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WBIN is a broadcast television station located in Derry, NH that serves the Boston/Manchester market. WBIN primarily broadcasts re-runs of syndicated dramas and sitcoms, as well as paid advertising.

WBIN is located on UHF channel 35. They have secondary channels of 50.1 and 50.2.

On cable, WBIN can be found:
- Comcast in Eastern Massachusetts on channels 18 and 811 (HD), and channel 288 (secondary channel 50.2).
- Verizon Fios on channel 6 and 506 (HD), and channel 466 (secondary channel).

UMass Basketball broadcasts

Starting in the 2011-12 season, WBIN began to broadcast some Minutemen home games. The broadcast is then simulcast as streaming video via For an updated listing of UMass sports games broadcast on WBIN, see the 2011-2012 Schedule page.

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