to put game out of reach.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
1/18/2012L 80-69AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. Ugly game as UM turns it over 29 times and gets whistled for 28 fouls.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
3/6/2012W 92-83Home (MC)Derek KelloggA-10 Tournament First Round. Seeds: UMass 8, Duquesne 9. Career game at just the right time as Javorn Farrell goes for 20 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds. Putney adds 20 of his own.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
1/17/2013W 79-66Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM lets a 17 point lead slip back to 3, but locked up on D, holding Duq to only 1 field goal over the final seven minutes. 4 Minutemen in double figures. Another double-double for Lalanne (12 & 11).Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
3/5/2014W 78-74AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. Davis scores UM's final 10 points to seal the road win. Chaz becomes UM's new all-time leader in assists. Double-double for Esho (10 pts / 10 rebs).Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
2/14/2015W 82-74Home (MC)Derek KelloggTied at 66, UM goes on 11-2 run, then hits FTs to end it. Davis 10-10 from the stripe, extends his streak to 32. UM hits a season-high 9 threes. Gordon 9 pts, 10 boards, 5 assists. Esho 13 & 13, Lalanne 11 & 6, Hinds 11 pts & 4 assists.Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
2/14/2016W 108-99 (OT)AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. UM starts shooting 1-19, but then 31-51 (.608) the rest of the way. Hinds shatters his previous career best (24) with 13-20 shooting, including 7-8 from three. Davis adds 26, Clark & Space 17 each. Space's 17 rebounds are a new college career best. UM whistled for 4 technical fouls after just 2 in the entire season before today.Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
2/15/2017L 96-66AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. Duq starts with 8-0 lead, sign of things to come. Duq 15-5 run to end the first half capped by an incredible 3-pointer at the buzzer. Duq hits 84 points with 10:45 remaining, then takes the foot off the gas. UM trailed by as much as 42. Lewis II scores 30 for Duq, 1 point shy of freshman record. 30-point win is Duq's 5th-largest in a conference game, and largest win vs UM since 1989.Atlantic 10 Jim FerryDukes
3/3/2018W 85-75Home (MC)Matt McCallCJ Anderson dishes 12 and gets the double-double on his Senior Night. Career highs in points for Hines and Miller (16). Pipkins scored 16 off the bench, needed 23 to win A-10 scoring title, but only took 10 shots and dished 6 in 33 minutes.Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
3/2/2019L 80-73AwayMatt McCallat Palumbo Center.UM leads by 9 with 7:17 to play, but falls apart, giving up a 18-5 run, and only hitting 1 FG over the last 5 minutes. Extra frustrating as UM dominates the glass, snaring 20 offensive and 49-24 total over DU. Double-doubles by Holloway (14 & 13) and Laurent (13 & 13) also wasted. DU's Dunn-Martin, at 5'8“, scores 30.Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
1/25/2020W 73-64Home (MC)Matt McCallSantos gets the start and responds with season/career highs: 15 points, 12 boards, 2 steals, and 0 turnovers. Tre starts in Beast Mode, scoring 17 points in the first 16:13. Pierre hits a shot in the first 2 minutes but goes 0-9 the rest of the way. East & Keon also struggle, but UM's 52 rebounds make the difference. Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
1/8/2022L 78-74Home (MC)Matt McCallUM starts on the right note, up 20-8, but then allows Duq a 23-9 run. One-point game with two minutes left, but UM's defense lets them down again. First home loss of season. Rich 16 pts, Noah 14, Steadman 13. TJ back, but Garcia remains out.Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
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