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  • In the late 1970s, Villanova and UMass were both in the ECBL / Eastern 8, which became the Atlantic 10.
  • Steve Lappas coached Villanova from 1992-2001, then coached at UMass from 2001-05. Lappas was 1-1 coaching Villanova against UMass.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/27/1971 L 100-83NeutralJack LeamanQuaker City Tournament, Philadelphia PAnone Jack KraftWildcats1)
1/14/1976L 87-82HomeJack LeamanAt Springfield Civic CenternoneRollie MassiminoWildcats
1/19/1977L 81-62AwayJack Leaman ECBLRollie MassiminoWildcats
3/15/1977L 81-71NeutralJack LeamanNIT Quarterfinals, at Madison Square GardenECBLRollie Massimino Wildcats
1/11/1978L 71-64AwayJack Leaman Eastern 8 Rollie MassiminoWildcats
2/14/1978 W 87-72Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Eastern 8Rollie MassiminoWildcats
1/10/1979L 66-51HomeJack LeamanAt Springfield Civic CenterEastern 8 Rollie MassiminoWildcats
2/24/1979L 77-66AwayJack Leaman Eastern 8Rollie MassiminoWildcats
2/27/1979L 78-73 (OT)AwayJack LeamanEastern 8 Conference Tournament 1st Round. Leaman's final game as UMMBB head coach.Eastern 8Rollie MassiminoWildcats
1/9/1980L 92-59AwayRay Wilson Eastern 8Rollie Massimino Wildcats
2/9/1980L 79-64Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Rollie Massimino Wildcats
2/26/1980L 85-63AwayRay WilsonEastern 8 Conference Tournament 1st Round Eastern 8Rollie MassiminoWildcats
12/15/1998L 66-55AwayBruiser FlintAt the Pavilion, Villanova PABig EastSteve LappasWildcats
12/6/1999W 52-51Home (MC)Bruiser FlintDown 10 at the half, UM rallies. Kirkland 22 & 9.Big EastSteve Lappas Wildcats
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