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Current Recruiting

Track who UMass is recruiting, anyone who we're in the mix for. Follow a player from the first reports of interest all the way through a signed Letter Of Intent.

Recruiting a prospective student-athlete involves many rules from the NCAA. If you ever have the opportunity to interact with a recruit, know what you can and cannot do before you act.

Compliance resources

“We appreciate the support of our alumni and fans. We ask, however, that you also help maintain the University of Massachusetts' tradition of athletic integrity by following NCAA regulations. Your assistance in this matter will ensure that the eligibility of both prospective student-athletes and currently enrolled student-athletes is protected.” - UMass Athletics

Helpful information:
UMass Intercollegiate Athletics Guide To NCAA Rules
UMass Athletic Compliance Services
NCAA - Recruiting

The List


There are many sources of recruiting information about basketball players. Some of the most common sources of recruiting rumors and player evaluations are Scout, Rivals, and ESPN. However, there are many more sources of recruiting information, from regional websites such as the New England Recruiting Report to Twitter. The reliability of each source varies and not all websites or sources are kept up to date.

All recruiting targets listed below have been derived from the various “KAEO” threads on the Message Board. “KAEO” is an acronym for “Keeping an Eye On”. This acronym has traditionally been used to identify message board threads that keep track of players that have been identified to have received an offer from UMass or have “received interest” from UMass. Many message board posters keep track of recruiting through various sources and provide updates to the fanbase through the KAEO threads.

For more background on the recruit and the history of his recruitment, click on the KAEO link for each player. This will take you to the Message Board thread for that player. If you are aware of a change in status for a specific recruit (verbal commitment, de-commitment, or signed NLI), please indicate the change in the KAEO thread. If you're an Editor on this Wiki, please update the status in the table below.

Class of 2012

This table is sortable. Click on any column header to sort.
Recruits committed to UMass are shaded in green.

Pos Player ESPN Rating1) ESPN Pos Rank2) Committment School Links Comments
SFAnderson, Kyle972Signed NLIUCLAKAEO
PFAuguste, Zach9025Signed NLINotre DameKAEO
SGBell, Anthlon8856Signed NLIArkansasKAEOOfficial visit 9/30/2011
CBergantino, Tyler8556Signed NLIUMassKAEONLI signed on 11/10/20113)
PFBlair, Staphon8929Signed NLICentral FloridaKAEO
PGCanty, Kareem8828Signed NLIMarshallKAEO
PFCummins, Evan8671VerbalHarvardKAEO
SFDavis, Jarrod88 VerbalMD-Eastern ShoreKAEOrescinded verbal to Seton Hall
PGDavis, Trey82 VerbalUMassKAEOVerbal to UMass
SFDingle, Daniel9135Signed NLITempleKAEOBrother of former player Dana Dingle
PGDunn, Kris962Signed NLIProvidenceKAEO
CFreeman, Isaac8646Signed NLIUMassKAEONLI signed in May 20124)5)6)
SGGraham, Dillon9130Signed NLIFlorida KAEO
SGGraham, Torian9216Uncommitted KAEOrescinded verbal to NC State
SGGreene, Lionel Uncommitted KAEO
PFHall, Jimmy84109Signed NLIHofstraKAEOCommitted 9/16/2011
SFHunt, Marcus9319Signed NLIGeorgia TechKAEO
CJames, Joell9415Signed NLINorth CarolinaKAEO
PFJenkins, Jalen82116Uncommitted KAEO
SGJones, Chris82127Signed NLIPittsburghKAEO
SFLayman, Jake9317Signed NLIMarylandKAEO
SGLedo, Ricardo966Signed NLIProvidenceKAEO
CMaragkos, Kypianos Signed NLIGeorge WashingtonKAEOFrom Greece
PFMedlock, DeAndre Uncommitted KAEOJUCO player
SFMiles, Isaiah Signed NLISt. Joseph'sKAEO
SFMoto, Arnaud9230Signed NLIWake ForestKAEO
PFNiang, Georges9414Signed NLIIowa StateKAEO
PFO'Day, Ethan Signed NLIVermont
SGPapale, John Signed NLIBUKAEO
PFSanchez, Orlando Signed NLISt. John'sKAEOJUCO player
PFThomas, Devin8936Signed NLIWake ForestKAEO
PGWhately, Timmone Uncommitted
SGZierden, Isaiah8850Signed NLICreightonKAEO
PFAgbeko, Reggie82116Uncommitted KAEO
PGGolden, Cameron79112Signed NLIArkansas StateKAEO
SGGordon, Derrick9133TransferUMassKAEOTransfer from Western Kentucky7)
SFSantee, Clyde8857VerbalUMassKAEOAcademically ineligible until 2013-2014 season8)9)
PGCollins, Corban6293Signed NLILSUKAEO

Class of 2013

This table is sortable. Click on any column header to sort.
Recruits committed to UMass are shaded in green.

Pos Player ESPN Top 10010) ESPN Rating11) ESPN Pos Rank12) Committment School Links Hometown Comments
SFBerger, Seth 7637Signed NLIUMassKAEOSeattle, WANLI signed Nov 201213)
SFColeman, Zach 7356Signed NLIUMassKAEODallas, TXNLI signed Nov 201214)
SGBrown, Josh 7735Signed NLITempleKAEOJersey City, NJ
PFChrabascz, Andrew 7251Signed NLIButlerKAEOPortsmouth, RI
PFDavis, John 61132Signed NLITowsonKAEOPhiladelphia, PA
PFPrice-Martin, Malik 7933VerbalUSCKAEOMiami Gardens, FLReclassified to 2014
SGRobinson, Stanford988220Signed NLIIndianaKAEOFairfax, VA
CWalker, Andre 8019Uncommitted KAEOClarksburg, MDReclassified to 2014
SGFay, Jake 6597Signed NLIFordhamKAEOLynn, MA
PGStewart, Kavon 6776VerbalRobert MorrisKAEOPaterson, NJ
PGFerguson, Will 6965Uncommitted KAEOHerndon, VA
PFCameron, Reggie638617Signed NLIGeorgetownKAEOPaterson, NJ
PGJones, Josh Uncommitted KAEOHope, RI
PGMcNeil, Daquein 6592Signed NLIFIUKAEOBaltimore, MD
CMeeks, Kennedy41884Signed NLINorth CarolinaKAEORaleigh, NC
PGTelfair, Ethan Uncommitted KAEONew York, NY
SFIverson, Kuran31897Signed NLIMemphisKAEOWindsor, CT
PFLong, Lavon 60145Signed NLISienaKAEOBaltimore, MDDecommitted from Loyola MD
PGJordan, Rysheed17923Signed NLISt. JohnsKAEOPhiladelphia,PA
PGHall, Jared 63116Uncommitted KAEONewark, NJ
PGRector, Shane 7251Signed NLIMissouriKAEONew York, NYDecommitted from Rutgers
SGJames, Josh 6968Signed NLIMonmouthKAEONew York, NY
PGPeters, Roddy528712Signed NLIMarylandKAEODistrict Heights, MD
PGBrantley, Jaylen 7061Signed NLIMarshallKAEOSpringfield, MA
SGDyson, Demetrius 6784Signed NLIUMassKAEOBrighton, TNNLI signed May 201315)
SGWilliams, Kameron538713Signed NLIOhio StateKAEOBaltimore, MD
SFHart, Josh918218Signed NLIVillanovaKAEOWashington, D.C.
SGMorman, Deshaun 72 Signed NLICincinnatiKAEOWashington, D.C.
PFYoung, Mike578715Signed NLIPittsburghKAEOPittsburgh, PA
SFBullock, Rodney 7734Signed NLIProvidenceKAEOHampton, VA
PGSmith, Dayshon 8026Signed NLIDaytonKAEONew York, NY
SGCroaker, DeMarcus 7923Signed NLITexasKAEOOrlando, FL
SFRobinson, Jamall 65100Signed NLINiagaraKAEOFairfax, VA
SFSaddler, Tevon 6775Signed NLIUNC GreensboroKAEOBaltimore, MD
PGWilliams, Isaiah VerbalSamfordKAEOBuford, GA
PFNichols, Austin15927Signed NLIMemphisKAEOEads, TN
SGQuarterman, Tim818416Signed NLILSUKAEOSavannah, GA
PGFilmore, Josh Signed NLISE LouisianaKAEOApopka, FL
PGCanady, Major 6597Signed NLIDrexelKAEOSaltsburg, PA
PFRimmer, Schuyler 7835Signed NLIStanfordKAEOOrlando, FLDecommitted from Florida
SFJohnson, B.J. 8021Signed NLISyracuseKAEOArdmore, PA
PFFacey, Kentan968226Signed NLIUConnKAEOBaldwin, NY
SGNickens, Jared 8021VerbalMarylandKAEOMonmouth Junction, NJReclassified to 2014
PGPowell, Rashawn948221Signed NLIMemphisKAEOOrlando, FL
PFDavis, Denzel Signed NLIRiceKAEOWinter Park, FL
SGCastro, Rene 7734Signed NLIButlerKAEOMilton, MA
PFMartin, Hassan 7640Signed NLIURIKAEOStaten Island, NY
PGMatthews, E.C.998218Signed NLIURIKAEORomulus, MI
PGClark, Wes808415Signed NLIMissouriKAEORomulus, MI
PFFreeman, Lennard 7255Signed NLINC StateKAEOWashington, DC
PGGoodwin, Kenny Signed NLISo. IllinoisKAEOMemphis, TN
PFDavenport, Chris 65110Signed NLIN. FloridaKAEOAtlanta, GA
SGClark, Donte 7923VerbalUMassKAEOCharlotte, NCAcademically ineligible
PGHinds, Jabarie 20TransferUMassKAEOMount Vernon, NYTransfer from West Virginia

Class of 2014

This table is sortable. Click on any column header to sort.
Recruits committed to UMass are shaded in green.
Ratings and commitments are current through 8/16/2013

Pos Player ESPN Top 10016) ESPN Rating17) ESPN Pos Rank18) Committment School Links Hometown Comments
PFAbu, Abdul-Malik538310Uncommitted KAEOBoston, MA
PFBrennan, Alec 6581Uncommitted KAEOWeston, MA
SGTerrell, Jared768316Uncommitted KAEOWeymouth, MA
SGDavis, John 6867Uncommitted KAEOFt. Washington, MD
PGBeaufort, Kahari 6296Uncommitted KAEOPomfret, CT
PGTrimble, Romelo 8113VerbalMarylandKAEOArlington, VA
PGChambers, Conrad 6958Uncommitted KAEOChester, PA
PFEnechionyia, Obi 7836Uncommitted KAEOSt. James, MD
PFSharma, Josh Uncommitted KAEOLexington, MAReclassified to 2015
PFKanter, Kerem 60145Uncommitted KAEOWilbraham, MA
PGBaldwin, Wade 7341Uncommitted KAEOMetuchen, NJ
PFCimino, Matt 8114Uncommitted KAEOFalmouth, ME
PFTaylor, Jacquil 6954Uncommitted KAEOCambridge, MA
SGTaqqee, Idris Uncommitted KAEOMA
PGChiozza, Chris 7340VerbalFloridaKAEOMemphis, TN
SFLarrier, Terry598415Uncommitted KAEOBronx, NY
PGNewkirk, Shavar 7440VerbalSt. JosephsKAEOBronx, NY
PGAnderson, Cedric Signed NLIUMassKAEOArlington, TN
PGSumner, Edmond 7914VerbalXavierKAEOBeverly Hills, MI
SGWiley, Dion26896VerbalMarylandKAEOOxon Hill, MD
SGDavis, Darrell Uncommitted KAEODetroit, MI
SGFloras, Dimitri Uncommitted KAEOMerrimack, NH
PGBeard, Anton 7731VerbalArkansasKAEON. Little Rock, ARHe is Coach Williamson's cousin
CWalker, Andre 8019Uncommitted KAEOClarksburg, MD
PGCampbell, Tre 7353VerbalGeorgetownKAEOWashington, D.C
SGHughes, Mike Uncommitted KAEOWinston Salem, NC
CThompson, James 8010Uncommitted KAEOBaton Rouge, LA
SGPalmer, James 7642VerbalMiamiKAEOWashington DC
PFCunningham, Josh 8027Uncommitted KAEOChicago, IL
PGSmith, Tarin Uncommitted KAEONJ
PGBrooks, Derrick Uncommitted KAEOBartow, FL
CWilkins, Jonathon 7926Uncommitted KAEOLa Porte, IN
PFLewis, Fatodd 6875Uncommitted KAEOMemphis, TN
SGTurner, AJ 7541Uncommitted KAEOWarren, MIReclassified to 2015
PGCalixte, Aaron 63101Uncommitted KAEOStoughton, MA
SFHymon, Marcanvis 7447VerbalMississippiKAEOMemphis, TN
SFWilkins, Isaiah Uncommitted KAEONorcross, GA
PGRoby, Davell 6961Uncommitted KAEOMemphis, TN
SGHutton, Ayron Uncommitted KAEOVirginia Beach, VA
SGHolston, Troy VerbalSo. FloridaKAEOOldsmar, FL
SFCostley, Allen Uncommitted KAEOBaltimore, MD
SGGeorge, Omari Uncommitted KAEOBaltimore, MD
SGBess, Javon 7444Uncommitted KAEOGahanna, OH
SFRodriquez, Desi Uncommitted KAEONJ
SGWright, Miles Uncommitted KAEOBoston, MABeing recruited for football
SGMosley, Cuyler Uncommitted KAEOOrlando, FL
CFoulland, Nana 6860Uncommitted KAEOReading, PA
PGConey, Hakeem 6958Uncommitted KAEOWinston-Salem, NC
PGSmith, Daishon Uncommitted KAEOJacksonville, FL
PFWillis, Darrlyn Uncommitted KAEOMilwaukee, WI
SGHudson, Jalen 7249Uncommitted KAEOAkron, OH
PFDaniels, Chaise Uncommitted KAEONew Haven, CT
SFGraham, Traevis Uncommitted KAEOStuart, FL
CO'Mara, Sean 8020Uncommitted KAEOGlen Ellyn, IL
PFGrant, Kenny VerbalRiderKAEOEast Orange, NJ
SGRichardson, Ben Uncommitted KAEOOverland Park, KS
PFHolloway, Rashaan 7438Signed NLIUMassKAEOElmer, NJ
CDiallo, Ibrahima VerbalRutgersKAEOWinston-Salem, NC
PGFox, Ian Uncommitted KAEORedondo Beach, CA
PFNzei, Michael Uncommitted KAEOCenterreach, NY
PFSwift, Melvin Uncommitted KAEOHouston, TX

Class of 2015

This table is sortable. Click on any column header to sort.
Recruits committed to UMass are shaded in green.

Pos Player ESPN top 100 ESPN Rating19) ESPN Pos Rank20) Committment School Links Hometown Comments
PFFalzon, Aaron Uncommitted KAEONewton, MA
PGGooding, Juwan Uncommitted KAEOMilton, MA
PFThomas, Elijah Uncommitted KAEORockwall, TX
PGGrandstaff, Austin Uncommitted KAEORockwall, TX
SFBaldwin, Chris Uncommitted KAEOSpringfield, MA
PGTutu, Munis Uncommitted KAEOOntario
SGDavis, Eric Uncommitted KAEOSaginaw, MI
PFLong, Alex Uncommitted KAEO
PGJefferson, Damontrae Uncommitted KAEOMilwaukee, WI
SFGrimes, Nate Uncommitted KAEOLas Vegas, NV
SFMorrow, Edward Uncommitted KAEOChicago, IL
SFHicks, Malik Uncommitted KAEOJackson, TN
PGMcNeal, Chris Uncommitted KAEOJackson, TN
CToriola, Moses Uncommitted KAEONigeria
PFEvans, Malcolm Uncommitted KAEOJackson, MS
SGTouray, Mohamed Uncommitted KAEOBronx, NY
PFShanun, Abdul Uncommitted KAEOTroy, NY
SGScott, Dante Uncommitted KAEOSmyrna, GA
PGSmith, Nych Uncommitted KAEOMemphis, TN
SGHunter, Marlon Uncommitted KAEOMemphis, TN
PGAnderson, JoJo Uncommitted KAEOHouston, TX
PGKimble, LaMarr Uncommitted KAEOPhiladelphia, PA
PFReuter, Jarred Uncommitted KAEORochester, MA
PGDorsey, Kevin Uncommitted KAEOFairfax, VA
SFGrant, Jaelin Uncommitted KAEOBowie, MD
CSharma, Josh Uncommitted KAEOLexington, MA
PGPipkins, LuWane VerbalUMassKAEOChicago, IL
PGRobinson, Justin Uncommitted KAEOManassas, VA
CMarshall, Nick Uncommitted KAEOLexington, TN
SFThomas, Hassan Uncommitted KAEODallas, TX
PFFord, Sajon Uncommitted KAEOSt. Petersburg, FL
PFEnoch, Steve Uncommitted KAEONorwalk, CT
PFMaurice, Isaiah Uncommitted KAEODurham, NC
PGCrosby, John Uncommitted KAEOBaltimore, MD
SFFranks, Robert Uncommitted KAEOVancouver, WA

Class of 2016

This table is sortable. Click on any column header to sort.
Recruits committed to UMass are shaded in green.

Pos Player ESPN Rating21) ESPN Pos Rank22) Committment School Links Hometown Comments
SGMalone, Tyonne Uncommitted KAEOEasthampton, MA
FBradley, Tony Uncommitted KAEOBartow, FL
PGFranklin, Jaylen Uncommitted KAEOSpringfield, MA
PFKeita, Sedee Uncommitted KAEOMiddleton, DE
PGNdugba, Ikenna Uncommitted KAEONorth Andover, MA
SGBrown, Bruce Uncommitted KAEOWakefield, MA

Other information

National Letter of Intent

Recruiting History

For more information on prior year recruiting classes, visit the Recruiting History page.

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