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Championships & Post-Season Tournaments

Conference Championships

The university's men's basketball team has won numerous championships in the program's history.

Atlantic 10 Conference
Regular Season6 times1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-961), 2006-072)
Tournament5 times1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996
Yankee Conference
Regular Season3)9 times1961-62, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70, 1970-71, 1972-73, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1975-76

Conference Tournaments

Main article: Conference Tournaments

Post-Season Tournaments


The university has appeared in nine NCAA Tournaments. Their cumulative record is 11-9 (reduced by the NCAA to 7-8, see footnote).

YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High Scorer
1962N/ARegional Quarter-Final3/12The Palestra, Philadelphia PA4)NYUL 70-50Bernard (13)
1992East 3First (Round of 64)3/20Worcester Centrum, Worcester MAFordham (East 14)W 85-58Roe (19)
Second (Round of 32)3/22Syracuse (East 6)W 77-71 (OT)McCoy (24)
Regional Semi-Final (Sweet 16)3/26The Spectrum, Philadelphia PAKentucky (East 2)L 87-77McCoy (21)
1993East 3First (Round of 64)3/19Carrier Dome, Syracuse NYPennsylvania (East 14)W 54-50Michael Williams (13)
Second (Round of 32)3/21Virginia (East 6)L 71-56Barbee (19)
1994Midwest 2First (Round of 64)3/17Kansas Coliseum, Park City KSSW Texas State (Midwest 15)W 78-60Roe (21)
Second (Round of 32)3/19Maryland (Midwest 10)L 96-87Camby (32)
1995East 2First (Round of 64)3/17Knickerbocker Arena, Albany NYSt. Peter's (NY) (East 15)W 68-51Camby (25)
Second (Round of 32)3/19Stanford (East 10)W 75-53Roe (16)
Regional Semi-Final (Sweet 16)3/24Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford NJTulsa (East 6)W 76-51Camby (20)
Regional Final (Elite 8)3/26Oklahoma State (East 4)L 68-54Travieso (11)
19965)East 1First (Round of 64)3/14Civic Center, Providence RICentral Florida (East 16)W 92-70Travieso (21)
Second (Round of 32)3/16Stanford (East 9)W 79-74Camby (20)
Regional Semi-Final (Sweet 16)3/21Georgia Dome, Atlanta GAArkansas (East 12)W 79-63Weeks (16)
Regional Final (Elite 8)3/23Georgetown (East 2)W 86-62Camby (22)
National Semi-Final (Final Four)3/30Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford NJKentucky (Midwest 1)L 81-74Camby (25)
1997East 11First (Round of 64)3/14Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PALouisville (East 6)L 65-57Weeks (16)
1998South 7First (Round of 64)3/13Georgia Dome, Atlanta GASaint Louis (South 10)L 51-46Mack (10)
2014Midwest 6Second (Round of 64)6)3/21PNC Arena, Raleigh NCTennessee (Midwest 11)L 86-67Esho/Williams (12)

20 Point games

24Jim McCoy3/22/1992Syracuse
21Jim McCoy3/26/1992Kentucky
21Lou Roe3/17/1994SW Texas State
20Mike Williams3/17/1994SW Texas State
32Marcus Camby3/19/1994Maryland
25Marcus Camby3/17/1995St. Peter's (NY)
20Marcus Camby3/24/1995Tulsa
21Carmelo Travieso3/14/1996Central Florida
20Marcus Camby3/16/1996Stanford
22Marcus Camby3/23/1996Georgetown
20Carmelo Travieso3/23/1996Georgetown
25Marcus Camby3/30/1996Kentucky


The university has appeared in thirteen National Invitation Tournaments. Their cumulative record is 13-14.

YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High Scorer
1970N/AFirst (Round of 16)3/14Madison Square Garden, New York NYMarquetteL 62-55Erving (18)
1971N/AFirst (Round of 16)3/20Madison Square Garden, New York NYNorth CarolinaL 90-49Erving (13)
1973N/AFirst (Round of 16)3/17Madison Square Garden, New York NYMissouriW 78-71Endicott (15)
Quarter-Final (Round of 8)3/20Madison Square Garden, New York NYNorth CarolinaL 73-63Austin (21)
1974N/AFirst (Round of 16)3/17Madison Square Garden, New York NYJacksonvilleL 74-69Murphy (25)
1975N/AFirst (Round of 16)3/17Madison Square Garden, New York NYManhattanL 68-51Murphy (18)
1977N/AFirst (Round of 16)3/10Civic Center, Springfield MA7)Seton HallW 86-85Donoghue (26)
Quarter-Final (Round of 8)3/15Madison Square Garden, New York NYVillanovaL 81-71Town (20)
1990N/AFirst (Round of 32)3/15AwayMarylandL 91-81McCoy (22)
1991N/AFirst (Round of 32)3/15Home (CHC)La SalleW 93-90Harper Williams (22)
Second (Round of 16)3/19AwayFordhamW 78-74Harper Williams (23)
Quarter-Final3/21AwaySienaW 82-80 (OT)Herndon (20)
Semi-Final3/25Madison Square Garden, New York NYStanfordL 73-71Harper Williams (18)
Third Place Game3/27Madison Square Garden, New York NYColoradoL 98-91McCoy (27)
2000N/AFirst (Round of 32)3/16AwaySienaL 66-65Mack (20)
2007East 3First (Round of 32)3/13Home (MC)Alabama (East 5)W 89-87 (OT)Lasme (21)
Second (Round of 16)3/15AwayWest Virginia (East 1)L 90-77Life (20)
2008East 2First (Round of 32)3/18Home (MC)Stephen F. Austin (East 7)W 80-60Milligan (24)
Second (Round of 16)3/22Home (MC)Akron (East 6)W 68-63Harris (20)
Quarter-Final3/25AwaySyracuse (East 1)W 81-77Harris (23)
Semi-Final4/1Madison Square Garden, New York NYFlorida (West 2)W 78-66Forbes (19)
Final4/3Madison Square Garden, New York NYOhio State (Midwest 1)L 92-85Harris (27)
2012Seton Hall 5First (Round of 32)3/13Away at Humphrey ColiseumMississippi State (Seton Hall 4)W 101-96 (2 OT)Williams (28)
Second (Round of 16)3/17Away at Walsh GymnasiumSeton Hall (Seton Hall 1)W 77-67Williams (20)
Quarter-Final3/20Away at Daskalakis CenterDrexel (Seton Hall 3)W 72-70Williams (20)
Semi-Final3/27Madison Square Garden, New York NYStanford (Arizona 3)L 74-64Williams (19)
2013Virginia 2First (Round of 32)3/20Home (MC)Stony Brook (Virginia 7)L 71-58Riley (16)
East Division
tie with Xavier
The Yankee Conference did not play a championship tournament.
On May 8, 1997, the NCAA Executive Committee voted to negate the Minutemen's 1996 NCAA Tournament record, for Marcus Camby's acceptance of agents' improper gifts. The 35-2 record was reduced to 31-1, and the UMass slot in the Final Four is officially marked as “vacated.” The Final Four trophy, banner and 45% of tournament revenue were returned to the NCAA. Camby reimbursed the school for the $151,617 in lost revenue.
2014 was one of the few years where the NCAA referred to the round of 64 as the “Second Round”.
UMass notes this as a neutral site game
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