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George Washington



  • In the 1988-89 season, GW went 1-27, but their lone win was over UMass.
  • UMass was supposed to play at GW on January 6, 2021, but the game was postponed due to the D.C. emergency curfew.1) It was ultimately not rescheduled, along with several other games in the COVID-disrupted 2020-21 season.
  • GW changed their athletic nickname from Colonials to Revolutionaries in 2023.2)3)

Mike Jarvis was our nemesis during his GW tenure from 1990-91 through 1997-98:

  • In those seasons, UMass went 206-64 (.763) overall, but only 8-9 (.471) versus GW.
  • John Calipari led UMass to a 166-39 (.810) overall record in the 1990-96 span, but was only 6-7 (.462) versus GW.
  • UMass, under Calipari, was 39-2 at the Mullins Center. Both losses came against GW.
  • UMass narrowly avoid a third Mullins Center loss to GW, on 1/22/1994. UMass rallied from an 11-point deficit to win on a Marcus Camby dunk with 2.9 seconds left, after a controversial offensive foul on GW.
  • UMass went 42-6 in Atlantic 10 conference games in the 1993-94 through 1995-96 seasons, but only 1-4 versus GW. The one win was that 1-point win in 1994.
  • UMass went 17-3 in A-10 Tournament games from 1991-98. All three losses were to GW.

Game History

DateSiteGame ResultsUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead Coach4)Nickname
2/27/1971NeutralW 70-65Jack LeamanAt Madison Square Garden, New York NY. UM auditions for the NIT selection committee, and Julius Erving for pro scouts. Erving tallies 35 & 17.noneCarl SloneColonials5)
2/19/1977AwayL 79-77Jack Leaman ECBLBob TallentColonials
12/3/1977AwayW 77-73Jack Leaman Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
2/18/1978Home (CHC)W 77-57Jack Leaman Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
1/17/1979AwayL 81-69Jack Leaman Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
2/17/1979Home (CHC)L 94-73Jack Leaman Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
1/19/1980AwayL 75-64Ray Wilson Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
2/23/1980Home (CHC)L 71-60Ray Wilson Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
2/4/1981Home (CHC)L 67-60Ray Wilson Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
2/21/1981AwayL 87-61Ray Wilson Eastern 8Bob TallentColonials
1/16/1982Home (CHC)L 69-53Tom McLaughlin Eastern 8Gerry GimelstobColonials
2/10/1982AwayL 79-65Tom McLaughlin Eastern 8Gerry GimelstobColonials
2/10/1983AwayL 68-66Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Gerry GimelstobColonials
1/26/1984Home (CHC)L 73-68Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gerry GimelstobColonials
2/18/1984AwayL 80-62Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gerry GimelstobColonials
1/24/1985AwayL 69-59Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gerry GimelstobColonials
2/16/1985Home (SCC)W 63-55Ron Gerlufsenat Springfield Civic CenterAtlantic 10Gerry GimelstobColonials
1/4/1986Home (CHC)W 78-72Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
1/30/1986AwayL 77-67Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
1/3/1987AwayL 90-83Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
1/31/1987Home (CHC)W 84-80 (OT)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
1/30/1988Home (CHC)L 81-74Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
2/11/1988AwayL 72-58Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
1/21/1989AwayL 103-77John CalipariGW's only win of the season. Calipari gets T'd up and is so frustrated that he tries to incur another, throwing his jacket and tie into the stands.Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
2/25/1989Home (CHC)W 87-67John Calipari Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
1/11/1990Home (CHC)W 80-61John Calipari Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
2/15/1990AwayL 101-95John Calipari Atlantic 10John KuesterColonials
12/8/1990Home (CHC)W 82-70John Calipari Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
1/26/1991AwayL 61-59John Calipari Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
3/3/1991NeutralL 84-83 (OT)John CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UM down 1 with 2 seconds left, Rafer Giles hits only 1 of 2 FTs, then UM goes on to fall in OT.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
12/14/1991AwayL 77-65John Calipari Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
1/15/1992Home (CHC)W 88-80John Calipari Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
1/16/1993Home (CHC)W 76-68John CalipariJeff Meyer plays a season-high 13 minutes and helps to hold Yinka Dare to 6 points and 4 rebounds.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
2/13/1993AwayW 68-65John CalipariMike Williams drains one of his clutch shots, this one a 3 with :00.4 left.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
1/22/1994Home (MC)W 56-55John CalipariUM rallies from an 11-point deficit to win on a Camby dunk with 2.9 seconds left, after a controversial offensive foul on GW.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
2/27/1994AwayL 77-66John CalipariUMass #11. Yinka Dare 24 points and 20 rebounds for GW, Bright 18 points for UM.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
2/4/1995AwayL 78-75John CalipariUMass #1. UM has last shot with chance to tie, but can't get a good look. Roe 21 points, Kellogg 17. Camby (hamstring) DNP. President Clinton watches the game at the Smith Center.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
2/14/1995Home (MC)L 80-78John CalipariFirst loss for UMass in the Mullins Center, and first on-campus loss since 1/8/1992.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
2/24/1996Home (MC)L 86-76John CalipariNation's longest unbeaten streak ends at 26. Calipari ejected.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
3/8/1996NeutralW 74-65John CalipariA-10 Tournament Semi-Final, at the Philadelphia Civic Center. Bright & Camby 19 points each.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
1/30/1997AwayW 68-63James “Bruiser” FlintKetner 16 points, Clarke 12, Weeks 10.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
3/6/1997NeutralL 58-49James “Bruiser” FlintA-10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Padilla & Travieso struggle to shoot a combined 4-22.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
1/10/1998Home (MC)W 79-48James “Bruiser” FlintGW held to 29% shooting. Ketner 21 points, Mack 19. Weeks 11 & 14.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
3/5/1998NeutralL 88-83James “Bruiser” FlintA-10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Four Minutemen combine for 74 points. GW scores 54 in second half.Atlantic 10Mike JarvisColonials
2/17/1999AwayL 78-72James “Bruiser” FlintKirkland 26 points, Mack 24, but rest of team combines for only 22. Kirkland also snares 12 rebounds.Atlantic 10Tom PendersColonials
2/29/2000Home (MC)L 87-86James “Bruiser” FlintUM can't catch up in final minutes. Four Minutemen combine for 78 points. UM's first Senior Day loss since the 1990-91 season.Atlantic 10Tom PendersColonials
3/9/2000NeutralW 86-68James “Bruiser” FlintA-10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. UM shoots 66%. Kirkland 22 & 10, Rhymer 12 & 11. Crooks 21 points.Atlantic 10Tom PendersColonials
1/6/2001Home (MC)W 76-60James “Bruiser” FlintMack 28 points. Rhymer 11 points, 16 rebounds, 4 blocks.Atlantic 10Tom PendersColonials
2/24/2001AwayW 64-56James “Bruiser” FlintMack 24 pointsAtlantic 10Tom PendersColonials
1/23/2002Home (MC)W 73-60Steve LappasBrand 17 & 10.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
3/6/2002NeutralW 73-62Steve LappasA-10 Tournament First Round, at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Anderson 16 points.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
1/25/2003AwayW 75-70Steve LappasMichael Lasme 24 points.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
3/10/2003Home (MC)L 85-74Steve LappasA-10 Tournament First Round. Anderson 20 points in tourney's new format.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
1/10/2004Home (MC)L 76-61Steve LappasFreeman 19 & 10, but UM out-shot 54% to 38%.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
1/15/2005AwayW 76-74 (OT)Steve LappasFreeman game-winning basket caps off a 27 & 15 night. Maxwell 20 points.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
2/15/2006AwayL 69-66Travis Ford#7 GW escapes a UMass upset bid. Life 25 points in 28 minutes. Lowe 12 turnovers.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
1/10/2007Home (MC)W 91-84Travis FordLasme another triple-double (23 pts, 15 boards, 11 blocks). Freeman 21 points.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
3/8/2008AwayW 67-63Travis FordForbes & Harris 20 points each, Brower 17 & 10. UMass clinches A-10 3rd place.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
3/4/2009Home (MC)W 77-62Derek KelloggHarris 19 points. Gaffney 11-10-3 on Senior Night.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
2/17/2010AwayL 66-60Derek KelloggGW wins glass by 21 in a foul-fest (52 fouls total). Gurley 16 points, Riley 15.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
2/13/2011Home (MC)L 59-51Derek KelloggOff night for Gurley (2-15 FGs, 7 points). UM only 14 FGs on the night, 30.4% shooting, 19 turnovers, and allows GW a 17-0 run in second half.Atlantic 10Karl HobbsColonials
2/4/2012AwayW 86-75Derek KelloggVinson shoots 8-11 and scores a career high 21. UM shoots 55.4% overall and holds down the turnovers to 11.Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
1/19/2013Home (MC)L 79-76Derek KelloggUM falls behind by 16 in the second half and can't surmount the deficit. GW starts 4 freshmen, and spoils the jersey retirement for Marcus Camby.Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
3/14/2013NeutralW 77-72Derek KelloggA-10 Tournament 1st round at Barclays Center. UM 6 Seed, GW 11 Seed. UM goes on a 16-6 run to pull out the comeback, surviving losing Vinson & Lalanne fouling out. GW kills UM on glass, 25-13 offensive, 50-32 overall. Davis scores 14 off the bench.Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
2/15/2014AwayW 67-61Derek KelloggUM hands GW their first home loss of the season, and holds them 14 points under their season average. Carter 7-10 FGs overall, 4-5 from 3. UM shoots better from the floor (49.0%) than the stripe (12-26, 46.2%).Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
3/14/2014NeutralL 85-77Derek KelloggA-10 Tournament Quarterfinal, at Barclays Center. UM 6 Seed, GW 3 Seed. Esho steps up and scores a career-high 22, and leads team with 7 boards, as rest of team struggles. Lalanne just 4 points, Putney 0. Team shoots 24 3s and hits on just 7 (29.2%). GW gets a balanced effort, with all scorers hitting double figures, and another 14 from Mikic off the bench.Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
3/7/2015AwayL 87-65Derek KelloggGW hit a season-high 14 threes in just 18 attempts (77.8%), and shot 30-50 (60%) overall. Their 14 threes were their most in a game in over 11 years. UM's slump continues as they slip into 8th place after a tie for 1st just three weeks prior.Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
1/12/2016Home (MC)L 81-70Derek KelloggUM shoots 49% from the floor, but GW out-hustles Minutemen. GW wins the glass, shoots 43% from 3, and 29-34 from the line (vs 15-20 for UM).Atlantic 10Mike LonerganColonials
2/23/2017AwayL 83-67Derek KelloggLewis starts hot, but held scoreless in second half. UM builds a 37-29 lead, then falls apart as GW goes 54-30 the rest of the way. UM loses the glass by 12 and struggles again from 3 (6-26, .231).Atlantic 10Maurice JosephColonials
2/14/2018Home (MC)L 83-72Matt McCallColonials use their size advantage, scoring 43 points in the paint, and winning the glass 43-28. Pip gets his 20, but held to 7-21 shooting, Pierre held to 1-8. Newcomer West forced into action right away.Atlantic 10Maurice JosephColonials
2/20/2019AwayL 79-67Matt McCallLeading 14-12 in the first, UM goes cold, falls behind 30-18, and never gets closer than 8 the rest of the way. UM turns another sleepy offense (GW last in the league in scoring to date) into hot shots (.667 FG in first half, .551 for the game). Pipkins returns from injury (13 points off the bench), Cobb remains out.Atlantic 10Maurice JosephColonials
3/13/2019NeutralL 68-64 (OT)Matt McCallA-10 Tournament First Round, at Barclays Center. UM 13 Seed, GW 12 Seed. UM started hot, hitting 10 of their first 13 field goals (.769), tallying 5 assists, turning it over just once, and opening up a 25-11 lead at the 12:48 mark. Complete opposite the rest of the way: 13-51 (.255) overall, 15 turnovers, just 2 assists. Career high from Clergeot in the effort. Pierre struggles (4-17). Double-double from Holloway (11 & 12) in his last game.Atlantic 10Maurice JosephColonials
1/18/2020Home (MC)L 75-51Matt McCallTre takes a seat with two fouls with 9:29 left in the first, and GW extends an 8-point lead to 16 at the break. GW builds it to 22 in the second, but UM responds to cut it to 8, only to regress and allow a 25-9 run to GW to close it out. GW wins the glass by 7, even without their best rebounder. UM shoots 36% overall, 21% from 3.Atlantic 10Jamion ChristianColonials
2/9/2022Home (MC)L 77-68Matt McCallUM flubs a chance to gain ground in the standings, <30% from 3 and -12 on the glass. Buttrick 17 & 11. Rich 15 pts (6-8 FG). Off night for Noah, 1-11 FG and 4 pts. GW scores 11 over their average, and five Colonials combine for 75 pts.Atlantic 10Jamion ChristianColonials
3/10/2022NeutralW 99-88Matt McCallA-10 Tournament Second Round, at Capital One Arena, Washington DC. UM 10 Seed, GW 7 Seed. Noah improves on his recent career high, Trent's 16 boards bests his previous by 5. UM only plays 7 (no Steady). UM converts 18 GW turnovers into 31 points. CJ & TJ 15 each, Rich & Trent 13 each.Atlantic 10Jamion ChristianColonials
1/7/2023AwayL 81-73Frank MartinUM lapses in the first half, when a 19-17 deficit blows up to 40-21. UM claws back a little at times, but never truly threatens again. Wildens remains out. Luis encouraging with 13-8-5 in 27 min. Kante 12 & 7. Dominguez 11-2-4. FTs: UM 6-9, GW 20-25.Atlantic 10Chris CaputoColonials
1/20/2024Home (MC)W 81-67Frank MartinTied at 31 at the half with some cold shooting, UM shoots .655 in the second, including 6-10 from three. Diggins new career high with 25 pts. Curry 17 pts, Cohen 15 & 12, DHS 10 & 8. Cross out recovering.Atlantic 10Chris CaputoRevolutionaries6)
2/27/2024AwayW 69-57Frank MartinUM goes up by 22 in the first as Revs shoot 6% from 3, cruises the rest of the way. UM's largest margin win ever at GW. Cross 17 & 7, Diggins 13 pts, Cohen 12, Jayden 8.Atlantic 10Chris CaputoRevolutionaries
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