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  • UMass leads 41-27 (.603)
  • Last meeting: 1/25/2020, Massachusetts 73 - Duquesne 64
  • First meeting: 1/11/1975, Massachusetts 98 - Duquesne 94


  • Duquesne did not join a conference until the 1977-78 season.
  • Duquesne took a one-year hiatus from the Atlantic 10 in 1992-93, playing in the Midwestern Collegiate Conference.
  • UMass had a 16-game win streak in the series, from 1992-2001.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/11/1975W 98-94HomeJack LeamanAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MAnoneJohn CinicolaDukes 1)
1/11/1976L 100-69AwayJack LeamanAt The Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAnoneJohn CinicolaDukes
1/6/1977W 110-97HomeJack LeamanAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA. Donoghue 35 points for UM. UMass hits 44 FTs (best in a UMass game, record through 2007-08 season). Claiborne 16 FTs, Donoghue 15 FTs. 110 points most in almost 5 years.noneJohn CinicolaDukes
3/4/1977L 89-82NeutralJack LeamanECBL Tournament Semi-Final, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PAECBLJohn CinicolaDukes
2/20/1978L 83-70AwayJack LeamanAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8John CinicolaDukes
3/2/1978L 76-69 (OT)AwayJack LeamanAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8John CinicolaDukes
2/3/1979L 68-67AwayJack LeamanAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8Mike RiceDukes
1/21/1980L 88-66AwayRay WilsonAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA. Duq's Ricky Tunstall blocks 7, program record at the time.Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
1/15/1981L 99-69AwayRay WilsonAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA. UM and Duq each steal 20. Duq's 20 steals is team record (thru 2009-10 season).Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
2/7/1981L 83-67Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
12/5/1981W 60-59Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlinWin snaps UM's 33-game conference losing streak.Eastern 8Mike RiceDukes
1/9/1982W 57-55AwayTom McLaughlinAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAEastern 8Mike RiceDukes
2/24/1983W 85-81Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/5/1984L 69-64AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
3/3/1984L 74-64Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenCarl Smith 13 assists for UM.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/3/1985L 59-53HomeRon GerlufsenAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
3/2/1985W 68-59AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/23/1986W 69-60Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenCarl Smith dishes 15 for UM, tying his own record for most in a UMass game (record thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/22/1986L 63-54AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/17/1987L 72-59AwayRon GerlufsenAt the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PAAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/23/1987W 67-66Home (CHC)Ron GerlufsenSutton hits seven 3-pointers for UM.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/14/1988W 64-62 (OT)AwayRon GerlufsenSutton takes 14 3-point shots.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/20/1988W 80-76Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
3/5/1988L 81-75NeutralRon GerlufsenAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at the WVU Coliseum, Morgantown WVAtlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/14/1989L 88-84Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
2/18/1989L 105-74AwayJohn CalipariDuq's largest-margin victory in A-10 play at the time.Atlantic 10Jim SatalinDukes
1/25/1990L 70-69AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
2/3/1990W 78-72Home (CHC)John CalipariStevenson scores 32 for Duq.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/10/1991W 81-75Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
2/9/1991L 68-67AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/25/1992W 87-68Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/1/1992W 82-61AwayJohn Calipariat Palumbo Center. Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/8/1994W 70-53AwayJohn CalipariUMass #8. Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/2/1994W 92-78Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #11. Roe goes 17-23 from line, 23 attempts ties UM single-game record (record thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/7/1994W 69-52NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Semi-Final, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. Mike Williams 19 points.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/24/1995W 103-53AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. UM shoots 57% and scores 103, but only hits four 3-pointers. Camby 23 points, Roe 13. Largest margin loss for Duq since 11/27/1987.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
2/16/1995W 73-56Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #5. Roe 20 points, Kellogg 16, Camby 11.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
3/5/1995W 79-53NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-Final, at the Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass #8. Roe 20 points, Kellogg 16.Atlantic 10John CarrollDukes
1/20/1996W 93-89AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. UM starters combine for 88 points. Travieso 33, Dingle 24. Travieso goes 7-8 from 3 (best 3-pt % in a UM game, min 5 attempts), team goes 9-12 (.750 is best team %, min 10 attempts). Padilla 7 steals. (Records thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Scott EdgarDukes
2/6/1997W 73-71Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintDown 71-70 with 12 seconds left, Travieso hits the game-winning 3. Four Minutemen score 65 points.Atlantic 10Scott EdgarDukes
2/10/1998W 74-68AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Palumbo Center. UMass #20. Ketner 23 points, Clarke 16, Mack 15.Atlantic 10Scott EdgarDukes
1/13/1999W 69-55Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintMack 19 points, Cruz 16, Clarke & Kirkland 11 each.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
3/3/1999W 80-70NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Mack 27 points, Ketner 18 & 11, Kirkland 12. Duq only 5 turnovers.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
1/27/2000W 84-75AwayJames “Bruiser” Flintat Palumbo Center. Mack 22 points, Kirkland 21 & 8, Rhymer 16 & 14.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
3/8/2000W 77-52NeutralJames “Bruiser” FlintAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. Mack 27 points, Crooks 18.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
1/20/2001W 80-69HomeJames “Bruiser” FlintAt the Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MA. Mack 25 points, Brand 16, Rhymer 15 & 12.Atlantic 10Darelle PorterDukes
2/6/2002L 78-69AwaySteve Lappasat Palumbo Center. UM wins glabb 38-25, but 14 turnovers to only 6 for Duq. UM only 2 bench points.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
2/23/2003W 70-55Home (MC)Steve LappasUM shoots 58% to Duq's 36%. Anderson 25 points, 8 assists. Gabe Lee 1 point but 10 boards and 5 blocks.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
1/18/2004L 88-62AwaySteve Lappasat Palumbo Center. Duq shoots 54% to UM's 33%. Freeman 16 & 13.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
3/10/2004L 79-76NeutralSteve LappasAtlantic 10 Tournament, at UD Arena, Dayton OH. Duq posts better 3-FG and FT numbers. Only 7 bench points for UM. Freeman & Bowers 18 each.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
3/5/2005W 69-64Home (MC)Steve LappasUM wins glass 42-27, steals 11 from Duq. Freeman & Lasme 16 each. Lasme 14-14 from line (ties UM record for most makes without a miss in a game, record thru 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
1/7/2006W 82-63AwayTravis Fordat Palumbo Center. UM shoots 55% to Duq's 42%. Freeman 20 points, Lasme 19.Atlantic 10Danny NeeDukes
1/21/2007W 101-87Home (MC)Travis FordNew UM record for points in the Mullins Center. Most points versus A-10 opponent since 1992. Life 24 points, Lasme 14 & 17. Life attempts 16 3-pointers, one shy of UM single-game record (record as of 2007-08 season).Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
1/30/2008W 94-80AwayTravis Fordat Palumbo Center. 3 players tally 20+ points, and 3 get 10+ rebounds. Forbes 23 points, Harris & Brower 21 each.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
2/25/2009L 94-77Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM sets new records in 3s (16 made, 35 att). Duq shoots 57%. Gurley 18 points.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
3/11/2009L 91-81NeutralDerek KelloggAtlantic 10 Tournament, at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJ. UM loses 1st A-10 game for 7th straight year. Lowe/Gurley/Harris combine for 62 pts.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
2/11/2010W 84-80 (OT)AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. UM overcomes 16-pt deficit. 60 team rebounds, 19 from Sean Carter. Harris 29 points.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
2/16/2011L 81-63Home (MC)Derek KelloggNewcomer Jesse Morgan steps up as Gurley's struggles continue (3-13 FGs, 9 points). Duq offense goes on runs of 22-2 and 14-1 to put game out of reach.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
1/18/2012L 80-69AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. Ugly game as UM turns it over 29 times and gets whistled for 28 fouls.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
3/6/2012W 92-83Home (MC)Derek KelloggA-10 Tournament First Round. Seeds: UMass 8, Duquesne 9. Career game at just the right time as Javorn Farrell goes for 20 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds. Putney adds 20 of his own.Atlantic 10Ron EverhartDukes
1/17/2013W 79-66Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM lets a 17 point lead slip back to 3, but locked up on D, holding Duq to only 1 field goal over the final seven minutes. 4 Minutemen in double figures. Another double-double for Lalanne (12 & 11).Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
3/5/2014W 78-74AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. Davis scores UM's final 10 points to seal the road win. Chaz becomes UM's new all-time leader in assists. Double-double for Esho (10 pts / 10 rebs).Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
2/14/2015W 82-74Home (MC)Derek KelloggTied at 66, UM goes on 11-2 run, then hits FTs to end it. Davis 10-10 from the stripe, extends his streak to 32. UM hits a season-high 9 threes. Gordon 9 pts, 10 boards, 5 assists. Esho 13 & 13, Lalanne 11 & 6, Hinds 11 pts & 4 assists.Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
2/14/2016W 108-99 (OT)AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. UM starts shooting 1-19, but then 31-51 (.608) the rest of the way. Hinds shatters his previous career best (24) with 13-20 shooting, including 7-8 from three. Davis adds 26, Clark & Space 17 each. Space's 17 rebounds are a new college career best. UM whistled for 4 technical fouls after just 2 in the entire season before today.Atlantic 10Jim FerryDukes
2/15/2017L 96-66AwayDerek Kelloggat Palumbo Center. Duq starts with 8-0 lead, sign of things to come. Duq 15-5 run to end the first half capped by an incredible 3-pointer at the buzzer. Duq hits 84 points with 10:45 remaining, then takes the foot off the gas. UM trailed by as much as 42. Lewis II scores 30 for Duq, 1 point shy of freshman record. 30-point win is Duq's 5th-largest in a conference game, and largest win vs UM since 1989.Atlantic 10 Jim FerryDukes
3/3/2018W 85-75Home (MC)Matt McCallCJ Anderson dishes 12 and gets the double-double on his Senior Night. Career highs in points for Hines and Miller (16). Pipkins scored 16 off the bench, needed 23 to win A-10 scoring title, but only took 10 shots and dished 6 in 33 minutes.Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
3/2/2019L 80-73AwayMatt McCallat Palumbo Center.UM leads by 9 with 7:17 to play, but falls apart, giving up a 18-5 run, and only hitting 1 FG over the last 5 minutes. Extra frustrating as UM dominates the glass, snaring 20 offensive and 49-24 total over DU. Double-doubles by Holloway (14 & 13) and Laurent (13 & 13) also wasted. DU's Dunn-Martin, at 5'8“, scores 30.Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
1/25/2020W 73-64Home (MC)Matt McCallSantos gets the start and responds with season/career highs: 15 points, 12 boards, 2 steals, and 0 turnovers. Tre starts in Beast Mode, scoring 17 points in the first 16:13. Pierre hits a shot in the first 2 minutes but goes 0-9 the rest of the way. East & Keon also struggle, but UM's 52 rebounds make the difference. Atlantic 10Keith DambrotDukes
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