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West Virginia




Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/2/1972L 63-62AwayJack Leaman noneSonny MoranMountaineers1)
1/8/1975L 89-85 (OT)AwayJack Leamanat Charleston WVnoneJoedy GardnerMountaineers
11/26/1976L 89-77NeutralJack LeamanHall of Fame Tournament, at Springfield Civic CenterECBLJoedy GardnerMountaineers
2/4/1977L 91-70AwayJack Leaman ECBLJoedy GardnerMountaineers
3/5/1977W 93-83NeutralJack LeamanECBL Tournament, Philadelphia PAECBLJoedy GardnerMountaineers
2/4/1978W 67-65Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Eastern 8Joedy GardnerMountaineers
1/6/1979L 88-56AwayJack Leaman Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/11/1980L 73-68Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/3/1981L 83-71Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/17/1981L 93-51AwayRay Wilson Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/11/1982L 80-65AwayTom McLaughlin Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/25/1982L 72-60Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
3/2/1982L 91-70AwayTom McLaughlinWVU #9. Eastern 8 Tournament First Round.Eastern 8Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/12/1983L 108-90AwayTom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/14/1984W 71-60Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/23/1984L 87-59AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/12/1985L 82-59AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/21/1985L 76-74 (OT)HomeRon Gerlufsenat Springfield Civic CenterAtlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/25/1986L 69-61Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/20/1986L 68-40AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/10/1987L 75-64HomeRon Gerlufsenat Springfield Civic CenterAtlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/19/1987L 67-45AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/16/1988L 73-51AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/4/1988L 69-62Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/3/1989L 89-73Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/16/1989L 88-55AwayJohn CalipariWVU #14.Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/13/1990W 83-79Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/27/1990L 79-71AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
3/4/1990W 78-55NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament, at the Palestra, Philadelphia PAAtlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/6/1991L 85-82 (OT)Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/12/1991W 98-89AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/8/1992L 76-75Home (CHC)John CalipariUMass #25, first game as a ranked team. McCoy passes 2k point mark. Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/27/1992W 74-69 (OT)AwayJohn CalipariLongest win streak since 1978. UM holds WVU to season-low 32.9% shooting. UM clinches at least a share of A-10 title. Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
3/12/1992W 97-91Home (CHC)John CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Final. UMass #22. UM starts game with 34-9 run, then 52-28 at the half. WVU scores 63 in second half, but not enough to close the gap. 21st straight sellout against D1 opponent. TV: ESPN Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/4/1993W 64-59 (OT)Home (MC)John CalipariFirst game at the Mullins Center.Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/27/1993L 79-54AwayJohn CalipariUMass #21.Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/13/1994W 70-56AwayJohn CalipariUMass #7, WVU #23Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
2/20/1994W 74-67Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #10Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/3/1995W 95-65Home (SCC)John CalipariUMass #4, at Springfield Civic CenterAtlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
1/27/1995W 97-94 (OT)AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. Trailing by 18 with 4:48 to play, UM regroups and pulls off miraculous comeback.Atlantic 10Gale CatlettMountaineers
3/15/2007L 90-77AwayTravis FordNIT Tournament, 2nd Round, at WVU Coliseum Big EastJohn BeileinMountaineers
12/16/2023W 87-79NeutralFrank MartinBasketball Hall of Fame Classic, at the MassMutual Center, Springfield MA. UM pulls ahead by 18 early in H2, lapses as WV cuts it to 1 with 3:18 left, but regroups for the win. Cohen 19 & 7 in 24 min, Cross 13 & 13, breakout game from Davis with a young career high 18 (6-8 from 3).Big 12Josh EilertMountaineers
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