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College of the Holy Cross


  • UMass trails 22-37 (.373)
  • Last meeting: 12/4/2018, Holy Cross 82 – UMass 78
  • First meeting: 1/8/1908, Holy Cross 51 – Massachusetts 4


  • Robert T. Curran, who served as UMass coach from 1952-59, was a player for Holy Cross in the 1940s. He also served as an assistant coach for Holy Cross before and after his stint at UMass coach.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/8/1908L 51-4Awayno coach noneJ. Fred Powers?
2/21/1908L 16-7Home (DH)no coach noneJ. Fred Powers?
1/16/1909L 36-16Awayno coach noneJ. Fred Powers?
2/6/1926W 37-23Home (DH) Harold Gore noneJohn M. ReedCrusaders1)
2/24/1931L 32-31Home (DH) Fritz Ellert noneJohn M. ReedCrusaders
12/9/1952L 76-40Home (CHC) Robert T. Curran noneBuster ShearyCrusaders
12/8/1953L 89-42NeutralRobert T. Curran Gem City Bowl, Erie, PA noneBuster ShearyCrusaders
12/7/1954L 85-64Away Robert T. Curran noneBuster ShearyCrusaders
12/6/1955L 88-76NeutralRobert T. Curran Trenton Tournament, Trenton, NJ noneRoy LeenigCrusaders
1/3/1957L 111-96AwayRobert T. Curran noneRoy LeenigCrusaders
2/20/1958W 64-60Away Robert T. Curran noneRoy LeenigCrusaders
2/3/1959L 77-56Away Robert T. Curran noneRoy LeenigCrusaders
1/6/1960L 82-58Away Matt Zunic noneRoy LeenigCrusaders
1/5/1961L 63-58Home (CHC) Matt Zunic noneRoy LeenigCrusaders
1/10/1962L 98-58Away Matt Zunic noneFrank OftringCrusaders
1/10/1963L 68-61Home (CHC) Matt Zunic noneFrank OftringCrusaders
12/17/1963L 95-79Away Johnny Orr noneFrank OftringCrusaders
2/18/1965L 100-84Home (CHC) Johnny Orr noneFrank OftringCrusaders
12/14/1965W 92-74 Home (CHC) Johnny Orr noneJack DonohueCrusaders
2/24/1966W 85-79AwayJohnny Orr noneJack DonohueCrusaders
2/8/1967L 78-65AwayJack Leaman noneJack DonohueCrusaders
2/15/1967L 64-54Home (CHC) Jack Leaman noneJack DonohueCrusaders
1/17/1968W 71-65Away Jack Leaman noneJack DonohueCrusaders
2/14/1968L 70-69Home (CHC) Jack Leaman noneJack Donohue Crusaders
2/11/1969L 97-68Away Jack Leaman noneJack DonohueCrusaders
2/10/1970W 83-66Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneJack DonohueCrusaders
2/2/1971W 60-58AwayJack LeamanJulius Erving leads all with 32 points & 18 rebounds. Tom McLaughlin adds 12 for UM.noneJack DonohueCrusaders
12/8/1971W 83-82 (2 OT)Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneJack DonohueCrusaders
1/30/1973W 78-71Home (SCC)Jack LeamanAt Springfield Civic CenternoneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/13/1973W 75-70AwayJack Leaman noneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/10/1974L 68-62Home (CHC)Jack Leaman none George BlaneyCrusaders
12/20/1975L 86-78AwayJack Leaman noneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
3/6/1976L 88-75NeutralJack LeamanECAC Tournament, at Springfield Civic CenternoneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/11/1976L 92-85 (OT)NeutralJack LeamanColonial Classic, at Boston GardennoneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/28/1978L 78-63NeutralJack LeamanColonial Classic, at Boston Gardennone George BlaneyCrusaders
2/2/1978W 77-76AwayJack Leaman noneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/22/1978L 77-57Home (SCC)Jack LeamanAt Springfield Civic CenternoneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/27/1979L 78-74NeutralJack LeamanColonial Classic, at Boston GardennoneGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
2/1/1980L 84-73NeutralRay WilsonColonial Classic, at Boston GardenECACNGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/30/1981L 75-50NeutralRay WilsonProvidence Savings Classic, in Boston, MA.ECACNGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
2/23/1982L 80-62AwayTom McLaughlin ECACNGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/8/1983L 75-72Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin ECACNGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/16/1984L 89-83AwayRon Gerlufsen MAACGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/27/1986W 82-76Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen MAACGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/26/1987W 73-66AwayRon Gerlufsen MAACGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
2/15/1988L 89-85Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen MAACGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
2/6/1989L 98-90AwayJohn Calipari MAACGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
1/28/1991W 98-94 Home (CHC)John Calipari Patriot LeagueGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/12/1991W 85-73AwayJohn CalipariWlll Herndon 10-11 FGs. Harper Williams 14 & 12.Patriot LeagueGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/28/1992W 81-66NeutralJohn CalipariHall of Fame Classic, at Springfield Civic CenterPatriot LeagueGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
12/11/1993W 97-80AwayJohn CalipariUMass #8. At Worcester CentrumPatriot LeagueGeorge BlaneyCrusaders
11/25/2000L 78-65Away Bruiser FlintAt Worcester CentrumPatriot LeagueRalph WillardCrusaders
12/4/2001L 67-56 Home (MC) Steve Lappas Patriot LeagueRalph WillardCrusaders
12/10/2008W 73-59 Home (MC) Derek Kellogg Patriot LeagueRalph WillardCrusaders
12/5/2009W 84-63AwayDerek Kellogg At DCU Center, Worcester MA. Minutemen shoot 50%, out-rebound HC by 11, for first road win. Anthony Gurley 18.Patriot LeagueSean KearneyCrusaders
11/27/2010W 83-76 Home (CHC) Derek KelloggUM hits nine 3s. Freddie Riley 17 points in 17 minutes. First game at The Cage since 1993.Patriot LeagueMilan BrownCrusaders
11/20/2016W 68-60AwayDerek KelloggAt DCU Center, Worcester MA. UM uses a late 15-2 run to shake off the Crusaders. Clark, Lewis, Berger, Pipkins, Holloway all in double-figure scoring. Off-game for Jarreau, just 3 points. No other M'Men score. UM wins glass by 10.Patriot LeagueBill CarmodyCrusaders
12/6/2017W 64-50Home (MC)Matt McCallUM kicks in the defense, and Cross goes 10:03 without a field goal across the halftime break. Minutemen play a small lineup most of the night, with 80% of the points. Hines adds 10 from the front court. UM helps their case with drawing fouls, and converting with 20-22 from the stripe. Patriot LeagueBill CarmodyCrusaders
12/4/2018L 82-78Home (MC)Matt McCallAnother tough home loss for UM, as Cross shoots 61% in the second half to pull away. Pipkins leads with 22 but shot 6-18 from the floor. Pierre 0-5 with just 2 points.Patriot LeagueBill CarmodyCrusaders
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