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Springfield College


  • UMass trails 15-26 (.366)
  • Last meeting: 12/14/1987, UMass 88 – Springfield 72
  • First meeting: 2/16/1917, Springfield 43 – UMass 28


  • Changed their name from the International YMCA College to Springfield College in 1954.
  • Considered the birthplace of basketball, the game was first taught in the winter of 1891/92 by grad student James Naismith inside a gymnasium on campus.1)
  • Only regular-season games are reflected in the totals above, and the game history below. UMass played Springfield College in an exhibition game on November 3rd, 2017:

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
2/16/1917 L 43-28AwayHarold Gore none ?Pride
1/10/1919 L 33-13AwaySumner Dole none ?Pride
2/8/1919 W 16-11Home (DH)Harold Gore none ?Pride
3/8/1920 L 29-23Home (DH)Emory Grayson none ?Pride
2/11/1925 W 34-31AwayHarold Gore none ?Pride
2/17/1926 L 23-21Home (DH)Harold Gore none ?Pride
1/28/1928 L 25-10Home (DH)Harold Gore none ?Pride
1/28/1931 L 17-12Home (DH)Fritz Ellert none ?Pride
2/10/1932 W 30-25Home (DH)Fritz Ellert none ?Pride
1/31/1933 L 34-30 (OT)AwaySumner Dole none ?Pride
2/9/1935 W 33-31Home (CHC)Mel Taube none ?Pride
2/8/1936 L 43-35Home (CHC)Mel Taube none ?Pride
2/13/1937 L 40-35AwayWilho Frigard none ?Pride
1/8/1938 L 38-37Home (CHC)Wilho Frigard none ?Pride
1/7/1939 L 51-31AwayWilho Frigard none ?Pride
1/6/1940 L 43-26Home (CHC)Wilho Frigard none ?Pride
1/8/1941 L 44-37AwayLouis Bush none ?Pride
1/7/1942 L 51-40Home (CHC)W. G. Hargesheimer none ?Pride
1/7/1943 W 53-51AwayW. G. Hargesheimer none ?Pride
1/14/1947 L 61-55Home (CHC)W. G. Hargesheimer none ?Pride
1/13/1948 L 57-32AwayLorin Ball none ?Pride
2/12/1949 L 49-44 (OT)Home (CHC)Lorin Ball none ?Pride
2/11/1950 L 48-38AwayLorin Ball none ?Pride
2/10/1951 L 67-53Home (CHC)Lorin Ball none ?Pride
2/9/1952 L 63-60 (OT)AwayLorin Ball none ?Pride
2/14/1953 L 77-66Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/12/1954 W 56-49AwayRobert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/11/1955 L 82-73Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/10/1956 W 58-53Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/21/1956 W 67-57AwayRobert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/19/1957 L 74-62AwayRobert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/25/1958 L 82-69AwayRobert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/28/1959 W 75-69Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran none ?Pride
1/30/1960 L 69-63AwayMatt Zunic none ?Pride
1/31/1961 W 82-67Home (CHC)Matt Zunic none ?Pride
2/19/1970 W 82-76Home (CHC)Jack Leaman none ?Pride
2/16/1971 L 63-62AwayJack Leaman none ?Pride
1/31/1972 W 82-63Home (CHC)Jack Leaman none ?Pride
1/18/1973 W 87-46AwayJack Leaman none ?Pride
2/14/1974 W 78-52Home (CHC)Jack Leaman none ?Pride
12/14/1987 W 88-72Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen none ?Pride
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