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Rhode Island



  • UMass has played URI more than any other opponent, being longtime conference rivals.
  • The schools have played at least twice a year going back to the 1980-81 season, and three times a season on seven occasions (1982-83, 1983-84, 1986-87, 1991-92, 1992-93, 2013-14, 2015-16).
  • Jack Leaman had a record of 17-7 (.708) against Rhode Island.
  • As a Massachusetts player, Al Skinner was 5-1 (.833) against Rhode Island. As a URI coach, Skinner was 2-18 (.100) against his alma mater. 18 of those 20 games were against UMass coach John Calipari.

UMass lost at Rhode Island 121-78 on February 5, 1943. That game set records in:

  • Highest points allowed. Record still stands (as of at least 1/14/2021).
  • First time 100 or more points allowed.

Game History

DateGame ResultsSiteUM CoachGame NotesConferenceHead CoachNickname
1/11/1908W 32-14Home (DH)none ?Phil Wessels?
1/9/1909L 27-21Home (DH)none ?Phil Wessels?
1/27/1917W 31-11Home (DH)Harold M. Gore ?Jim Baldwin?
2/22/1918L 15-10Home (DH)Sumner Dole ?Jim Baldwin?
1/10/1920W 26-15Home (DH)Emory Grayson ?Fred Murray?
2/17/1923W 24-16Home (DH)Harold M. Gore ?Frank Keaney?
2/15/1924L 19-18AwayHarold M. Gore ?Frank KeaneyRams2)
2/10/1934W 48-46 (OT)Home (CHC)Melvin Taube ?Frank KeaneyRams
2/6/1935L 47-43AwayMelvin Taube ?Frank KeaneyRams
2/6/1936L 52-46Home (CHC)Melvin Taube ?Frank KeaneyRams
2/10/1937L 60-37AwayWilho Frigard ?Frank KeaneyRams
2/9/1938W 54-48Home (CHC)Wilho Frigard ?Frank KeaneyRams
2/8/1939L 54-37AwayWilho Frigard New England ConferenceFrank KeaneyRams
2/7/1940L 85-42Home (CHC)Wilho Frigard New England ConferenceFrank KeaneyRams
2/5/1941L 84-39AwayFritz Ellert New England ConferenceFrank KeaneyRams
2/4/1942L 83-68Home (CHC)W.G. Hargesheimer New England ConferenceFrank KeaneyRams
2/5/1943L 121-78AwayW.G. Hargesheimer New England ConferenceFrank KeaneyRams
2/6/1950L 76-66AwayLorin Ball Yankee ConferenceBob “Red” HaireRams
2/13/1951L 75-58Home (CHC)Lorin Ball Yankee ConferenceBob “Red” HaireRams
2/14/1952L 96-72AwayLorin Ball Yankee ConferenceBob “Red” HaireRams
2/12/1953L 88-69Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceJack GuyRams
2/11/1954W 68-67AwayRobert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceJack GuyRams
2/10/1955L 102-88Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceJack GuyRams
2/9/1956L 93-78AwayRobert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceJack GuyRams
1/10/1957L 71-63AwayRobert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceJack GuyRams
2/7/1957W 87-61Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceJack GuyRams
1/9/1958W 74-58Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/6/1958W 65-60AwayRobert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/11/1959L 83-82AwayRobert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/28/1959W 89-74Home (CHC)Robert T. Curran Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/4/1960W 69-66Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/23/1960L 76-75AwayMatthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/7/1961L 71-65Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/28/1961L 83-73AwayMatthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/3/1962W 77-69Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/6/1962W 73-62AwayMatthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
1/8/1963L 86-80AwayMatthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/9/1963W 68-65Home (CHC)Matthew Zunic Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/7/1964W 88-75Home (CHC)John M. Orr Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/18/1964L 81-74AwayJohn M. Orr Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
12/9/1964W 79-67AwayJohn M. Orr Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/12/1965W 103-90Home (CHC)John M. Orr Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
12/9/1965L 94-67AwayJohn M. Orr Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/11/1966L 88-64Home (CHC)John M. Orr Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
12/6/1966W 79-71Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/9/1967L 96-72AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
12/5/1967L 76-66AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
2/22/1968W 76-68Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceErnie CalverleyRams
12/10/1968W 65-60Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
2/28/1969L 57-56AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
12/9/1969L 77-73 (OT)Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
2/17/1970W 83-74AwayJack LeamanJulius Erving scores 30.Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
12/10/1970W 80-76 (OT)AwayJack LeamanErving 29 pts & 24 rebs, Betancourt 19 pts. UM led at many points, but 27 turnovers almost cost them the win.Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
2/19/1971W 83-71Home (CHC)Jack LeamanErving 30 pts, 22 rebs. Mathias 15 & 13.Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
2/19/1972W 109-64Home (CHC)Jack Leaman5th 100+ point game of the season for UM.Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
2/29/1972L 71-63AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
12/9/1972W 85-73Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
2/17/1973W 65-63AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceTom CarmodyRams
12/8/1973W 73-59AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceJack KraftRams
2/16/1974W 75-66Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceJack KraftRams
12/7/1974W 73-60Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceJack KraftRams
1/21/1975W 73-72 (OT)AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceJack KraftRams
1/21/1976W 94-93 (OT)AwayJack Leaman Yankee ConferenceJack KraftRams
2/19/1976W 84-76Home (CHC)Jack Leaman Yankee ConferenceJack KraftRams
2/12/1977W 77-63Home (CHC)Jack Leaman noneJack KraftRams
2/24/1977W 69-67AwayJack Leaman noneJack KraftRams
2/25/1978L 82-75AwayJack Leaman noneJack KraftRams
2/6/1979L 68-63Home (CHC)Jack Leaman ECACNJack KraftRams
1/26/1980L 64-59AwayRay Wilson ECACNJack KraftRams
1/22/1981L 73-63Home (CHC)Ray Wilson Eastern 8Claude EnglishRams
3/3/1981L 53-48Home (CHC)Ray WilsonEastern 8 Tournament Quarter-FinalEastern 8Claude EnglishRams
2/13/1982L 70-60AwayTom McLaughlin Eastern 8Claude EnglishRams
2/25/1982L 64-62Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Eastern 8Claude EnglishRams
1/22/1983L 86-76AwayTom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Claude EnglishRams
2/19/1983W 79-64Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlin Atlantic 10Claude EnglishRams
3/7/1983W 91-74Home (CHC)Tom McLaughlinAtlantic 10 Tournament, East First RoundAtlantic 10Claude EnglishRams
1/28/1984W 77-75Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Claude EnglishRams
2/4/1984L 76-69AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Claude EnglishRams
3/7/1984W 69-67NeutralRon GerlufsenAtlantic 10 Tournament First Round, at the West Virginia Coliseum, Morgantown WVAtlantic 10Claude EnglishRams
1/26/1985W 72-68AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Brendan MaloneRams
2/2/1985W 76-65Home (SCC)Ron GerlufsenAt the Springfield Civic CenterAtlantic 10Brendan MaloneRams
1/11/1986W 81-75 (OT)Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Brendan MaloneRams
2/8/1986W 60-59 (OT)AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Brendan MaloneRams
1/12/1987W 63-62Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Tom PendersRams
2/7/1987L 87-71AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Tom PendersRams
3/1/1987L 86-76AwayRon GerlufsenAtlantic 10 Tournament Quarter-FinalAtlantic 10Tom PendersRams
1/25/1988L 101-78Home (CHC)Ron Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Tom PendersRams
3/2/1988L 87-73AwayRon Gerlufsen Atlantic 10Tom PendersRams
1/19/1989W 76-71Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/9/1989L 100-76AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/9/1990W 63-57AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/20/1990W 77-74 (2OT)Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/1/1991W 70-67 (OT)Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/27/1991W 82-70AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/20/1992W 72-59AwayJohn Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
3/4/1992W 96-88Home (CHC)John CalipariUMass ranked #25.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
3/9/1992W 78-67NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Semi-Final, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass ranked #22.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/19/1993W 84-72Home (CHC)John Calipari Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/20/1993L 71-68AwayJohn CalipariUMass #19. At the Providence Civic Center.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
3/8/1993W 76-50NeutralJohn CalipariAtlantic 10 Tournament Semi-Final, at The Palestra, Philadelphia PA. UMass #20.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/30/1994W 76-47Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #8.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/10/1994W 70-64AwayJohn CalipariUMass #13. At the Providence Civic Center.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/19/1995W 91-75AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. At the Providence Civic Center. Camby 27 points, Kellogg 14.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/28/1995W 86-71Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #8. Camby 21 points, Edgar Padilla 15, Roe 13. Dingle 10 rebounds.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/17/1996W 77-71Home (MC)John CalipariUMass #1. Game 2 without Camby. Bright 32 points, 9 rebounds, 14-14 FTs. Edgar Padilla 14 points, Dingle 10.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/20/1996W 74-69AwayJohn CalipariUMass #1. At the Providence Civic Center. Camby 25 & 13, Weeks 16 & 9.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/21/1997W 64-60Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintAll UM starters score in double-figures. Weeks 10 & 13.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
2/8/1997W 64-61AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt the Providence Civic Center. Ketner 17 & 9, Weeks 15 & 11.Atlantic 10Al SkinnerRams
1/29/1998W 74-57AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintURI #21. At the Providence Civic Center. Mack 22 points, Basit 15 & 19.Atlantic 10Jim HarrickRams
2/18/1998L 87-85 (2OT)Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintUMass #18. Longest game so far in 5-year old Mullins. Clarke 24 points, Ketner 18 & 11, Weeks 10 & 12.Atlantic 10Jim HarrickRams
2/4/1999L 73-62Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintLamar Odom gets 26 & 11 for RhodyAtlantic 10Jim HarrickRams
2/13/1999L 59-56AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt the Providence Civic Center. Lamar Odom gets 17 & 10 for Rhody.Atlantic 10Jim HarrickRams
1/22/2000W 89-50Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintUMass shoots 51.4% to Rhody's 28.3%.Atlantic 10Jerry DeGregorioRams
2/22/2000W 57-37AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt the Providence Civic Center. Rhody commits 29 turnovers, and 37 points are lowest in a game since 1937.Atlantic 10Jerry DeGregorioRams
1/30/2001W 78-46AwayJames “Bruiser” FlintAt the Providence Civic Center. Mack 29 points, Eric Williams 10 rebounds. UM wins glass 45-17. Rhody 23 turnovers.Atlantic 10Jerry DeGregorioRams
2/20/2001W 82-67Home (MC)James “Bruiser” FlintRhymer 30 points (10-13 FGs, 10-13 FTs), Rogers 18, Mack 14.Atlantic 10Jerry DeGregorioRams
2/2/2002L 70-59AwaySteve LappasLast UM/URI game at Keaney Gym. Anderson 17 points. Crooks struggles, shooting 1-15.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/27/2002W 79-69Home (MC)Steve LappasAnderson 23 points (10-14 FGs), 7 rebounds, 6 assists.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
1/15/2003L 69-53Home (MC)Steve LappasUM loses glass 44-31. Rogers 15 points.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
3/2/2003L 65-58AwaySteve LappasFirst UM/URI game at The Ryan Center. Brand 18 points off bench (10-10 FTs).Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
1/31/2004W 67-63AwaySteve Lappasat the Ryan Center. Zero bench points for UM, but all starters score in double figures. Bowers 18 points.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/18/2004L 73-66Home (MC)Steve LappasAnderson 19 points, but UM loses glass 40-28.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/9/2005W 49-44AwaySteve Lappasat the Ryan Center. Maxwell 14 points, Rhody held to 31% shooting.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/23/2005W 70-64 (OT)Home (MC)Steve LappasFreeman 24 & 17, Bowers 18.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
1/25/2006L 58-55AwayTravis Fordat the Ryan Center. Freeman 14 & 10.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/4/2006W 63-61Home (MC)Travis FordFreeman 21 & 15, Life 19.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
1/24/2007L 75-72AwayTravis Fordat the Ryan Center. Rhody wins battle for 1st place. Freeman 19 & 12. Lasme ties Camby's career blocks record.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/8/2007W 77-55Home (MC)Travis FordForbes 22 points (UMass career high), Lasme another triple-double. UM into 1st place.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/7/2008W 78-76Home (MC)Travis FordThree stars for UMass: Forbes 26 & 13, Brower 10 & 17 (career high), Lowe 23 points.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/21/2008W 98-91AwayTravis Fordat the Ryan Center. Brower career-high 26 points (8-10 shooting), Lowe 21 points (9-12 shooting).Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/18/2009L 71-59Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM held to 5-26 from 3, 0-10 in second half. Harris & Lowe 15 points each.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
3/7/2009W 72-71AwayDerek Kelloggat the Ryan Center. Matt Glass pick sets Chris Lowe free for game winning shot. Lowe 18 points.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/6/2010L 93-85AwayDerek Kelloggat the Ryan Center. UM can't overcome two large deficits. Harris 32 points. Gurley 15 points in final 3:14.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
3/6/2010W 69-67Home (MC)Derek KelloggHarris shines on Senior Day with winning shot, scores 28. UM gets 11 seed in A-10 Tourney.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
1/30/2011W 64-54Home (MC)Derek KelloggShooting struggle for both teams, but UMass wins glass 43-32.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/19/2011W 66-60AwayDerek Kelloggat the Ryan Center. UMass again plays spoiler to Rhody post-season chances, holds Rams to 29.3% shooting overall, and 1-19 (5.3%) from three.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/1/2012L 81-78 (OT)AwayDerek Kelloggat the Ryan Center. Rhody wins the glass 48-35 (and 19-7 on the offensive side). UM also misses 10 FTs and turns it over 20 times. Second-straight win for Rhody over the conference leader.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
3/3/2012W 89-83Home (MC)Derek KelloggSean Carter scores a career high 22 in Senior Day victory. UM locks up 8th place in A-10. First 20-win season for Kellogg.Atlantic 10Jim BaronRams
2/6/2013W 81-53Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM never trails to rebuilding URI. FG%: UM 52%, URI 33%. 3PT FG%: UM 47%, URI 23%. Chaz shoots 9-14 FG, 6-6 FT, dishes 8 assists, scores a season-high 27.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
3/9/2013W 73-62AwayDerek Kelloggat the Ryan Center. Chaz tallies another double-double with his 10 assists. Lalanne gets a new career high with the 15 rebounds.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
2/9/2014W 73-68AwayDerek Kelloggat the Ryan Center. UM goes on another late game run for a comeback victory, this time an 18-6 run. Putney blocks a breakaway layup attempt to preserve the lead in the final minute. UM blocks 10 on the day. Matthews scores a career-high 24 for URI.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
2/26/2014W 70-67Home (MC)Derek KelloggUM starts the game ice cold, shooting 3-23 from the floor, but then wakes up in another comeback win. New UMass-high in rebounds for Gordon. Another nice effort off the bench for Davis (13 points, 5 rebounds).Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
3/13/2014W 65-61NeutralDerek KelloggA-10 Tournament First Round at Barclays Center. Seeds: UM 6, URI 11. UM trails for most of the game with season-low FG shooting (31.5%). Rhody goes cold over the last ten minutes, allowing UM back in. Esho huge off the bench with 15 & 7, and 7-8 from FT.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
1/17/2015W 60-56 Home (MC)Derek KelloggColeman sparks UM with 13 points in 14 minutes, and scores 8 in the team's 10-0 run to go from 6 down to 4 up. UM snares two clutch offensive rebounds in the final minute to put the game away. Rebounding and season-low 10 turnovers helps to overcome UM's cold shooting. Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
2/18/2015L 75-59AwayDerek KelloggAt the Ryan Center. UM turns it over 17 times in the game's first 26 minutes, and can't claw back. Esho held to just 2 & 2 in foul-plagued 14 minutes. Lalanne attempts just 2 shots. Hinds, Gordon, Clark combine for 46 points, rest of team 13. UM falls out of first-place tie.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
2/2/2016W 61-56 (OT)Home (MC)Derek KelloggUnder-manned Rhody still pushes UM to OT, but Minutemen prevail behind Davis' 20 and Clark's 17. Coleman logs 27 minutes off the bench, and snares 9 boards. Rhody wins the total rebounding numbers, 48-40.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
3/3/2016L 68-50AwayDerek KelloggAt the Ryan Center. UM gets off to an atrocious start, scoring just 12 in the first half. Small second-half run, but not nearly enough. UM's backcourt trio struggles: Clark 10 (3-9 FG), Hinds 8 (3-16 FG), Davis 7 (1-6 FG).Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
3/10/2016W 67-62NeutralDerek KelloggA-10 Tournament Second Round at Barclays Center. Seeds: URI 7, UM 10. UM's great shooting helps them build an 18-point lead in the first half. Rhody comes back to take a brief lead, but senior leadership from Davis carries UM to the win.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
1/15/2017L 79-77AwayDerek KelloggAt the Ryan Center. UM builds a 15-point lead in the first half, but Rhody charges back. Jarreau 15/5/9, Clark 12, Pipkins 10. Matthews scores 22 for Rhody on 10-14 shooting.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
2/7/2017L 70-62Home (MC)Derek KelloggClark shoots 8-14 FG, 13-16 FT. Holloway goes 5-11 from the floor and scores 12. Rest of UM shoots 5-26. 19 turnovers for UM kills any chance. Rhody never trailed. First win for Hurley at Mullins.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
1/17/2018L 73-51AwayMatt McCallAt the Ryan Center. Rhody D locks in, holding Pipkins to 5-17 shooting, and Pierre to 1-5 / 5 points. UM turns it over 14 times in the first half, falling behind by 20, and Rhody cruises. 51 points and 8 assists match season lows (Minnesota), .322 FG% new season low. Holloway remains out.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
1/30/2018L 85-83Home (MC)Matt McCallRhody leads by 9 with just 1:31 left, but UM fights to the last moment, having a chance to force OT on their final possession. Hines scores a career high 18, as Baldwin remains injured. Pierre adds 16, CJ 15.Atlantic 10Dan HurleyRams
1/27/2019W 77-70Home (MC)Matt McCallThings finally click enough for UM, and team overcomes Pip's 2-14 from the field. Pierre hits 7-10, and 6-9 from 3. Holloway & Laurent each go 4-4, and Baptiste 4-5 from the field. Pip dishes 9 assists to help the cause.Atlantic 10David CoxRams
3/9/2019L 94-75AwayMatt McCallAt the Ryan Center. UM turns it over 14 times in the first half, and Rams shoot lights out (77.4%), building a 54-25 lead at the break. UM scores 50 in the second, but the halftime hole was too deep to climb out of. UM finishes season with no conference road wins, first time since 1988-89 season.Atlantic 10David CoxRams
2/4/2020L 73-67AwayMatt McCallAt the Ryan Center. Minutemen hang tough with Rams (ranked 30th), but can't get enough offense outside of Tre's new career high. Threes also don't fall for UM (4-19). Sizable disparity at the stripe: UM 5-7, URI 16-24.Atlantic 10David CoxRams
3/7/2020L 64-63Home (MC)Matt McCallUM claws back from 17-point first half and 14-point second half deficits, on the back of yet another career game from Tre, but it falls apart on a questionable call in the final seconds. East adds 12/2/7, but no other Minuteman hits more than 1 FG.Atlantic 10David CoxRams
1/13/2021W 80-78 (OT)Home (MC)Matt McCallUM uses a 17-3 second half run to go up 15, only to lose it and go into OT. Tre fights through 4 fouls and scores 4 critical points in OT, but star of the game was DeGray (7-9 FG, 6-8 FT, 6 boards, 3 assists, 2 steals).Atlantic 10David CoxRams
2/6/2021W 75-63AwayMatt McCallAt the Ryan Center. With Tre and Noah still out, UM shoves their 10-point underdog status down Rhody's throat. Pierre hits a season-high 5 threes. Gasperini gets his breakout game: 11 pts, 5 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals, and his first UM three-pointer. McCrory 11 & 11 off the bench. DeGray 11 & 6, Garcia 8 points before leaving after an elbow to the eye. URI doesn't hit a three, first time since 2011.Atlantic 10David CoxRams
1/15/2022L 81-68Home (MC)Matt McCallRhody destroys UM in the paint, scoring 46 to UM's 8. UM hits 13 threes, but can't keep pace, and offense held below 70 again. CJ (knee) remains out. Atlantic 10David CoxRams
2/5/2022W 78-67AwayMatt McCallAt the Ryan Center. Career days: Weeks 30 pts (12-17 shooting, 6-9 from 3), CJ 11 boards, 7 assists, 4 steals (tie). UM turns an 8-point first-half gap into a 16-point lead late in the second. Rhody sloppy with 20 turnovers. UM cleans up the interior defense, just -6 instead of the -38 in the last Rhody match. Jones out (COVID protocol).Atlantic 10David CoxRams
1/14/2023W 75-65Home (MC)Frank MartinUM uses a 12-0 run early in the second half as the deciding stretch. UM +12 on the glass. Rhody cold from 3 (4-19 / .211). Cross and Diggins (7 pts) set new career highs. Dominguez 12 pts, Keon 9-7-5, BMart 8 & 5. Noah (ankle) and RJ (wrist) sit out.Atlantic 10Archie MillerRams
2/18/2023W 69-45AwayFrank MartinAt the Ryan Center. Rhody starts with a 13-7 lead, then goes cold, shooting .246 FG, .160 3FG (4-25). UM shoots .500 and +9 on glass, all without Noah, Cross, Dominguez, Brandon. Luis 14 & 7, Gapare 11 & 7.Atlantic 10Archie MillerRams
1/13/2024L 89-77AwayFrank MartinAt the Ryan Center. Rhody hits 14 threes, their most since 2021, and their .609 3FG% is UM's highest allowed since 2020. Cross dressed but sits out (ankle). Cohen 23 & 11, Curry 14 pts, DHS 10 & 6.Atlantic 10Archie MillerRams
2/11/2024W 81-79Home (MC)Frank MartinUM builds a 13-pt lead with 4:40 to go and starts to stall. UM goes 1-6 from the stripe down the stretch and Rhody misses a game-winning three. Diggins hits a career-high 6 threes. Keon 16-6-4, Cohen 13 pts, Cross & Curry 10 each.Atlantic 10Archie MillerRams
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