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Conference Tournaments

With the 1976-77 season, Massachusetts began playing in conference tournaments as the University joined the ECBL, which evolved into the Atlantic 10.


  • UMass won 5-straight tournaments (1992-96), a feat unmatched by any other Atlantic 10 school.1)
  • Harper Williams was the first player in A-10 history to win consecutive Most Outstanding Player honors (1992 & 1993). The feat was matched by Temple's Dionte Christmas in 2008 & 2009.
  • Lou Roe has been the only Minuteman to be named to four consecutive All Tournament Teams.
  • UMass holds the record for largest margin of victory in an A-10 Tournament game, the 34-point win over Saint Joseph's in 2021.2)
  • UMass flirted with the A-10 Tournament record for lowest points in a game, with their 38 vs Richmond in 2023, but beat George Washington's low-water mark of 34 in 1994 (#12 Temple 54, GW 34, 3/7/1994).3)4)

Yearly Results

YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High ScorerAll Tournament Team selections
19778Quarter-Final3/2At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PARutgers (1)W 78-74Pyatt (26)Mike Pyatt
Semi-Final3/4Duquesne (4)L 89-82Town (27)
Consolation3/5West Virginia (3)W 93-83Pyatt (20)
19784Quarter-Final3/2At Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PADuquesne (5)L 76-69 (OT)Pyatt (28)none
19798Quarter-Final2/27AwayVillanova (1)L 78-73 (OT)B. Johnson (20)none
19808Quarter-Final2/26AwayVillanova (1)L 85-63Wright (15)none
19818Quarter-Final3/3Home (CHC)5)Rhode Island (1)L 53-48T. DePina (13)none
19828Quarter-Final3/2AwayWest Virginia (1)L 91-70Neysmith (24)none
1983East 4East First3/7Home (CHC)Rhode Island (E5)W 91-74Hempel (18)none
East Semi-Final3/9At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PARutgers (E1)L 79-73Hempel (20)
19848First Round3/7At WVU Coliseum, Morgantown WVRhode Island (9)W 69-67Hempel (25)none
Quarter-Final3/8Temple (1)L 78-54Hempel (12)
19855Quarter-Final3/7At Rutgers Athletic Center, Piscataway NJRutgers (4)L 69-67Neysmith & C. Smith (19 each)none
19867First Round2/25Home (CHC)Rutgers (10)L 52-47Sutton (23)none
19876Quarter-Final3/1AwayRhode Island (3)L 86-76Sutton (19)none
19889First Round3/5At WVU Coliseum, Morgantown WVDuquesne (8)L 81-75D. Brown (19)none
19898First Round3/4At the Palestra, Philadelphia PASaint Joseph’s (9)L 87-83McCoy (35)none
YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High ScorerAll Tournament Team selections
19906Quarter-Final3/4At the Palestra, Philadelphia PAWest Virginia (3)W 78-55McCoy (25)Jim McCoy
Semi-Final3/5Penn State (2)W 64-59McCoy (25)
Final3/8AwayTemple (1)L 53-51Herndon (13)
19915Quarter-Final3/3At the Palestra, Philadelphia PAGeorge Washington (4)L 84-83 (OT)McCoy (26)none
19921Quarter-Final3/8At the Palestra, Philadelphia PARutgers (8)W 106-94Barbee & McCoy (21 each)Harper Williams (MOP), Anton Brown, Jim McCoy, Lou Roe
Semi-Final3/9Rhode Island (4)W 78-67H. Williams (20)
Final3/12Home (CHC)West Virginia (3)W 97-91H. Williams (18)
19931Quarter-Final3/7At the Palestra, Philadelphia PASt. Bonaventure (8)W 75-62Kellogg (19)Harper Williams (MOP), Lou Roe
Semi-Final3/8Rhode Island (5)W 76-50Roe (24)
Final3/11Home (MC)Temple (3)W 69-61H. Williams (20)
19941Quarter-Final3/6At the Palestra, Philadelphia PASaint Joseph’s (8)W 74-58Roe (23)Mike Williams (MOP), Lou Roe
Semi-Final3/7Duquesne (5)W 69-52M. Williams (19)
Final3/10Home (MC)Temple (2)W 70-59M. Williams (21)
19951Quarter-Final3/5At the Palestra, Philadelphia PADuquesne (8)W 79-53Roe (20)Lou Roe (MOP), Marcus Camby, Derek Kellogg
Semi-Final3/6Saint Joseph’s (4)W 68-57Bright & E. Padilla (12 each)
Final3/9Home (MC)Temple (3)W 63-44Kellogg & Travieso (14 each)
1996East 1Quarter-Final3/7At the Civic Center, Philadelphia PASt. Bonaventure (E5)W 69-56Travieso (21)Carmelo Travieso (MOP), Marcus Camby
Semi-Final3/8George Washington (W2)W 74-65Bright & Camby (19 each)
Final3/9Temple (E2)W 75-61Travieso (21)
1997East 3Opening Round3/5At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA.La Salle (W6)W 64-49Weeks (21)none
Quarter-Final3/6George Washington (W2)L 58-49Ketner (12)
1998East 3Opening Round3/4At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA.Virginia Tech (W6)W 64-58Clarke & Ketner (21 each)none
Quarter-Final3/5George Washington (W2)L 88-83Mack (24)
1999East 3Opening Round3/3At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA.Duquesne (W6)W 80-70Mack (27)none
Quarter-Final3/4Xavier (W2)L 72-68Kirkland (22)
YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High ScorerAll Tournament Team selections
2000East 3Opening Round3/8At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA.Duquesne (W6)W 77-52Mack (27)Monty Mack
Quarter-Final3/9George Washington (W2)W 86-68Kirkland (22)
Semi-Final3/10Temple (E1)L 54-47Mack (16)
20014Quarter-Final3/8At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA.St. Bonaventure (5)W 79-58Mack (29)Monty Mack, Kitwana Rhymer
Semi-Final3/9Saint Joseph’s (1)W 75-70Mack (27)
Final3/10Temple (3)L 76-65Rhymer (15)
2002East 4Opening Round3/6At the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA.George Washington (W5)W 73-62Anderson (16)none
Quarter-Final3/7Xavier (W1)L 65-59 (OT)Crooks (16)
2003East 4Opening Round3/10Home (MC)George Washington (W5)L 85-74Anderson (20)none
2004East 4Opening Round3/10At UD Arena, Dayton OHDuquesne (W5)L 79-76Anderson & Bowers (18 each)none
2005East 3Opening Round3/9At U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati OHLa Salle (W6)L 70-64 (OT)Freeman (19)none
20067Opening Round3/8At U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati OHXavier (10)L 75-66Life (24)none
20072Quarter-Final3/8At Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJSt. Louis (7)L 74-71 (OT)Forbes (13)none
20083Quarter-Final3/13At Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJCharlotte (6)L 69-65Brower / Forbes (14)none
200910Opening Round3/11At Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJDuquesne (7)L 91-81Lowe (23)none
YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High ScorerAll Tournament Team selections
201011Opening Round3/9AwayCharlotte (6)W 59-56Harris (24)none
Quarter-Final3/12At Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJRichmond (3)L 77-72Gurley (24)
20118Opening Round3/8Home (MC)Dayton (9)L 78-50Riley (15)none
20128Opening Round3/6Home (MC)Duquesne (9)W 92-83Williams (21)Chaz Williams
Quarter-Final3/9At Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City NJTemple (1)W 77-71Morgan (21)
Semi-Final3/10St. Bonaventure (4)L 84-80Vinson (20)
20136Opening Round3/14At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYGeorge Washington (11)W 77-72Williams (16)Chaz Williams
Quarter-Final3/15Temple (3)W 79-74Williams (28)
Semi-Final3/16VCU (2)L 71-62Williams (18)
20146First Round3/13At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYRhode Island (11)W 65-61Esho (15)none
Quarter-Final3/14George Washington (3)L 85-77Esho (22)
20158Second Round3/12At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYLa Salle (9)L 76-69Clark (23)none
201610Second Round3/10At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYRhode Island (7)W 67-62Hinds (21)none
Quarter-Final3/11VCU (2)L 85-70Davis (20)
201712First Round3/8At Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh PASaint Joseph’s (13)W 70-63Anderson (17)none
Second Round3/9St. Bonaventure (5)L 73-60Pipkins (14)
201813First Round3/7At Capital One Arena, Washington DCLa Salle (12)W 69-67Anderson (21)none
Second Round3/8George Mason (5)L 80-75Pipkins (31)
201913First Round3/13At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYGeorge Washington (12)L 68-64 (OT)Clergeot (25)none
YearUM SeedRoundGame DateSiteOpponent (Seed)ResultUM High ScorerAll Tournament Team selections
20208Second Round3/12At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYVCU (9)Only the First Round games were played, the rest cancelled due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.6)7)
20215Second Round3/4At Robins Center, Richmond VASaint Joseph's (13)W 100-66DeGray (19)none8)
Quarter-Final3/5Saint Louis (4)L 86-72Tre Mitchell (30)
202210Second Round3/10At Capital One Arena, Washington DCGeorge Washington (7)W 99-88Fernandes (29)none9)
Quarter-Final3/11Dayton (2)L 75-72Fernandes (26)
202313First Round3/7At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYRichmond (12)L 71-38Luis (12)none
20244Quarter-Final3/14At Barclays Center, Brooklyn NYVCU (5)L 73-59Diggins (21)none

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