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Saint Joseph's (PA)



  • Bruiser Flint was a player for Saint Joseph's in the 1980s. As a Hawk, his teams went 4-3 against UMass. As coach of the Minutemen, he was 7-3 against his alma mater.
  • SJU featured future NBA player Jameer Nelson from 2000-2004. In that stretch, SJU went 7-1 against UMass. Delonte West was a teammate in the 2001-04 seasons, when SJU was a perfect 6-0 against UMass.
  • SJU plays most of their home games on campus at the Hagan Arena, but occasionally uses The Palestra as a secondary home court.1)
  • The two schools never met prior to SJU joining the Atlantic 10 Conference.
  • SJU is sometimes referred to as “Saint Joseph's (PA)” in different media outlets. This is because of Saint Joseph's (NY). The PA school, in Division I, gets precedent as the NY school is Division III.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/26/1983L 98-86AwayTom McLaughlinAt The Palestra, Philadelphia PA.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks2)
2/26/1983L 89-78 (2OT)Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
1/19/1984L 67-66 (2OT)AwayRon GerlufsenAt The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. Bruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/16/1984W 93-89Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenBruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
1/17/1985W 89-80Home (SCC)Ron GerlufsenAt Springfield Civic Center. Bruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/14/1985L 66-54AwayRon GerlufsenBruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
1/18/1986L 88-74AwayRon GerlufsenBruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/15/1986L 84-50Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenBruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
1/24/1987W 60-58Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenBruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/15/1987L 74-60AwayRon GerlufsenBruiser Flint a Saint Joe’s player.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
1/11/1988L 62-55Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/6/1988L 83-78AwayRon GerlufsenAt The Palestra, Philadelphia PA.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/13/1989W 72-68Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
3/1/1989L 83-81AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
3/4/1989L 87-83NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA.Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/17/1990L 81-75AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
2/28/1990W 80-57Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Jim BoyleHawks
12/1/1990W 83-60AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
1/7/1991W 68-60HomeJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
1/23/1992W 91-66AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
2/8/1992W 81-73HomeJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
2/11/1993W 81-69AwayJohn CalipariUMass ranked #22.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
3/4/1993W 61-43Home (MC)John CalipariUMass ranked #23.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
2/15/1994L 81-80AwayJohn CalipariUMass ranked #10.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
2/22/1994W 99-73Home (MC)John CalipariUMass ranked #11.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
3/6/1994W 74-58NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass ranked #11.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
2/1/1995W 74-62Home (MC)John CalipariUMass ranked #1. Camby goes down with a hamstring injury, but Roe shoots 9-10 from the floor to lead UM with 19 points, Dingle adds 14 & 8.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
2/25/1995W 77-58AwayJohn CalipariUMass ranked #5.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
3/6/1995W 68-57NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass ranked #8.Atlantic 10John GriffinHawks
1/10/1996W 94-89 (OT)AwayJohn CalipariUMass ranked #1.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/28/1996W 68-66 (OT)Home (MC)John CalipariUMass ranked #2. UM struggles in shooting, 34% FG, 53% FT, and 0-6 from 3. UM's 57-30 rebounding edge saves the day. Cottrell, Giddel Padilla, Nunez get the start on Senior Night.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/5/1997L 72-68Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintTravieso 23, Weeks 19 & 12, but not much else from rest of UM. First home loss to SJU in almost 9 years.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/25/1997L 78-63AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintSJU ranked #23. At Alumni Fieldhouse. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/3/1998W 72-66AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt Alumni Fieldhouse. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/21/1998W 82-79 (OT)Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintUMass ranked #18.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/20/1999W 63-55AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt Alumni Fieldhouse Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/7/1999W 59-58Home (MC)James “Bruiser” Flint Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/16/2000W 73-69AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt Alumni Fieldhouse. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/19/2000W 76-65Home (MC)James “Bruiser” Flint Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/27/2001L 84-69AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintSJU ranked #18. At Alumni Fieldhouse. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
3/9/2001W 75-70NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. SJU ranked #21, and the #1 seed in the tournament. Mack 27 points.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/5/2002L 63-38Home (MC)Steve Lappas Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/19/2002L 72-67AwaySteve Lappasat Alumni Fieldhouse. UM shoots 51%, but only gets 7 FTAs to 26 for SJU, and loses glass by 18.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/11/2003L 76-47AwaySteve LappasAt Alumni Fieldhouse. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
3/8/2003L 52-49Home (MC)Steve Lappas Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/21/2004L 92-67AwaySteve LappasSJU ranked #3. At Alumni Fieldhouse. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/25/2004L 83-58Home (MC)Steve LappasSJU ranked #2.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/12/2005L 59-52AwaySteve Lappasat Alumni Fieldhouse Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/22/2005L 73-54Home (MC)Steve Lappas Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/11/2006W 68-58Home (MC)Travis Ford Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
3/3/2007W 71-67AwayTravis Fordat Alumni Fieldhouse. Minutemen split A-10 Regular Season Championship with Xavier, first A-10 title since 1996.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/9/2008L 98-92Home (MC)Travis FordHawks shoot 59% and outrebound UMass by 15 to secure the road win. Harris 25 points.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/23/2008L 81-77AwayTravis Fordat Alumni Fieldhouse. 61 2nd half points most in 16+ years, but can't overcome slow start. Harris career high 30 pts.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/8/2009L 68-64Home (MC)Derek KelloggSJU goes on 13-2 run in final minutes. Harris & Gurley 18 pts each. Gaffney 13 rbs.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/22/2009W 70-69AwayDerek KelloggAt The The Palestra, Philadelphia PA, while Alumni Fieldhouse is being renovated. Lowe hits 2 FTs with :02 remaining. Gaffney 17-10-4. Lowe 13 points, Harris 11.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/27/2010W 87-80AwayDerek Kellogg48% shooting helps give UM first road win. Harris 23 & 8, Vinson 16 & 9, Riley 14. First game at renovated Hagan Arena.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/14/2010W 70-62Home (MC)Derek KelloggHawks go without a FG for stretch of 12:10. Harris 27 points.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/5/2011L 67-64AwayDerek Kelloggat Hagan Arena. UM wins glass again (41-35), but SLU hits ten 3-pointers to the Minutemen's one.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/23/2011W 69-51Home (MC)Derek KelloggGurley (9-14 FGs) finds his game again as UM beats up on SJU. FG shooting: 45.6% UM, 30.8% SJU. Rebounding: 45-24 UM.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/14/2012W 71-62Home (MC)Derek KelloggHawks start with a 20-3 lead, but UM wakes up. FT shooting down the stretch seals the win.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/11/2012L 73-62AwayDerek Kelloggat Hagan Arena. UM gives up a 14-0 second-half run, shoots just 33.8%, and loses glass by 10. SJU goes 13-14 from line in final 2 minutes to hold off any UM comeback attempt.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/9/2013W 80-62Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM uses 11-0 run in the second to put the Hawks away. UM's season-low 5 turnovers helps the cause. Carter 16, Chaz 11 & 9, Cady 1 point shy of a double-double, Riley 10. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/8/2014W 66-62Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM #19. SJU goes up 9 with 6:23 to play, then UM defense locks down, and team responds with an 18-5 run to win the game. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/1/2014L 73-68AwayDerek Kelloggat Hagan Arena. UM #21/19. Minutemen fall behind by 17 in the first half, and 13 with 5:52 to play, then come back to tie at 68 with 39 seconds left. But their luck runs out and lose for the third time in the last four games. Chaz tallies 16 points & 10 assists.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/21/2015L 62-56AwayDerek Kelloggat Hagan Arena.UM goes 4+ minutes without a field goal in crunch time, and SJU turns a 2 point lead into 10. Bembry puts on a show with a great stat line, including 25 points. Lack of UM's team cohesion comes out in the post-game comments.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/25/2015L 82-71Home (MC)Derek Kellogg UM uses 18-4 run on either side of halftime to pull ahead, then holds off Rams. UM wins glass 42-28. Gordon passes 1K points between UM and WKU. Esho 17 & 8 on his birthday. Clark 15 points. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/27/2016L 78-70AwayDerek Kelloggat Hagan Arena. Isaiah Miles (27 & 12) steps up while Bembry has an off night (3-13 FG). Berger's 17 is a new career high. Hinds (13 points) reaches the 1K scoring mark for his total college career. SJU defense shuts down Davis (10 pts, 4-12 FG) and Clark (9 pts, 2-5 FG). Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/24/2016L 74-57Home (MC)Derek Kellogg Miles (20) and Bembry (18) lead the way for SJU, while UM hurts their cause with 2-22 (9%) shooting from 3. Hinds adds 19 for UM, but Davis has an off-night, scoring just 4 on just 2-12 shooting. No one other than Clark goes to the line for UM.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/18/2017W 62-57Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM wakes up from an early 24-12 deficit. Starters only score 16 on the night, but UM's bench outscores shallow SJU's 46-2. New UM high for Lewis. Anderson 12 & 6, Holloway 9 & 7. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/11/2017W 87-76AwayDerek Kelloggat Hagan Arena. UM finally puts together a cohesive game. Team shoots 26-32 from the line (81%), and commits just 9 turnovers. Pipkins 19 & 4, Lewis 11 & 3, Holloway 10 pts. Clark scores 18 in first half. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
3/8/2017W 70-63NeutralDerek Kelloggat PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh PA. Atlantic 10 Tournament First Round. UM builds a 19-point lead with 7:49 to play, but SJU responds with a 14-0 run to make it interesting. Lewis 14 points, Pipkins 13, Flowers 8 rebounds & 3 blocks.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/14/2018W 72-69Home (MC)Matt McCallUM erases a 16-point deficit with 18:30 left. Pip again carries the team on his back, also dishing 6 assists in 37 minutes. Pierre 17 & 3, Anderson 12 & 4, McLean 8 & 5. Holloway is out for remainder of season. Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/10/2018L 85-73AwayMatt McCallat Hagan Arena. Baldwin is out, and KTM takes an elbow and a possible concussion. Remaining Minutemen get into foul trouble and play tentative. Foul shooting: UM 3-4, SJU 15-20. Anderson adds 14 pts & 7 assists.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/2/2019L 64-62AwayMatt McCallat Hagan Arena. Great game from Holloway (23 pts, 12 rebs, 10-13 FGs), and Cobb adds 13/5/7, but no more than 2 buckets from anyone else. Pip leaves the game with hamstring issues. Pierre 1-8 FGs. Difference makers: FTs (UM 11-16, SJU 22-27) and turnovers (UM 18, SJU 10). Charlie Brown 20 points in 40 minutes for SJU.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
2/23/2019W 80-79Home (MC)Matt McCallBad UM defense / hot SJU shooting leads to a 54-37 deficit at the half, and a 19-point gap early in the second. But UM's D wakes up and allows just 23 over the final 19 minutes. Laurent's 24 a new career high, paced by 9-13 FG, 4-7 from 3. Pierre the end-of-game hero as he hits a 3 with :17 left, and the game winner with :03 left. Pip and Cobb out again.Atlantic 10Phil MartelliHawks
1/29/2020W 91-76Home (MC)Matt McCallLax with the defense initially, UM trails by 10 after the first 11 minutes. They regroup after that, and catch fire offensively, shooting 72% in the second half, and 63% for the game. Walker and Diallo (19) each get career highs in points. More good numbers from Santos (12 & 8). Pierre 14 points, Tre Mitchell 12. Atlantic 10Billy LangeHawks
3/4/2021W 100-66NeutralMatt McCallA-10 Tournament, Second Round. Seeds: UM 5, SJU 13. at Robins Center. UM absolutely on fire early, scoring 74 points with 17:33 left in the game. UM shot 66% in the first, including 60% from 3, 56% overall in the game. Six M'Men in double figures. UM holds SJU to 34% overall, 30% from 3, Daly just 2-10.Atlantic 10Billy LangeHawks
2/12/2022W 69-67Home (MC)Matt McCallClose one throughout: 21 lead changes and largest was 6. Fouls fairly even (13 called on SJU, 11 on UM), but UM turned them into FT chances, converting 14-19 versus 1-3 for SJU. Steadman scores 11 of his 19 in first 5½ minutes. Noah 9:1 A:TO. UM <30% again from 3, but scores 28 in the paint.Atlantic 10Billy LangeHawks
1/21/2023L 74-68AwayFrank Martinat Hagan Arena. UM goes ahead 52-51 at the 13:49 mark, but proceeded to give up an 11-0 run and couldn't claw back. Luis comes back strong with 7-9 FG in 22 minutes. Diggins sets a new career high with 15 pts. FTAs: UM 10, SJU 22. Noah still out.Atlantic 10Billy LangeHawks
1/23/2024L 78-77Home (MC)Frank MartinAnother late collapse as UM loses it on the opponent's last possession, giving up a second-chance basket. UM built a 13-pt lead with 10:33 to play, but collapsed. Diggins 17 pts, Jayden 11 boards. DHS sets new career high with 16 points, 31 minutes as Cohen not as effective. Cross returns with 12-9-4 off the bench.Atlantic 10Billy LangeHawks
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