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Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
12/18/1906L 52-14)Awayno coach noneHenry Lane?5)
1/25/1908L 34-14Awayno coach noneHenry Lane?
1/30/1909L 40-11Awayno coach noneBenjamin Lang?
1/8/1918W 28-17Home (DH)Sumner Dole IvyMysterious Walker?
2/2/1918W 26-21AwaySumner Dole IvyMysterious Walker?
2/19/1920W 8-6Home (DH)Emory Grayson IvyGeorge Zahn?
1/10/1923L 42-15AwayHarold Gore IvyGeorge ZahnIndians6)
2/4/1925W 38-37AwayHarold Gore IvyLeonard WachterIndians
1/16/1929L 32-19AwayHarold Gore IvyAl StarkIndians
12/28/1954L 87-65NeutralRobert T. CurranNEI Tournament, at Storrs CTIvyDoggie JulianIndians
11/29/1974W 86-59NeutralJack LeamanHall of Fame Tournament, Springfield, MAIvyMarcus JacksonBig Green7)
12/12/1980L 86-70NeutralRay WilsonManufacturers Hanover Classic, at New Rochelle NYIvyTim CohaneBig Green
1/5/1982L 62-46AwayTom McLaughlin IvyTim CohaneBig Green
12/17/1983W 78-75Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen IvyReggie MintonBig Green
1/22/1985W 84-78AwayRon Gerlufsen IvyPaul CormierBig Green
12/28/1990W 80-66NeutralJohn CalipariAbdow’s Classic, at Springfield Civic CenterIvyPaul CormierBig Green
11/11/2006W 98-61Home (MC)Travis FordFreeman 25 and 10, Life 5-7 from 3, Mayben 12 points and 11 assists (ties Mullins record) in debut.IvyTerry DunnBig Green
12/20/2022W 68-57Home (MC)Frank MartinDown their top-4 starters to illness, DC still manages to hold a 10-point lead with 13:35 to play. UM finally wakes up and out-scores DC 33-12 the rest of the way. Weeks 19-5-5, Cross 16-9-4, Dominguez 14 & 5. Frank goes without a true PG for a time as Noah remains out.IvyDavid McLaughlinBig Green
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