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  • UMass trails 10-14 (.417)
  • Last meeting: 3/2/2013, UMass 77 - Xavier 72
  • First meeting: 1/15/1991, Xavier 71 - UMass 66


  • In a run from 1996-2005, UMass and Xavier played 13 games, 6 of which went to overtime.
  • Xavier and UMass are the only two Atlantic 10 teams that have won five consecutive regular season championships (outright or shared): UMass 1992-96, Xavier 2007-11.
  • Xavier used Cincinnati Gardens as their home court through the 1999-2000 season. In 2000-01, they moved to the new Cintas Center.
  • Xavier exited the A-10 July 1, 2013 and joined the Big East Conference.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/15/1991L 71-66AwayJohn Calipari MCCPete GillenMusketeers
12/7/1991W 91-72Home (CHC)John Calipari MCCPete GillenMusketeers
2/4/1996W 78-74 (OT)AwayJohn CalipariUM #1. UM shoots just 38% FG, and 59% FT, but hauls in 48 rebounds to hold off Xavier. X misses 3 shots at end of regulation. Camby 26-11-5, Bright 21 & 7, Weeks 9 & 13. 10th straight OT win for UM. UM is nation's last unbeaten.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
2/1/1997L 87-84 (OT)Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintX shoots 60.5% for the game, UM whistled for 29 fouls. Travieso plays all 45 minutes, scores 29.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
2/8/1998W 73-62AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintBig road win over #21 X. UM shoots 57% to X's 39%. Clarke 18 points.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
2/20/1999W 78-77 (2OT)Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintKirkland 25 & 13, Mack 21 & 10, Ketner 20 & 12. UM blocks 11 X shots. James Posey 19 & 12 for X.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
3/4/1999L 72-68NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. UM fights back from big deficit, but X finishes victorious. Kirkland 22, Mack 18, Ketner 11 & 15.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
2/12/2000L 87-77AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintMack 32 points leads all scorers. Kirkland scores 18. Rebounding edge: 39-19 Xavier.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
1/9/2001W 75-64AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintMack 26 points. David West gets 28 & 11 for X, rest of team only shoots 27%.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
2/14/2001W 59-49Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintMack 23 points. David West gets 19 & 12 for X.Atlantic 10Skip ProsserMusketeers
3/2/2002L 72-52AwaySteve LappasX out-shoots UM 47% to 35%. Eric Williams 15 points.Atlantic 10Thad MattaMusketeers
3/7/2002L 65-59 (OT)NeutralSteve LappasAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Eric Williams prayer 3 falls in to force OT. X goes to line 43 times to UM's 11.Atlantic 10Thad MattaMusketeers
1/18/2003L 86-73Home (MC)Steve LappasBoth teams shoot 50.9% overall, but X hits seven 3s to UM's one, and hits 9 more FTs. Rogers 23 points.Atlantic 10Thad MattaMusketeers
2/14/2004L 64-44AwaySteve LappasUM shoots 28% overall, 15% from 3. Bowers 10 points, Freeman 9 & 9.Atlantic 10Thad MattaMusketeers
1/8/2005W 90-86 (3OT)Home (MC)Steve LappasUM frosh Jeff “Big Deli” Salovski has game of his life: 21 points (9-10 FGs) and 9 rebounds.Atlantic 10Sean MillerMusketeers
3/4/2006W 65-56Home (MC)Travis FordLasme 18 & 11, Viggiano 12.Atlantic 10Sean MillerMusketeers
3/8/2006L 75-66NeutralTravis FordAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at the U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati OH. All 5 X starters score in double-figures. Life 24, Lasme 20.Atlantic 10Sean MillerMusketeers
1/18/2007L 83-77AwayTravis FordUM gets 56 points in paint but only 4 trips to line in early battle for A-10 first place.Atlantic 10Sean MillerMusketeers
1/27/2008L 77-65Home (MC)Travis FordX keeps UMass at bay. Brower 22 points (10-11 FTs).Atlantic 10Sean MillerMusketeers
1/31/2009L 82-80AwayDerek KelloggUM misses upset chance in final seconds. UM 36 pts off 23 X turnovers. Harris 17 pts.Atlantic 10Sean MillerMusketeers
2/3/2010L 87-79Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM fights back strong, but can't stop Xavier. 4 UM starters in double figures. Harris 24 points.Atlantic 10Chris MackMusketeers
1/12/2011L 79-50AwayDerek KelloggXavier 11-0 run to end first half blows game open. UM shooting struggles again (34.7%). All X starters in double-figures.Atlantic 10Chris MackMusketeers
2/21/2012W 80-73Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM builds a 20-point lead and holds off X charges. UM 16-18 from line. Defense holds Holloway to 2-11 shooting. Williams' 29 a new career high. Atlantic 10Chris MackMusketeers
3/2/2013W 77-72AwayDerek KelloggVinson & Riley (18 pts, 6-10 from 3) lead team in a foul-plagued game. Trey Davis provides 12 points (career high) in relief of Chaz. UM shoots 52% from 3 (13-25). First win at Xavier since 2001. Atlantic 10Chris MackMusketeers
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