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  • Series tied 12-12 (.500)
  • Last meeting: 1/11/2017, UMass 67 - Dayton 55
  • First meeting: 1/6/1996, UMass 78 - Dayton 58


  • Dayton basketball goes back to 1903, but they never faced UMass until they joined the Atlantic 10 in the 1995-96 season.
  • Dayton's first A-10 game was a loss to UMass, on 1/6/1996.


Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/6/1996W 78-58Home (MC)John CalipariCamby welcomes Dayton to A-10 with a 38 & 11 performance.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
2/23/1997L 69-67AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat UD Arena. Travieso 22 points, Norville 12, Basit 10 rebounds.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
2/1/1998W 85-69Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintUM pushes win streak to 10. Ketner 33 points, Mack 14, Clarke 13.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
1/28/1999W 59-57 (OT)AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat UD Arena. Mack game winner with 10 seconds left. Ketner 16 & 11, Mack 15, Kirkland 13.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
1/20/2000L 57-52Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintKirkland 15, Mack 14, Rhymer 11 & 9.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
1/18/2001W 62-57Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintUM shoots 51% and out-rebounds Dayton. Rhymer 19 & 13, Rogers 16 (8-9 shooting).Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
2/6/2001L 89-76AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat UD Arena. UM whistled for 27 fouls, leading to 32 Flyer points at the line. Brand & Mack 23 each.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
1/29/2002L 83-68Home (MC)Steve LappasDayton shoots 59% to UM's 36%. Crooks 21, Anderson 20.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
1/29/2003L 83-55AwaySteve Lappasat UD Arena. Dayton goes 26-30 from the line, UM 7-15. Lee 12 & 9, Anderson 10.Atlantic 10Oliver PurnellFlyers
2/8/2004L 66-59Home (MC)Steve LappasUM starters shoot 11-46 (24%). Lasme 13-7-6 off the bench, Chadwick 12.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
3/1/2005L 53-52AwaySteve Lappasat UD Arena. Dayton benefits from questionable whistle at end. Carrier 11 & 8, Freeman 11, Maxwell 10.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
2/25/2006W 66-47Home (MC)Travis FordDayton shooting struggles: 37% FG, 35% FT. Life 25 points, Freeman 19 & 12.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
2/18/2007W 77-69AwayTravis Fordat UD Arena. First Dayton home loss on season. Forbes 23 points, Freeman & Lasme double-doubles.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
1/16/2008W 82-71AwayTravis Fordat UD Arena. First win over ranked team in 3 years. Harris 22 points, Lowe 19. Brower 11 & 9.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
1/10/2009W 76-65HomeDerek KelloggAt the MassMutual Center, Springfield MA. UD was 14-1. 4 MMen in double-figures, led by Harris 23 points. Gaffney 7 blocks.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
2/27/2010L 96-68AwayDerek Kelloggat UD Arena. Dayton hits 13 3s and shoots 55% overall. UM only hits 37%. Vinson 16 points.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
1/9/2011W 55-50Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM scores 29 from stripe and 26 from field. UM wins rebounding 41-31 over what was top rebounding team in A-10.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
3/8/2011L 78-50Home (MC)Derek KelloggAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round. UMass #8, Dayton #9. Seniors go out on awful note as Dayton dominates start to finish.Atlantic 10Brian GregoryFlyers
2/25/2012L 76-43AwayDerek Kelloggat UD Arena. UM goes ice cold: shoots 24.5% FG, 54.2% FT, gives up 36-9 run to end the game. Williams & Morgan combine for 3-23 shooting.Atlantic 10Archie MillerFlyers
2/23/2013W 76-66Home (MC)Derek KelloggLalanne sets new career highs with his big effort. Vinson adds 13 & 6 in his 122nd start, first all time at UM. Chaz 9 assists builds his lead in conference stats. Atlantic 10Archie MillerFlyers
3/1/2014L 86-79AwayDerek Kelloggat UD Arena. Flyers use a 13-0 run, and score 50 in the second half, to put the game away. UM's 6 assists a season low. Williams (17) and Gordon (15) give the UM backcourt 51 combined points. Atlantic 10Archie MillerFlyers
1/29/2015W 66-64Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM exploits the height advantage and scores 44 points in the paint. Lalanne 18 & 7, Esho 8 & 9, Davis 15 points. Hinds blocks UD's desperation heave at the buzzer. Atlantic 10Archie MillerFlyers
1/6/2016L 93-63AwayDerek Kelloggat UD Arena. Dayton #25. Dayton steamrolls, start to finish. Flyers shoot 68% in the second half, 57% for the game, and 44% from 3 (last two were season-worst for UM's defense). UM tallies just 24 rebounds, a season low. Hinds adds just 4 points. Atlantic 10Archie MillerFlyers
1/11/2017W 67-55Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM turns a 6.5 underdog prediction into a double-digit win. Strong performances from underclassmen: Pipkins 17 & 4, Holloway 14 & 7, Jarreau 13/7/6. Season worsts for Dayton in points (55, nearly 22 under their average), FG% (.316), turnovers (19). Atlantic 10Archie MillerFlyers
1/6/2018TBDAwayMatt McCallat UD Arena.Atlantic 10Anthony GrantFlyers
2/3/2018TBDHome (MC)Matt McCall Atlantic 10Anthony GrantFlyers
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