In 108 seasons of basketball at the University of Massachusetts, there have been 21 different head coaches.

Overall Conf
no coach1899-190991)762947.382 N/A
no team1909-167 N/A
Harold "Kid" Gore1916-1917, 1918-1919, 1920-19292)111388553.616 N/A
Sumner Dole1917-1918, 1918-19193)216610.375 N/A
Emory Grayson1919-192011578.467 N/A
Fritz Ellert1929-1933, 1940-19414)5623923.629 N/A
Mel Taube1933-19363382018.526 N/A
Wilho Frigard1936-19404572433.421 N/A
Louis Bush1940-19415)1945.444 N/A
W.G. Hargescheimer1941-1943, 1946-19476)3341321.382 N/A
no team1943-19452 N/A
Lorin Ball1945-19527)71153481.296514.263
Robert T. Curran1952-195971618180.5032922.569
Matt Zunic1959-19634985741.5822416.600
Johnny Orr1963-19663723933.5421812.600
Jack Leaman1966-197913343217126.6339837.726
Ray Wilson1979-1981253548.094023.000
Tom McLaughlin1981-19832561640.286721.250
Ron Gerlufsen1983-198851395584.3963357.367
John Calipari1988-1996826419371.7319141.689
James "Bruiser" Flint1996-200151588672.5445228.650
Steve Lappas2001-200541155065.4352539.391
Travis Ford2005-20083976235.6393117.646
Derek Kellogg2008-20179292155137.5316783.447
TOTAL PROGRAM1899-2016108240812771131.530480410.539
1) No team in 1900-01
2) , 3) In 1918-19, Sumner Dole coached for the first four games of the season, and Harold M. Gore coached the remainder.
4) , 5) In 1940-41, Louis Bush coached for the first nine games of the season, and Fritz Ellert coached the remainder.
6) , 7) In 1946-47, W.G. Hargesheimer coached for the first seven games of the season, and Lorin Ball coached the remainder.
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