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  • UMass leads 39-19 (.672)
  • Last meeting: 12/7/2021, Northeastern 82 - UMass 76
  • First meeting: 2/18/1922, Massachusetts 30 - Northeastern 12


  • Teams played every season from 1947-48 through 1989-90, with only two gaps (1966-67 and 1983-84).
  • Jack Leaman’s teams won 11 of the 12 games during his coaching tenure at Massachusetts.
  • Jack Leaman won all 7 meetings against Northeastern when coached by Jim Calhoun.
  • After Leaman's departure, Calhoun won 5 of 6 against Massachusetts, before he left for Connecticut.
  • Frank Martin served as an Assistant Coach at Northeastern from 2000-04. He recruited future NBA player J. J. Barea to the Huskies.1)2)
  • Northeastern's 2020-21 media guide shows one extra game, on 2/18/1948. UMass data shows us playing Williams College on that date, and The Collegian's archive also reports a Williams game on that date, not Northeastern. We believe the Northeastern data to be erroneous.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
2/18/1922W 30-12Home (DH)Harold M. Gore ?Madison Jeffrey?
1/13/1923W 42-18Home (DH)Harold M. Gore ?Madison Jeffrey?
2/7/1925W 40-14Home (DH)Harold M. Gore ?Rufus Bond?
1/22/1927W 33-17AwayHarold M. Goreat Boston Arena. ?Rufus Bond?
1/14/1928W 30-19Home (DH)Harold M. Gore ?Rufus BondHuskies 3)
1/26/1929L 32-17AwayHarold M. Goreat Boston Arena. ?Rufus BondHuskies
1/11/1930W 25-23Home (DH)Fritz Ellert ?Al McCoyHuskies
1/17/1931W 37-31AwayFritz Ellertat Boston Arena. ?Al McCoyHuskies
12/13/1947L 57-35Home (CHC)Lorin Ball ?Bill GrinnellHuskies
12/11/1948L 44-42AwayLorin Ballat Boston Arena. ?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/10/1949W 39-30Home (CHC)Lorin BallSeason opener?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/9/1950L 80-63AwayLorin Ballat Boston Arena. Season opener.?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/8/1951L 65-64 (2 OT)Home (CHC)Lorin BallSeason opener?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/6/1952L 62-56AwayRobert T. Curranat Boston Arena. Season opener.?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/5/1953L 75-63Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran ?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/4/1954W 70-63AwayRobert T. Curranat Boston Arena. ?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/3/1955W 69-45Home (CHC)Robert T. CurranSeason opener?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/1/1956W 70-57AwayRobert T. Curranat Boston Arena. Season opener.?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/14/1957W 84-71Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran ?Joe ZabilskiHuskies
12/13/1958W 58-55AwayRobert T. Curranat Boston Arena ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
2/8/1960W 87-61Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
1/3/1961W 71-70(OT)AwayMatthew Zunicat Boston Arena ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
1/3/1962W 72-61Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
2/20/1963L 90-61AwayMatthew Zunicat Boston Arena ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
2/20/1964W 69-63Home (CHC)John M. Orr ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
1/2/1965W 77-66AwayJohn M. Orrat Boston Arena ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
12/11/1965W 78-72Home (CHC)John M. Orr ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
2/27/1968W 61-59AwayJack Leamanat Boston Arena ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
1/23/1969L 68-64AwayJack Leamanat Boston Arena ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
1/31/1970W 90-62Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Dick DukeshireHuskies
1/30/1971W 61-47Home (CHC)Jack LeamanUM still prevails, despite usual starters Mathias and Pagliara being out with flu. Julius Erving 28 pts, 26 rebs. Tom McLaughlin debuts for UM.?Dick DukeshireHuskies
12/11/1971W 62-61AwayJack Leamanat Boston Arena ?Jim BowmanHuskies
2/27/1973W 80-69Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Jim CalhounHuskies
1/29/1974W 71-64AwayJack Leamanat Boston Arena ?Jim CalhounHuskies
1/28/1975W 65-57Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Jim CalhounHuskies
2/14/1976W 75-64Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Jim CalhounHuskies
2/28/1977W 82-76AwayJack Leamanat Boston Arena ?Jim CalhounHuskies
2/16/1978W 61-58Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ?Jim CalhounHuskies
12/7/1978W 76-72AwayJack Leamanat Boston Arena ?Jim CalhounHuskies
2/14/1980L 67-59Home (CHC)Ray Wilson ECACNJim CalhounHuskies
2/12/1981L 65-54AwayRay Wilsonat Boston Arena ECACNJim CalhounHuskies
12/9/1981L 66-60Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin ECACNJim CalhounHuskies
2/17/1983L 81-67AwayTom McLaughlinat Matthews Arena ECACNJim CalhounHuskies
12/15/1984W 67-66Home (SCC)Ron GerlufsenNU squad features Reggie Lewis ECACNJim CalhounHuskies
12/14/1985L 71-68AwayRon Gerlufsenat Matthews Arena. NU squad features Reggie Lewis ECACNJim CalhounHuskies
12/13/1986L 78-70Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenNU squad features Reggie Lewis ECACNKarl FogelHuskies
12/12/1987W 75-74AwayRon Gerlufsenat Matthews Arena ECACNKarl FogelHuskies
12/10/1988W 79-69Home (CHC)John Calipari NACKarl FogelHuskies
12/9/1989L 79-73AwayJohn Calipariat Matthews Arena NACKarl FogelHuskies
12/1/2004L 84-68Home (MC)Steve LappasJJ Barea scores 24 as NU starters go for 75 of team's 84 points.America EastRon EverhartHuskies
11/19/2006W 79-56NeutralTravis FordColonial Classic, at Pittsburgh PA. Freeman 24 & 10, Life 19 points. UM defense holds NU to 26% shooting.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
11/14/2011W 83-67Home (MC)Derek KelloggWilliams (10 assists), Vinson and Sampson Carter lead an overall team effort. 22 assists on 28 field goals.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
12/4/2012W 72-66AwayDerek Kelloggat Matthews Arena. UM cashes in with a 13-4 run to end the game. Carter adds 14 & 6.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
11/26/2014W 79-54Home (MC)Derek KelloggHall of Fame Tip-Off Classic. UM opens the game on a 14-4 run and is never really challenged as they shoot hot (53%) and NU struggles (37%). UM also wins the glass, 43-27. UM only goes to the line 6 times as NU commits just 11 fouls in the game. Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
11/12/2019W 80-71Home (MC)Matt McCallUM's team effort shuts down Jordan Roland, who only scores 14, after averaging 40.5 to start the season. Tre 8-15 from the floor, Pierre finds it again with 18. East 17 pts / 7 assists / 4 steals, and swishes a 75 footer to end the first half.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
12/11/2020W 94-79Home (MC)Matt McCallTre dominates early and often with 31 & 11, including 19 & 6 in the first half. Garcia impressive with 23 in his debut, including 9-13 FG. Pierre 14, Weeks 11. NU led by Walker's 29.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
12/13/2020L 78-75AwayMatt McCallAt Cabot Center. NU goes on an 11-2 run in the second half, and holds a 10 point edge with 46 seconds to play. UM scrambles but the comeback attempt falls short. Husky defense limits Tre to 10 points and 3-10 shooting. Garcia leads UM with 18, Walker 20 for NU.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
12/7/2021L 82-76AwayMatt McCallAt Matthews Arena. UM has an 11-point lead with 11:37 left, then the defense collapses as NU goes on a 27-8 run. UM cuts it back to 2 with a minute left but miss their last 2 shots. NU shoots 56% overall (previously 43%), 53% from 3 (previously 30%). Rich scores a season-high 25, Noah adds 24-4-7, Trent tallies 15 & 9.Colonial (CAA)Bill CoenHuskies
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